Don't Starve

Don't Starve

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Puppy Princess Musha
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Apr 1, 2014 @ 3:21am
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Puppy Princess Musha

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[Puppy Princess Musha]
(퍼피 프린세스 뮤샤)
Art and Coding: sunnyyyyholic
musha's dialogue: catface
special thanks : kaysik , Luka, DoTuna, lild100
Compatible with DLC : Reign Of Giants, Shipwrecked, Hamlet

(currently this Description is old version. i will update Description in a future)
*** DST version description (i think it's better than above DS description. but actually it's old manual too)
- More Information of DST Musha <= LINK -
- More information of DST Yamche <= LINK -
- More information of DST items <= LINK -

Simple Description
(you can change hotkey in mod configuration)
Infomation key
: Status (L) - Skill (K) - Hold visual (P)
Order to Yamche
: Follow (Right click or X), Battle (Z), Gather (B), Grow up (X)
Active Skills
: Valkyrie (V), Lightning(R) Shadow/Hide (G), Shield (C), Music/Sniff (U), Sleep/Wakeup(T)
: Follow(Y)
: Follow(F1)

  • Quicker and hungrier in the day. Slower with lower hunger decrease at night.
  • Eats monster lasagna with no penalty but hates spoiled food.
  • Fighting and eating levels up, faster with better food and tougher enemies.
  • Many special abilities and increased stats as level increases (like RPG).
  • Four character states, Berserk require level 7(except at the fullmoon).
  • Musha's unique Phoenix companion.Hatch his egg and grow him through 8 stages.
  • Many special abilities and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. [Order] : hotkey (X,Z,B)
  • Several unique items, craft Musha's crowns, armors and weapons.
  • You can repair all musha's item and building.(matarial drag to items.)

    Q n A
    [ Crashing with the mod? Check this! ]
    Game options -> small texture -> disable
    [ Does the mod work with other mods? ]
    Generally yes. (*incompatible with some mods. )
    [ How can I hatch the Phoenix egg? ]
    Takes about 1 days to hatch. Keep the egg at the right temperature:
    * Close to fire at night * Away from fire in day
    [ How can I grow Yamche? ]
    Same way Musha. Yamche gets EXP from food or kills. Better food is more likely to give EXP.
    "Kill EXP is only if Yamche gets the last hit."

    if you are not steam user, you can download in here
    - Download in Klei Forum <= LINK -[]
    If you want support me, you can buy me a cup of coffee.
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