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ARK: Survival Evolved

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CE: Races
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CE: Races

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Zarum's Vanilla ARK with Sprinkles
12 items

Learnable at lvl 1 and only costing a few resources, the Persona Mirror is quite easy to obtain! Also, if you want, you can customize its crafting cost!

With all 314 parts, 8 body skin variants, and 5 body replacement models [Thanks to Mewsie for her modeling and texture work!], you can truly make your character unique! For a list of all parts, click here. As you customize your character, do not worry! All your changes are saved to your very own save file that is linked to your steam ID. That way, you will always have your parts! (even after respawn)

Do not just pick your part, TRANSFORM it! With my system, you can change the part size, position, and rotation to make it however you like! You can also change your character size!

Well, of course, they are colorable! But with my custom coloring system, you can really get those colors you want without the limits of default ARK dyes! (yes, you can color and skin your body/hair/eyes too!)

Want to make a monster or a better looking human? With Cosplay Evolved, you can now change your bone scales!

Want an army of identical furry wolf men or just two different characters? Saving templates will make your life much easier! You can make your own item with your own custom name that, when used, sets your character to the template you saved while in the mirror!

  • Do you like the custom models and textures? Me too! Thanks to Mewsie and her amazing talent, we\\\'re able to have cool textures and models like the custom mirror models, skin textures, and so forth!
  • This mod does have ini that can increase compatibility with mods that change the 3rd Person Mesh or texture. Check out your GameUserSettings.INI OPTIONS.
  • To spawn in or change the crafting cost of the mirror, check out the ITEM CODES.
  • Found a BUG? Report the bug here!
  • If you want a part that is not in the PART LIST, you can always COMMISSION A PART to be made!
  • Make sure to thank my sponsor Mewsie and all other donators for helping fund this mod!! GO HERE!
  • Check out the awesome Servers With This Mod!
  • Want an in-depth tutorial? Check out my In-Depth Video Tutorial.
  • The Mod ID is: 2443200461

This mod or any other mods that I make should NEVER be monetized. This means that you are not permitted to sell parts to your players on your server. This mod, and all its contents, should always be free and not behind a paywall. (Having a rule that disallows parts or something is fine, but never monetize it.) Disregarding this message can and will lead to punishments. By subscribing to this mod, you agree that you have read the aforementioned rule and agree to it.

Got a question? Need something? Join my Discord!

Lastly, thank you all for supporting my mod as I worked on it. It has been a dream of mine to be sponsored one day, and here we are. Thanks for the love and support! You guys are amazing.

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Nextor 23 hours ago 
And no... didn't have a lot of luck doing the Worked much better doing R+Alt. In that order. convenient... no... works... mostly. sometimes takes a couple tries.
Nextor 23 hours ago 
i believe, trying to recall, it was something like R-Alt.
Zaniel_1717171717 Mar 27 @ 9:15pm 
what are the mod control keys? how do i switch between skills and activate things like dragon breath?
Jelly Gecko Mar 27 @ 4:20pm 
Hello, I was wanting to get into contact with Cosplay Evolved to help solve a compatibility problem. I am the author of the No Wasted Points mod ( ) which interacts with Character properties that Cosplay Evolved also interacts with, such as Mass, Jump Height, Fall Damage, etc. I have ideas for how to make the two mods play nicely but I would love to get in touch to get pointers on making the two mods play nice!
Venator Cammander Mar 20 @ 4:04am 
I was using climbing claws on a metal building making the last move to the top and my character dies without leaving the body or items
minato stojevski Mar 19 @ 7:41am 
How do i activate climbing claws?
Starshadow Mar 17 @ 11:37pm 
This is great~ I haven't been able to get the POV claws to work (see human nails in FPS view). If there is some fix for that someone has found would you mind sharing?
Drakos Mar 16 @ 6:18am 
Mewsie and Zarum. Don't forget to submit your project for sponsored Links.
That is a Greatful Mod. I want to be able to use it officially.
Hope the ARK developers see it the same way. This cool mod deserves it.
Peida Não Xerequinha Mar 8 @ 3:27pm 
Broooo Bring some new updates pls
Capitán Mar 3 @ 7:42pm 
Is there a way to fix the player body turning completely white when in FPV or the editor? I have UseTextureCompatabilityMode set to true.