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SNAFU Weapons
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Mod Type: Weapon
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Apr 1, 2021 @ 2:05pm
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SNAFU Weapons


This mod pack has been designed and expanded as per the request of many DayZ community members, it may not be to everyone’s liking, but we aim to bring as many gun models to the game as we can.

All models included in the pack have been bought or designed for the SNAFU team.

Please note this version of the mod has been tested alongside many other gun mods, but there is no way to test them all, if you have a problem or an error please note it in the comments below.

We have way to many guns in the pack to show all the images for them on steam, download and let us know what you think.

Join our Discord today for direct contact with the community and GCGN Mod team

  • Custom skins can be added by request

  • We plan to continue adding new models and sounds, if you enjoy making textures or model designs please get in touch with us as this is a community project.
  • SKINS - Custom skins can be added by request.
  • FEATURES - We plan to add all new bullet values and ballistic system.
  • MODELS - New Armour - 80% done
  • MODELS - New Clothing - 30% done
  • MODELS - New Buildings - 70% done
  • MODELS - New Storage - 50% done
  • MODELS - New Vending Machines - Finished
Credits & Thanks

BIS for original Textures for our reskin project
GCGN Testing Team

We welcome any feedback and new ideas for the mod, as this is a community mod.


License / Disclaimer
You are permitted to install and use this mod pack on any server*.
This addon is meant for the DayZ game platform by Bohemia Interactive only.
You can use the mod for your personal use with out any further permission, if you wish to use the mod for Commercial use or Monetization use, please contact the mod team in the comments below or on our discord for permission. allowed.SNAFU Mod team if the pack is used on your server.

You are allowed to use this pack on monetized servers, but you must first receive permission from the SNAFU Mod Team.

NO DERIVATIVE WORKS: You shall in no way modify, repackage or reverse engineer any of the SNAFU Weapons archive's content and PBO files included in this download without first receiving prior permission from SNAFU Mod Team

This addon for DayZ is released under DAYZ PUBLIC LICENSE - NO DERIVATIVES (DPL-ND)

NO Steam Workshop re-uploads. We will remove any re-uploaded content. Please feel free to add this mod to your custom mod pack and enjoy using launchers from any vehicle.

Any uploads will be receive a strike/takedown notice.
If you would like a custom gun or model setup with your own skin etc, please let one of the SNAFU Mod Team Members know and we will see what can be done for you.

Copyright 2021 SNAFU Mod Team. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam accounts as the developer as shown on the mod page.

If you liked the mod, and would like to help support the development of the project, we would appreciate any help that you can offer for the further development of the SNAFU mod packs.

At this moment the project is self funded by one of our Developers, who has invested in excess of $8,000.


Any REUPLOADS OR REPACKS (Standalone or part of a mod pack) To the Steam Workshop or any other Platform are PROHIBITED and Violates the Steam Workshop EULA SECTION 6D. and may constitute theft of Intellectual Property. A Take Down Notice will be issued without any warning via a DMCA and damages may be sought for the theft or commercialisation of the mod without permission.