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After the Rapture
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After the Rapture

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Mod Features
- Start as a severely weakened nation on an orbital habitat.
- Every system in the galaxy has been obliterated.
- Every star is a black hole, every planet is shattered.
- The tiyanki, amoeba, crystalline, even the ancient curators and all of the leviathans, have been killed.
- It's been several thousand cycles.

Based on the "Surviving the Aftermath" origin from the "April" ""Fools"" """"Dev Diary""""[]

If you want a slightly normal-er version of absolute catostrophe, i suggest Ariphaos' For the Love of the Worm mod.

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May 14 @ 3:04pm
A Suggested Mod
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CaptainSlender12 Oct 23 @ 3:59pm 
Jeor, if you have the mod loaded, the galaxy will always detonate. Whether you pick the origin or not is irrelevant. If memory serves, the origin only sets it so you won't be destroyed along with the rest of the galaxy.
Jeor Mormont "the old bear" Oct 23 @ 5:22am 
Laneer, when i picked the birch world origin the entire galaxy spawned as if i had picked this origin...i think thats a bug :D
the_neutral_man Sep 25 @ 9:16am 
It is impossible to/would take an extremely long time to finish your precursors which is also a mild annoyance.
(Also, L-Cluster and certain events that create new systems are completely normal and not raptured.)
the_neutral_man Sep 24 @ 3:12pm 
Resource deposits don't seem to spawn in systems other than your home system, making it impossible to uphold your economy with habitats alone. Is this intentional?
CaptainSlender12 Sep 19 @ 8:11pm 
Understandable that they would view it as a potential weapon of mass destruction, imagine forcefully terraforming another empires planet, fundamentally changing the local ecology and atmosphere.
LeafyGrove Sep 19 @ 8:02pm 
Still love the mod, Colossus Terraforming and Engineers of Life mods are highly recommended if you want to play as a civ that is rebuilding the galaxy. Colossus Terraforming allows you to make a terraforming colossus ship, that when the Genesis tech is reached to lvl 3 can terraform blackholes into stars (it can also terraform the shattered plants and such of course, though civs will still see it as a force of destruction like a normal Colossus unfortunately).
oguzka06 Sep 15 @ 10:30am 
Crashes with Planetary Diversity. Main Planetary Diversity features are not really important since all planets are destroyed but I was thinking the Planetary Habitats submod would be nice with this mod to settle asteroids.
desertmomof5 Aug 24 @ 12:50pm 
Thanks a bunch! Seeing those just makes my eyes melt
Laneer  [author] Aug 22 @ 8:27am 
patched explosion effect in every system. the Rapture was only supposed to have happened thousands or millions of years ago
desertmomof5 Aug 17 @ 7:56pm 
Is it supposed to explode into a bright light when you enter a new system?