Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

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How to play build 41 on a Integrated graphics card
By Brastemp Frost Free 540 Litros and 1 collaborators
I tried upatading drivers, compatibility mode, low-end settings and 20 others things and did not work for me. So, to fix it what I had to do was the following:

1 -
Download AdoptOpenJDK OpenJ9 Java 8 on and install it
2 -
Find the path to a java JRE that you just installed. Do not use the one that comes with the game. You will use AdoptOpenJDK OpenJ9 Java 8; I'm unsure if other versions work.
3 -
Go to steam>project zomboid>right click>properties>local files>browse

and edit your ProjectZomboid64.bat or ProjectZomboid32.bat file in your game directory.
4 -
Replace ".\jre64\bin\java.exe" with the path to the java executable you just installed. For example, mine was "C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk-\bin\java.exe".

5 -
Start the game using the .bat file you edited and have fun!

You may also need to tweak the memory settings in the .bat file. If you have experience with Minecraft modding this shouldn't be too difficult; change the -Xms and -Xmx arguments to a reasonable memory usage for your system. For example, a friend of mine used -Xms1g -Xmx4g. other friend had to use -Xms768m -Xmx1200m on the 32-bit version to get passable performance.

This solution worked for me and at least 3 other friends

I'm now finally able to play, even with heavy mods, without the game randomly crashing.

thx jade2562 for sharing this method!

You should be able to play normally now, have fun!

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Darksirius360 Jun 17 @ 4:43pm 
Brastemp Frost Free 540 Litros  [author] Jun 8 @ 4:22pm 
@新入り Depend's on your pc specs

@grim_darkman i never experiencied that maybe playing on low could help

grim_darkman Jun 8 @ 8:19am 
yeah definitely it works to me, but in game, the screen flash on 3/4, not even in fullscren
新入り Jun 1 @ 9:58pm 
how do i know what -Xms and -Xmx do i need to use for my computer?
Raízen May 17 @ 5:43pm 
note: for me it worked from the moment I deactivated my anti virus to start the game...

thnks for sharing this information Brastemp Frost Free 540 Litros
Raízen May 17 @ 2:36pm 
just open the .bat32 or .bat64 file in the notepad (right mouse button> edit)
El Ex-Agono May 17 @ 2:32pm 
How can I change the path? Which of all the files do I have to open to change the path?. I've follow all the instructions till Replace ".\jre64\bin\java.exe"because I can't see a block note or something like that
Brastemp Frost Free 540 Litros  [author] May 17 @ 2:11pm 
you guys will find and edit the .bat file, specified on part 3
El Ex-Agono May 17 @ 2:08pm 
Yeah, i Don't know where to replace in part 4
Raízen May 17 @ 9:07am 
About part 4, how to find that place to replace?