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Xenoblade:DE+ Music
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Xenoblade:DE+ Music


This is a compilation of tracks taken primarily from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, as well as a few guest tracks from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Rather than being completely 'faithful' by say, using the unique monster and boss theme for every track, this music pack focuses on making each area/event's theme unique and interesting, as well as matching the general/pace of the Terraria track it replaces.

Every track has been cut and edited to allow it to loop relatively seamlessly despite the
limitations of Terraria's music engine. This includes some tracks which were not originally meant to be looped, such as Prologue B.

Track List

Overworld Day - Colony 9 [DE]
Eerie - Memory's End [DE]
Night - Colony 9 (Night) [DE]
Underground - War and Peace [XC2]
Boss 1 - An Obstacle in Our Path [DE]
Title (Classic) - Main Theme [XC2]
Jungle - Forest of the Nopon [DE]
Corruption - Mechonis Field [DE]
The Hallow - Bionis' Shoulder [FC]
Underground Corruption - Central Factory [DE]
Underground Hallow - Satorl Marsh (Night) [DE]
Boss 2 - Mechanical Rhythm [DE]
Boss 3 - Monster Surprised You [XC2]
Snow - Valak Mountain [DE]
Space Night - Agniratha, Mechonis Capital (Night) [DE]
Crimson - Bionis' Interior (Carcass) [DE]
Boss 4 - Zanza's World [DE]
Alt Overworld Day - Gaur Plain [DE]
Rain - In the Refugee Camp [DE]
Ice - Valak Mountain (Night) [DE]
Desert - Sword Valley (Night) [DE]
Ocean Day - Eryth Sea [DE]
Dungeon - Galahad Fortress [DE]
Plantera - You Will Know Our Names [DE]
Boss 5 - Visions of the Future [DE]
Temple - The End Lies Ahead [DE]
Eclipse - Face [DE]
Mushroom - Where the Ancestors Sleep [DE]
Pumpkin Moon - A Tragic Decision [DE]
Alt Underground - Spirit Crucible Elpys [XC2]
Frost Moon - Engage the Enemy [DE]
Underground Crimson - Bionis' Interior (Pulse) [DE]
The Towers - Visions of the Future [DE]
Pirate Invasion - Prologue B [DE]
Hell - Prison Island [DE]
Martian Madness - Irregular Bound [DE]
Lunar Boss - Zanza the Divine / The God Slaying Sword [DE]
Goblin Invasion - Time to Fight! [DE]
Sandstorm - Sword Valley [DE]
Old One's Army - Uncontrollable [XCX]
Space Day - Agniratha, Mechonis Capital [DE]
Ocean Night - Eryth Sea [DE]
Windy Day - Argentum [XC2]
Town Day - Colony 6 - Hope [DE]
Town Night - Hometown (Night) [DE]
Slime Rain - Riki The Legendary Heropon [DE]
Day Remix - Mor Ardain - Roaming the Wastes [XC2]
Journey's Beginning w/ Relogic Intro - Wii Intro [DE]
Journey's Beginning - Main Theme [DE]
Storm - Urgency [DE]
Graveyard - Towering Shadow [DE]
Underground Jungle - Satorl Marsh (Night) [DE]
Jungle Night - Forest of the Nopon (Night) [DE]
Queen Slime - FogBeast Battle [FC]
Empress of Light - Those Who Stand Against Us [XC2]
Duke Fishron - Incoming! [XC2]
Morning Rain - Frontier Village [DE]
Alt Title - Theme X [XCX]
Underground Desert - Unfinished Business [DE]

Rain sound effect
Wind sound effect
Otherworld tracks

Credits & Sources

Youtube song links

Icon art and additional mixing by Flashkirby using Audacity

Got feedback? Drop a comment on the workshop item, or find me on the forums/twitter/discord.

Note: In Terraria 1.4.2, Resource Pack Music seems to play twice as loudly as Vanilla Tracks. I recommend setting your volume to 50% or less. Fixed in!
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GPAngel 13 hours ago 
maybe its just me but Mor Ardain kinda fits the most for the desert, great pack nonetheless (Im just biased for more X2 songs)
ElpezBash  [author] May 3 @ 7:19am 
@DualDestry I've thought about Tephra Cave and Ether Mine, and honestly as much as they sort of fit the mood, neither myself nor my friends are super fond of listening to that again for hours, those zones were already kinda a drag xD

I'll listen to the other suggestions you got and see how well they cut and mix in though!
DualDestry Apr 26 @ 5:16pm 
Honestly, this resource pack fits in so perfectly with Terraria's style. I've been having so much going through Terraria for the second time. There is only one song I've noticed up to the point I've played that bothers me, which is the merc theme which doesn't fit in with the underground. I think the Tephra Cave, Ether Mine, X's Section 1 theme, or either Urayan theme would definitely fit just a little better.
Budder Mar 31 @ 4:52pm 
thank you so much.
YayIguess Mar 30 @ 1:49am 
I love you :steamhappy:
ドラゴンライト Mar 29 @ 4:37pm 
love you fav JRPG! XC 1 and 2 both killer! Thx man