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IJWTB Sandbox Addons (SERVER #1)
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IJWTB Sandbox Content Pack
Created by [IJWTB] Thomas
Improved Stacker
Created by [IJWTB] Thomas
Improved Stacker Tool
The Improved Stacker tool is a complete rewrite of the original Stacker tool and includes many bug fixes and new features that both clients and server owners can benefit from.
Unlike the other versions of the tool, t...
Improved Weight
Created by [IJWTB] Thomas
Improved Weight Tool
Improved Weight is an entirely rewritten version of Marii's Weight STool. It has been cleaned, optimized, and provides many new helpful featur...
Advanced Duplicator
Created by WireTeam
A tool for duplicating contraptions that include many complex components including Wiremod devices, and most other SENTs.

Nebual made the amazingly creative icon for this.

Wiremod Landing Page:

Advanced Duplicator 2
Created by WireTeam
Ground up rewrite meant to make up for some of the shortcomings of the first iteration of AdvDupe. Still considered alpha!

Wiremod Landing Page:



SProps Workshop Edition
Created by shadowscion

ACF Unofficial Extras (ACF 3 Compatible)
Created by gamerpaddy
70+ Engines, Battery Packs and PULSEJETS !!!!!1



get either one here, and only here:
Customisable Thirdperson
A customisable thirdperson camera tool.

It can be found in the spawnmenu under the option tab. Visuals > ctp options....
Media Player
Created by Sam
Watch videos or listen to music with friends in Sandbox—based on the Cinema gamemode.

How to fix this mod (HTML5)

⚠️ GMod developers are working on a fix, this...
The Sit Anywhere Script!
Created by Xerasin
This script allows you to sit on nearly every flat edge! Just press alt (or the key you have walk bound to) + e (or the key you have use bound to) on the place you want to sit. Great for RP servers for that touch of sorta "realism"!

To Sit: Hold ...
VRMod - Experimental Virtual Reality
Created by Catse
If you want to play in VR you need to have the vrmod module installed. It allows this addon to interface with SteamVR to access VR tracking, input, and display. It is not required for non-vr players or servers.
Automatic ...
Advanced Ball Socket Tool (Adv. Ballsocket)
Created by nrlulz
An essential tool for any builder, previously included with gmod but was for some reason removed in the latest update. Allows you to limit the rotation of props.

An excellent video by 13igAdam2040 explaining how it works:
Multi-Parent / Unparent Tool
Created by nrlulz
A Multi-Parent tool with a few extra options and a functional reliable unparenting tool.

Multi-Parent features:
-Area select function - hold use + left click
-Contraption select function - hold shift + left click
-Added undo functionality
-Option to...
Buoyancy Tool
Created by Endymion
Buoyancy Tool for gmod13...
No Collide All - Multi
Created by [XTT] General Wrex
No Collide All Multi

Ignores all collisions between all selected props with all props on the map, just not the map itself!

if you're looking for a way to just no collide a group of props on a single contraption then subscribe
No Collide - Multi
Created by [XTT] General Wrex

Ignores collisions between all selected props and with themselves.

5/11/2016 :: Updated the description and added discussions for bugs and suggestions....
Created by [XTT] General Wrex

A parenting tool to parent muliple props with only a few clicks.

Changelog: nothing yet!

Parenting is when the game engine locks one entity's movement to another. It is absolutely secure, unlike welding, and causes significantly l...
Physical Parent
Created by Catse
The parenting tool of the future!
Don't you hate it when you flip your parented car and its body goes through the ground? Or having to use jelly welds to get any physics at all?

Physical Parent allows you to parent entities while keeping perfect, rigid...
Super Parent Multi
Created by
Super Parent Multi is a simply multi parenting tool with some kind of physical properties.
Check it out!...
Gear Assembly Tool

This script can give you the ability to connect prop-segmented gear pieces fast. It is optimized and brings the gear building time consuming to a minimum. It uses pre-defined radius-vec...
ColorMater Tool
Created by nrlulz
A simple tool that allows you to change both the color and material of a prop at once. Can also copy color/material from another prop and has the option to apply it to every prop you spawn.

Originally by tad2020...
Measuring Stick Tool
Created by nrlulz
Measures the distance from one point to another, a handy building tool fixed up for GM13. Now with unit conversions! Originally by OverloadUT....
RT Camera
Created by nrlulz
Fixed up the old RT camera from GM12 which was for some reason removed in the update.

To create a display for it you can:
-spawn the phx monitor (it's in Q > Browse > Games > Garry's Mod > props_phx if you dont have phx spawnlists)
-use the on screen ...
Make Spherical
Created by Daev
Make Spherical gives most* entities perfectly spherical collisions that don't bounce when rolling or clip through the ground at high speeds like normal triangle-based collision meshes (meaning that it's perfect for wheels!). Simply left click on an entity ...
Track Assembly Tool

This page uses steam formatting. I prefer markdawn though.

This script can give you the ability to connect prop-seg...
Tank Track Tool
Created by shadowscion
With tanks being such a popular thing to build in gmod, it is sad indeed to know that realistic tank tracks are nearly impossible. This tool aims to, mostly, solve that issue. Please post pictures so I can add them to the images!

- Wheels are ...
Fading door tool
Created by Panthera Tigris
A tool that makes anything into a fadable door.

- Can select material.
- Can select sounds.
- Wire support.
- Can make NPC's, vehicles and props into a fadable door.

Authors: Conna, Lexi and Panthera Tigris

ID: 115753588...
Malawar Repulsor
Great for hovercrafts. They work a bit like hoverballs, but they only push and work on a height relative to the surface below them.

Wire version available:
Created by
Credit goes to Syanide!

This is a client-side tool for building contraptions with extreme precision, aligning objects for either aesthetic or functional perfection. To accomplish this task a grid is projected onto the object you are pointing at and by p...
Sub Material Tool
Created by Kawoosh64
2015.03.05 Garry's Mod update brought a good feature with overriding submaterials.
This is a simple tool to use it.
Duplicator supported.
Usage: select index, select material, apply tool. Right click to revert.
You can copy current material with select...
Fin 2
Created by {-§RG§-} ravo
New fin tool! Check it out:

*Please watch the video above if you have problems updating to the latest version.*

This is fin 2 (Version 2.3) upd...
Smart Remover Tool
Created by nrlulz
Ever shoot something with the remover then go, "SHIT, I DIDN'T MEAN TO REMOVE THAT!"? Then this tool will come in handy for you! Select individual entities, whole contraptions, or an entire radius, all before actually confirming removal. Especially handy w...
Easy Bonemerge Tool
Created by Rubat
An improved bonemerge tool. Features:
* Support for effects
* Proper undo system
* Ability to remove already merged props
* Ghost preview
* Duplicator support
* Ability to bonemerge props to yourself
* Is not limited to props at all. You can use ANY...
Constraint Remover Tool
Created by Radray
This tool lets you view and delete constraints individually.

There is also an optional custom crosshair included because it can be difficult to see the default HL2 crosshair against certain backgrounds.

NPC Tools
Created by Silverlan
I'm done with gmod and I don't take requests, so please stop spamming the comment section. There won't be any updates or new packs.
If you want to check out my new projects (Not gmod-related), you can go to:
Smart Painter
Created by Frankess
Have you ever had that situation when you make an awesome constructions from many props, carefully painted it, only to realize that the materials and the colors do not match your vision and you had to start over again with painting?

This tool is the an...
Ragdoll Mover
Created by Winded
What is it?
Ragdoll Mover is a tool that allows you to move ragdolls in a similar way to 3D programs. This also includes IK chains.

Why should I use it?
If you are fine with physgun, then maybe you don't need to use this. But here's a fe...
Simple Material Browser
Created by SparkZ
A simple material browsing menu that lists all material files that are available to use in-game and shows a preview of it. The menu also includes buttons for copying the filepath to the clipboard and for using the material with the material and trails tool...
Easy Animation Tool
Created by Rubat
A tool that allows easy animation playback for all entities that have animations. This will not work on Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Portal 2, CS:GO models, it's a problem with Garry's Mod, not this mod.

Please note that not all models have animations. This too...
Extended Spawnmenu
Created by Rubat
A small script that extends abilities of your spawnmenu:
* Allows you to browse through Garry's Mod 12 / Legacy addon models
* Allows you to browse through Game, Addon, Legacy Addon materials and sounds
* Gives you detailed information on installed Work...
Overhauled Radial Menu
Created by SirRanjid
Version: 2019-10-22
Overhauled Radial Menu for quick tool and commands access. Originally made by FlyveHest, then Cmasta.
Made huge changes to it and wanted to release it because i think not only I could profit from it.

Thanks to Skinhead Larry you...
The Re-Elastic Tool
This tool allows you to re-create all elastic constraints on an entity with different settings.

All the elastic settings are included, such as material and width.

This tool is most usful for working with indapendant elastic suspension on vehicles....
Tool Search & Favorites
Created by Bell

A lightweight solution to look through your hundreds of tools!

Update: Added auto-selecting tools! Turned on by default.
Update 2: Right-click tools to make them your favorites!...
Playable Piano
Created by MacDGuy
I've moved on from Garry's Mod and I am now making a full game based on GMod Tower called Tower Unite.

This piano exists also in Tower Unite!


A completely pl...
Prop Engine Building Tools
Created by Mitosis
Tools ment to be used for building prop engines, Rope Slider(consists of three ropes), Crankshaft to Piston(hit on flat side of crankshaft, the side u click on changes it), and a Rope Ballsocket, cause why not....
Seat Weaponiser II
Created by BFG
**February 2, 2016**
Read this regarding shooting out of closed cars:

**ANNOUNCEMENT January 22 2016**
After talking with Spy I was able to get him to add support ...
[NM] Prop Pack
Created by N!kO
A collection of props for build and fun ! This pack was mainly made for a special prop car with a trunk full of speakers, with the lack of it on the workshop I decided to work on these ones.

This is my first attempt on modelling to the Source Engine !
Builders Pack V3 Props
Created by Warhawk
Builders Pack V3 contains a large number of props designed for building construction. They come in various types, shapes, and sizes. It includes: walls, floors, ceilings, doorways, window frames, pillars, ramps, geometric shapes, giant lego pieces, trick H...
Div Foliage And Props
Created by Rastifan
Some foliage and farm props for your convenience.
Race Seat
Created by Blub
Seat with jeep animation

The other seats on the second picture are not included!

- Seat with passenger animation (no hands on steeringwheel) done
- Add more seat models (including seats from hl2)...
White Texture Pack [dev halted]
Created by CinnaFox
A collection of materials. All materials subject to change....
More Materials!
Created by Dr. Spicket
This simple little addon adds many stock materials to be selected on your material STool list.

All materials come from either HL2 or Garry's Mod. CSS materials are also added, but only if CSS is mounted. You do not need CSS for this mod to work.

[E2] PlyCore
Created by Sir Papate

It's the PlyCore, an extension for the Expression 2 that add functions to manipulate players. All functions can be called on yourself or on other players if you have their prop protection rights....
[E2] Particle Core
Created by Xyvoracle
Adds in particle functionality to Expression 2.
Reupload to workshop.

Thanks to 343N (Malcolm Turnbull) for updating and fixing parts of the code to reduce the footprint of the extension and to minimize crashes.

Function list: (NOTE: I honestly can'...
[E2] SpriteCore
Created by N!kO
SpriteCore allows the creation and manipulation of multiple sprites at the same time. It's a custom extension for Wiremod's Expression2.

Check the avaliable functions [url=
Created by Bigwig
A big open city map.

Fully noded for AI...
gm_carcon_ws Carconstruct
Created by Blub

This is a map where you can build, test and have fun with your vehicles in many different areas.
Made by me (Lubstar)

* Garages with area portals
* Spawn with area...
Flatbuild PBS
Created by Mornedil
gm_flatbuild_pbs_2015 is a gmod13 remake of my old map gm_flatbuild_pb (which was designed for gmod12).

-Expect a simple flat map with a huge grass area, a huge water area and a tall skybox! Do you need something other than ground, water & the sky? Bui...
Created by ProGold
GM_Functional_Flatgrass3 is out now!

If you like my work you are always welcome to make any donation!
Created by ProGold

If you like my work you are always welcome to make any donation!


Garry's Mod is for me a great game to get lost in....
Created by Bloodclaw
A large building map divided in multiple parts :

- The main island with the spawn room, a lot of flat space to build, some small hills, buildings (including 6 garages and a small city), helicopter landing pad, roads (including large ones for planes), do...
Created by Pretbek
Missing some textures? Install Counter-Strike:Source. Not helping? contact me

The game Counter-strike Source is required for this map.

Halloween is drawing near and it is time to face your demons. The pumpkins have risen, the graves have turned arou...
Created by Kel
A large map set in the topographically diverse Austrian countryside.

This map features...
  • Exterior Spawn/Build Area
  • Area Portaled Build Rooms
  • Dynamic 3D Skybox
  • Lots of Trees
  • Prepacked Content
  • Yes, there are
Created by Raxten
A build map set near a coast line.

Features -
Small town
Build rooms
Huge underground build room
Spawn room underground
3d skybox

Custom textures are packed into the bsp, so if you see any that are purple/black checkered, tell ...
Created by Raxten
Welcome to Vyten

A vast tundra worth conquering for it's resources, Vyten is set for capture the flag style combat.
Based on the map Arctic Region from the popular game World of Tanks.

Features -

- 5 Outposts
- AI Nodes
- 2 Opposing towers
- W...
Cordon Tool
Created by Ott
Cordon Tool: Hide those laggy contraptions!

Cordon allows you to define cordons around other people's contraptions (noclip not required, read on) to disable rendering of any props or entities inside. All you need to do is shoot two points opposite each ...
VR Core
Created by Iron Roadkill
An e2 extension that works with VRmod to allow e2 developers to integrate VR functionality into their builds

If the example script fails to compile run
wire_expression2_extension_enable vrcore
in console

Function list
Created by ♔ AquaRex ♔
[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

This is a map where you can build, test and have fun with your vehicles in many different areas.

NOTE: This map is modified by me! The original au...
Created by shadowscion
Finally got around to making this workshop-worthy

The purpose of this addon is to reduce server entity counts and client draw calls by converting selections of props into one rendered model. It does not generate a collision mesh or hitbox.

[E2] WebAudio
Created by Vurv
This addon adds a serverside WebAudio class which can be used to interact with clientside IGmodAudioChannels asynchronously.
It also adds an extension for Expression...
Stockplus - More Construct Props
Created by Okxa
More models for the stock construct sets. Various new versions of the old models, and some new models in the existing styles.

For now I have made more props for the models/hunter set, I might add more eventually, and for the other sets too.
If I get id...
Advanced Bone Tool
Created by Thirteen
A tool to edit angles, scaling and the location of props bones.
You can use this on any prop in gmod*.

Also availible on GitHub:

*Some props will not allow for rotation or translation due to them bei...
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