Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator

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UFO Wave
Type: Game
Complexity: Low Complexity
Number of Players: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Play Time: 30 minutes, 60 minutes
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Mar 25, 2021 @ 5:10am
Aug 4, 2021 @ 4:27pm
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UFO Wave

A competitive 1-6 player card game themed entirely on the UFO subject! Created by a real UFO investigator, and with art by a genuine witness, this is the most authentic table-top game of the subject ever released! However you don't need an interest to enjoy the game. It's been designed to be accessible and easy-to-learn, and is suitable for age 8 and up.

Features a Setup button to easily get going once all players are seated. Please check the in-built manual for rules of play.

Launching via Kickstarter 30th July 2021! This TTS version is free-to-play up till launch for the purpose of play testing and gathering feedback. Please check out the website at for further information, videos and the merchandise store!

If you would like to provide feedback or would like to arrange for a direct live session with us, please get in touch via

We hope you enjoy UFO Wave!

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