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How to access the PTS (Beta server)
By Scootloops
How to access the SWTOR PTS (Beta server) to play and see upcoming game content!
Steam Version
First go to the SWTOR store page on steam

Once there scroll down, and above the install button should be a blue box asking you to install the PTS (beta server).

Once you have clicked install, the PTS game will now install as a separate game into your steam folder on its own, once the download is done you can play.
Launcher Version
To access the PTS on the games Launcher, first go to the login screen and click the settings icon in the bottom left.

When you open this screen find the setting "Enable Public Test Server Access" and check it to "Yes"

Now login to the launcher, and at the bottom left corner you should see this logo.

When you click it you will be able to swap between the normal game and the beta game for future updates.

Click on which one you want to play, patch, and off you go.
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