Race The Sun

Race The Sun

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Workshop contest finalists
The finalists for the 2014 Workshop Contest #1!
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Bloody Hell!
Created by Arkandosquad
Bloody Hell!
Everyone is going to hell. Are you?...
DLV Sky Machine
Created by Cosmic Misfit Drew
** First Prize winning world design! **

Now you belong to the machine in the sky!

** This world comes with a custom playlist which is available on Spotify! **

Listen to the DLV Sky Machine playlist:

Beware the guardians...
Created by Rain
The frost king awaits....
Created by Mike
enjoy =) - don't forget to rate and give some feedback <3 - thx!

21.03.14 changes:
- Difficulty curve - 3 Regions for now
- Some new objects
- Vid/Images are from the old version, but they should still grant a good preview

This may not be...
Created by Rokin
... Awaiting Input

Travel through the binary world where information will be the death of you

- Featuring 70 patterns
- Race The Sun Workshop Contest - First Prize...
Created by Motoko
Take a look into the mayan culture and get ready to die with them.

Region 1: Meet Mayan.
Region 2: Meet Alien.
Region 3: ???????? what do you think? :) .

The level dificulty is normal/hard.

Thanks for playing my contest level.

The end...
Created by spookster
Created by SugarManAndy
Welcome to Tatooine!
Please be nice to the locals.
This world features no setting sun; The objective is not to race the sun but instead to see how far you can go!
Thank you all so much for playing! T...
World of Cards
Created by Bombraker (Midas)
Feel like a spy in the middle of some movie intro O_o

Leave a vote if you like it!

Gizeh 0.1
Created by suechtig
Gizeh 0.1
Meteor Shower V1.5 Beta
Created by Qweggy
Meteor Shower V1.5 Beta
Meteor shower has struck your world race through the meteors and get to your salvation!...
Guitar Hero
Created by Arkandosquad
Guitar Hero
Can you play on the guitar?...
Speed Woods
Created by standard toaster
Speed Woods

Put your reflexes to the test.
This is my first world so I hope you guys like it....
Created by GabaTron
Tip: Go Higher (Easier up high, Challenging on the ground)...
Created by 2CAP
Mysterious Temples (beta)

Just thought I'd add what I have so far since the workshop is up. I haven't worked on this for a while but I do plan to add more stages and features. Stay tuned...
The Last Sunset
Created by Stølfy
This map really tests your reflexes. Some objects have a 50% chance of turning in to a powerup and 50% chance to turn in to someting deadly. It only does that when your are in close proximity.
There are also lots of thing that might crush you.

If you...
The City
Created by Topier
The City
Stay in the light
Don't forget to rate this world :)...
Galactic Space Battle!
Created by standard toaster
Galactic Space Battle!

Featuring a first person cockpit view.

Feel free to comment any likes/dislikes....
Space Adventure
Created by GabaTron
Space Adventure
A journey through the stars. (Not Done)...