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Follower Engineer
Created by Dafini
The engineer is now able to follow you over the hilltops and off of cliffs. He is just that scarily loyal.

You can find him at the first Archway to Riverwood.

The wrench that comes with is WIP, the attacking animations are broken right now....
Follower Heavy Weapons Guy
Created by Dafini
As requested in the Player model equivilent's comments.

This heavy can be found at the arch of Riverwood, the one of where you enter riverwood for the first time....
Follower Scout from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
Batter-up! Equipped with a couple of Glass Swords he awaits your orders at the Riverwood Entrance!
Fast, cunning, AND stupid, he will wreck your foes before you can double jump in real life!...
Demoman Follower from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
Demoman is as drunk as he ever is while battling with you!
Armed with a Glass Greatsword he is intoxicated at the Riverwood Entrance...
Constructible Sentry Follower Spells
Created by Dafini
Team Fortress 2's Beeping thing thats full of bullets Bullets is now able to be made and sent out!

At any forge, and with 2, 4, or 6 iron ingots, you can get a level 1 2 or 3 sentry tool box (spellbook) and use it to follow you around...
Follower Sniper from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
He will take up range while you line them up for the kill!
Equipped with a glass bow and arrows and at the front of Riverwood!...
Playable Demoman from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
He's Drunk, you don't have an excuse to not play as him!
A tanking brute that smells of week old moonshine, health is up along with stamina, but the booze has done something to his brain so... tough luck with Spellcasting to begin with!...
Playable Heavy Weapons Guy
Created by Dafini
A new race available to be played, the Heavy from Team Fortress 2

The model and textures are Credit to Valve(team)
The rest is my doing

I also must say, doing a Suplex move to someone as the Heavy got me into a laughing fit.

Should also add... wi...
Playable Medic from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
You can now harvest organs to your heart's content, Doc!
Racial healing spells and a high magica pools, so now you are the man protecting princess heavy!...
Playable Pyro from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
Do you believe in burning people for fun?
Reap all infront of you with a two-hander
or better yet
Cast one of your crazy spells you have right now!
You start with a few racial fire spells, a strong 2-hander skill with a powerful destruction boost!
Playable Scout from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
He ran fast and lived a Winner!
Faster to get to max speed while running, and versatile along combat skills, and a slip of pickpocketing to run and grab...
Playable Sniper from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
He is here to pop some heads, so do so please!

Stronger in agility, not so great at the health department, but an awesome archer all together!

This is a new Player Race for Skyrim, from TF2....
Playable Soldier from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
A battlecry that is followed by mindless rambling! PLAY AS IT TODAY!

A fistfighter or a ranged archer, or even blowing fireballs... he is equipped for all of those. Has good health, Alright agility, but spellcasting might mean that fireball is a little ...
Playable Spy from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
Sneak, Steal, and Snuggle with that lady again!
You start with high agility, low health, some awesome boosts to sneak, pickpocket and lockpick. As well with a small boost of one-hadners and has a racial invisibility spell!...
Pyro Follower from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
He dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty, we all know it by now!
He awaits with a firestaff over at Riverwood's Entrance...
Spy Follower from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
This sneaky sapper is either backstabbing your foes or making out with the scout's mother, nothing between!
At the entrance to Riverwood he will wait patiently, armed with a pair of Daedric Daggers for is dealings....
Soldier Follower from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
He will stare death into the eyes of your enemies, make them bleed from fear, and then question why he is here again!
Found at the Riverwood Entrance, and fights like a man! With fists that is, beating them to bloody pulps....
Fall Of the Grocket
Created by zOmbi
Rumored to Bilegulch Mine has fallen unknown object, perhaps he was taking something useful?

The essence of this modification to port some of the things from TF2 which are scattered in Skyrim should start from the crash site, and that can tell you where...
Medic Follower from Team Fortress 2
Created by Dafini
He lost his medical lisence, so now he practices medicine.... on you!
He is a supportive healer, found at Riverwood's Entrance....
Created by zOmbi
Add a Rainblower from TF2 near Skyforge...
Team Fortress 2 Armor and Weapons Pack Crossbow Add-On V3
Created by XFagtor (FrankerZ)
So, this is the announced Add-On for my TF2 Weapons and Armor Pack mod.

This mod adds 2 new crossbows

Crusaders Crossbow Blu, Crusader´s Crossbow Red, Blue Syringe and Red Syringe

You can buy the weapons behind/for the sawmill from hod...
Team Fortress 2 Armors and Weapons pack V7.3 [FINAL]
Created by XFagtor (FrankerZ)
Hello guys, this is my Team Fortress 2 Weapons Package (Model rights reserved to the Valve Corporation)


I have exported the TF2 textures and models and have put them into Skyrim. You can...
Team Fortress 2 Weapons and Armor Pack Gun Add-On V4.2
Created by XFagtor (FrankerZ)
SO, this is the not announced Gun Add-On for my Mod package

This mod adds 19 Guns outta TF2 + Original Sounds

Frontier Justice
Syringe Gun Red/Blu
Sniper Rifle
Rocket Launcher
Reserve Shooter
Bazaar Bargain
AWPer Hand...
The MannConomy Mod
Created by Dafini
This mod is entirely inspired by Team Fortress 2 Hats and it's economy, and infact is Based off of it
The Mann.Co Supply Crates are found in Riverwood, between the Trader annd Sven's house is a crop of them
But you need to open them, and they are not fre...
Spycrab over Mudcrab
Created by Dafini
The endangered species of Spycrab's fate is in your hands

Kill them, Ignore them, possibly even Cook them

This IS the spy from Team Fortress 2, just to clarify

The Western Wear
Created by Hideous
Adds The Western Wear from Team Fortress 2 (Model created by me, texture created by Pie Tony) along with a tower somewhere in the world with a special enchanted version in it.

Comes with a crafting recipe, requires Steel smithing to use.

SabreCat Heavy
Created by Dafini
The Heavy Weapons Guy in TF2 is an animal of sorts
especially now!

Replaces the SabreCats with the Heavy Weapons Guy, and god damn its scary

The screenshots belong to Duskye, my beta tester (for life)...
Heavy's OmNom
Created by Antinko
This is yet another Food Item sound mod which changes the eating sound into the "NOM" sound from Team Fortress 2...
Adds the BONUS DUCKS! Merasmus sound when leveling up or getting a perk. Made it because my friend dared me to.

Be aware this is my first skyrim mod, so please give me feedback.

Audio credit goes to valve for the sound, and game credit goes to Be...
TF2 Heavy "OM NOM NOM" Eating Sound Replacer
Created by Demo
So here we are, my first mod!

Hello all!

This mod basically replaces the standard eating sounds with the Team Fortress 2 Heavy "OM NOM NOM" sound. I made this primarily for entertainment purposes (therefore it's probably not lore-friendly, unless y...
Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker (TF2 weapons pack)
Created by zOmbi
Add Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker in Hamvir`s Rest. You can also improve in Skyforge but it may be too powerful so you decide you need several soul stone (great and filled), several ingots, strips of skin and moon ingot, then it will be a two-ha...
Soldier's "MINE" item pickup sound
Created by [IBA]BunOnTheFun
This mod will change you're pickup sound to Soldier's "MINE" from Team Fortress 2.

Currently this mod won't change the pickup sounds of weapons, due to it changing the weapon equip sound as well.

For those who wanted a Finding...
Heavy's "NOM" eat sound
Created by [IBA]BunOnTheFun
This mod changes the eating sound to Heavy's "NOM" voice responce from Team Fortress 2.

Here's another "great" mod made by me.
Soldier's "MINE" item pickup sound:

Join t...
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