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[VS] Historical Bloodline for Vanilla
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Mar 28, 2014 @ 11:51am
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[VS] Historical Bloodline for Vanilla

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Please, RATE up if you like the work i am doing.

THIS MOD IS FOR Vanilla with all the historical traits already added to characters. Just start the game!
It is compatible with any mod that does not change mod/history/characters directory. Ask other mod creators if it does.
ONLY works with 867 and later start dates!

Paradox thread and MANUAL download: Historical Bloodlines pack []

Check out Ancient Swords Add-on Damascus Steel + Ancient Swords

Sayyid from vanilla? Bloodlines from Shaytana's (LI) mod? Here you have a bloodline traits for historical dynasties, from Arsacids to Drăculești (Basarab) ! More than 40 historical bloodlines that can be inherited by your children and passed to their children through male line. Illegitimate children can inherit bloodlines too.

There is also Royal Blood trait which can be granted, through decision, to close relatives of the King (brothers and sons) that will be agnatically inherited. So, 200 years after, you may find a guy in some court as a courtier with this trait. Going back with his ancestors you will find that he is a direct male descendent of the first King.

You can also grant some new titles, like Knight that will add Ser to the persons title

*more than 40 traits
*more than 80 dynasties affected
*more than 1800+ characters modified
*dynastic rivalries
*grant noble titles
*knight your courtiers
*create your own bloodline once you became king!

** Some dynasties share the same bloodline, for example cadet branches, ie De Valois, De Bourgogne, De Courteney, Babenberger(Popponids) have blood of Capetings, as their parent dynasty does.
** Few dynasties share the same bloodline, despite being related only agnatically, like the 1st House of Anjou and Plantagenets share the blood of Ingelger.
** Some bloodlines added without strong historical basis, but rather on flavour interest - Billungs have the blood of Amalings; Pahlavuni, Arcruni and Karen share Arsacids blood; Alliata has Roman Blood and others. NOTE: In one or other way all of these dynasties claimed its descent from one of these blood traits, its not that i made this up just for fun.
** Some bloods have relations bonus to each other based on historical relations, ie Zahringen and Hohenstaufen


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Dorimi 王朗
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Scythe Massakur Jul 29 @ 11:31am 
So this means that you can start up a game with a preset leader and it works?
Dorimi 王朗  [author] Jul 22 @ 10:32am 
@venne you can find all dynasties that have some bloodline just by typing bloodline name in HISTORY folder search. ie type hist_rollo
Venne Jul 17 @ 5:23pm 
Hey, I've been working on updating some of the outdated files in this mod for personal use by using winmerge - so far it's going well enough but there's either entire characters removed or changed, or otherwise lost in the process. Is there a possible list of all the dynasties that have certain blood lines anywhere?

If Dorimi wants the updated files when I'm done, I can easily provide them.
lambda Jul 7 @ 9:37am 
Fantastic mod, man. Love it.
Dorimi 王朗  [author] Jul 3 @ 10:05am 
thank you
Nerull Jun 20 @ 4:47pm 
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Retraced Apr 16 @ 11:22pm 
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MidnightCoffee Dec 23, 2017 @ 1:12pm 
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TaterTot Sep 12, 2017 @ 9:40am 
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