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Arma 2nd Screen/Smartphone/Tablet display mod thing.

How to use
You just need to have the mod loaded in Arma.
When you then start TacControl (.exe in modfolder, Android APK in modfolder) it will find your Arma in your local LAN (so phone via WLAN also works, or Laptop in same network) and connect to it.
If TacControl doesn't know the terrain you're on, it will ask you ingame to confirm and then export it automatically.

OH! Important note, GPS Trackers need TacControl mod to be loaded on serverside (they sync to all other players via server)

What is it

Its still quite experimental.

My initial idea for TacControl was a app that I can run on my laptop to help platoon leaders and Logistics personell by offering a easy way to control many radio channels (3 or more) without fiddling with hotkeys and by having a constant overview over the map and all thats going on.

It is definitely comparable to the Athena mod, its biggest difference probably being the GPS Trackers, being open source, and the modularity (development wise) that makes it easy to add new Features.

Features (Rough list, probably missing stuff):
- Support for all Arma terrains
- Support for all Map Marker icons including mods (loaded dynamically out of Arma)
- Live view of ingame map with map markers
- Ability to place map markers, including drawn line markers (line markers also in Android app)
- Ability to control (Transmit) TFAR Radios (also from your Phone, useful if you have lots of radios)
- Ability to configure TFAR Radio channels, volume, stereo mode from the Desktop app
- Android app to view Map and control TFAR Radios
- Can be used from anywhere in your Local network (Laptop, Smartphone (Android only), Tablet)
- GPS Trackers as items that can be attached to vehicles and will be displayed on the map (attach via ACE Explosives)
- Support for Logitech keyboards with displays (G15) to display TFAR Radios and be able to transmit using keyboard display buttons (because I can).

Many people don't want "magical" blue force tracking mods, which is why TacControl also won't do such a thing.
Any on-map tracking will be done using GPS Tracker items, nothing magical allowed (well besides everyone magically having the map markers of everyone else, but thats just Arma).

What is planned

Lots of things are still to be done. TacControl is only at Alpha stage and it has potential to be a HUGE project.

Some things that are planned currently:
- Ability to export/import markers
- AAR recording with multi-viewer collaborative playback
- Personal GPS Trackers
- Collaborative mission planning. Get together before a mission and draw on the map with all your teams without having to launch Arma.

This is a mammuth project, and I don't have the most free time in the world.
I'd be very happy if people decide to contribute on GitHub, with your help TacControl can become better, faster.


You're not allowed to reupload this, also not on external platforms (looking at you armaholic..).
This is still very much Alpha/WIP I currently need everyone to be using the same latest version.

You can support me on Patreon:
Source code is on GitHub if anyone wants to contribute (please contribute and make TacContol better instead of making forks and your own copies):
I also have a crappy Discord if you need any direct contact, though I'm also on Arma Discord anyway:

Mod icon made by Whiplash: Check out his Twitter!
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Jul 7 @ 12:47pm
Error ArgumentOutOfRange
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OdinsGuard_TTV Oct 16 @ 8:34pm 
bummer looks like athena is the better option to this day
Dedmen Miller  [author] Oct 16 @ 3:01pm 
OdinsGuard_TTV Oct 15 @ 4:27pm 
does this also work for apple devices
Dedmen Miller  [author] Oct 14 @ 11:13am 
Not yet. But will someday be possible by double clicking gps tracker in TacControl
TacticalSheep [PTF] Oct 13 @ 3:46pm 
Is there a way to choose the map markers?
Dedmen Miller  [author] Oct 13 @ 1:55pm 
> You can integrate the trackers to track personnel or certain vehicles.

You can already attach trackers to vehicles, you just have to attach them.
self-attaching to players is half implemented.
You'll probably have to choose the map markers yourself
TacticalSheep [PTF] Oct 13 @ 1:09pm 
I did not suggest that the BLUFORCE tracking had to bea cheat to see all units. You can integrate the trackers to track personnel or certain vehicles.

Any SM can tell you that alot of real US vehicles will have a BLUFOR antenna integrated directly onto them, some of these are modeled in mods such as in RHS.

This capability has been unique for some time to the US Military and was fundamental when the US invaded Iraq and used their BLUFORCE tracking capabilities to easily see where all of their troops were and attack Saddam from seemingly out of nowhere. Near-peer adversaries like Russia are only now getting this technology.
The Air Force Research Lab has also developed a tactical version, called ATAK. ATAK uses commercial-off-the-shelf cellular devices and data to track the geolocations of the operators who use them, which in turn relays their location to their "TOC" or command team.
There's nothing magical about BLUFOR tracking. Just a lot of integrated technology and tech.
Dedmen Miller  [author] Oct 13 @ 1:29am 
TacControls inittial idea was specifically to not be some magic see all units "cheat".
So no, I won't do that. If you want Blue force tracking, then get a Blue force tracking mod.
Most of these mods use Map Markers which you will then also be able to see in TacControl
TacticalSheep [PTF] Oct 12 @ 6:13pm 
would say please focus on getting the GPS trackers for BLUFOR... i'm apart of a large unit that would love something like this but i'd say most of the practical functionality out of this application is lost by not displaying live locations of BLUFOR. (also, please use NATO symbology! I can help you if you're unfamiliar. i'm in ur discord)