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Conan Exiles

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Underdark of Acheron 2.0
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Underdark of Acheron 2.0

Journey to the depths of the earth where dangerous creatures thrive in darkness. A whole new thriving biome connecting many of the caves in the exiled lands together.

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Please understand that this is in development.
We will update here intended changes so you are aware of where you should currently not build.


Load before Mods that remove curse wall or expand map boarderd.
Load after everything else.
An area from AoC is known to become not accessible anymore around The Passage.

Load Darkwoods before Underdark
Load Island of Tir Na Nog after Underdark

Osirion (Ixchel / Rashan on Discord) is currently responsible for updates.

Credits goes to Rake and 7th Crest for making this entirely possible!!
Thanks to Henry, Piper and ArsGothica for their suggestions and tips! :)
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Elwyn Oct 12 @ 5:23am 
Is underdark supposed to be empty?
Zulik Oct 4 @ 2:08am 
This mod dupes de respawns, look at TeleportPlayer -8045.99609375 221835.4296875. Only this mod loaded.
garaleos Sep 23 @ 8:08pm 
does this work with Siptah map?
.Dog with a Hat on a Nose. Aug 21 @ 7:24pm 
Also it looks like I cant enter anymore, the door is sealed.
.Dog with a Hat on a Nose. Aug 21 @ 7:13pm 
Hi, your textures around Kings Niche is totally busted it looks like, just grey checkerboards.
azrael_1000 Aug 21 @ 2:39pm 
"The only thing that will break of AoC (as far as I am aware) is the content in The Passage"

Ist that an important Part in AOC, or something that you can also do without?
Funmizer Aug 17 @ 4:32am 
Is there any way to get a version without giant mushrooms spammed everywhere?
Dan-geon Master Jul 25 @ 6:04pm 
Nice! That sounds great. I did notice it was very bright but I can fix that manually with some other items. Either an upcoming item in an SvS update or something from Amunet's and just kinda DIY my own atmosphere. But Im not in a rush. staying subbed but it may be several months before we complete our in-game event to "shatter" the curse wall :) so, godspeed and good luck! :D Thanks for the awesome work so far, and the care toward the future facets.
Osirion  [author] Jul 25 @ 4:24pm 
Loading a map mod after Underdark will make the latter lose the darkness, cause some texture glitch in the volcano part of the Underdark, it may (or not, not sure about AoC, depends on the mod) introduce some invisible walls, and it will make all the lower part of the Underdark unusable, cause it will reintroduce 'safety teleport' that funcom put under the map, and that will automatically teleport you away in the starting desert, and on top of that the area will have a weird underwater effect on it XD
You may want to block the access to that area completely ^^

Anyway, keep tuned, in the next update I may only fix a small glitch that prevents the AI to work properly in the deep part of the Underdark, but in the next larger update I might remove the entrance from The Passage, adding *full* compatibility with AoC (but it will have to be loaded *before* Underdark), and at the same time adding 1 or 2 more entrances to the Underdark from other caves.
Dan-geon Master Jul 25 @ 2:27am 
I actually have a mostly-okay work-around. Just takes a little admin setup. Running all the things I have, the vault to the jumping puzzle is still there, but the cave ramp going to that entrance is closed off by a rock i assume they put there. So if its loaded pre-AoC aoc seems to be fine, and i would just block off going "that far" into that cave entrance and ignore that way in. it'll just make for a random dead-end rather than the multiple avenues which works for me. I just wasn't sure if there was something else. But giving AoC the priority it seems fine other than needing to work around being able to "walk out of a giant rock" back into the base of the Passage. Thanks for the info, at any rate!