Rise of the Dragon (Sega CD) - any% speedrun - 11m 08s
"New discoveries since last run: Sequence code #2 is fastest because it has a few repeating colors and it's easy to remember. Saving Karyn saves time versus killing her (only on Sega CD, not DOS). Using a bomb on the last boss is like 30 seconds faster, and I only found out about it from a random guide online when I was looking for different sequence color codes.

Chen Lu Meanwhile skip is required, you must optimize your movement in that area, and get everything within 5 in-game minutes.

Time losses: Blade's 2, I missed the first pickup of the first item so I opened the menu when I didn't need to (felt like I was a few pixels off). Also had to pick up a 3rd bomb for the ending. Blade's 3: put on the body armor here instead of in a different place. Hwang's: Killing Karyn ends the split 8 seconds earlier (from my last run) but Saving Karyn will end the Platformer 8 seconds faster, so now my gold split on Hwang's is way off.

With fixing some minor mistakes and optimizing cursor movement, I really do think sub 11 is a possibility, but it's probably not going much further down unless you can run this game on actual hardware with a Sega Mouse.

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