Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator

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Type: Game
Complexity: Low Complexity
Number of Players: 2
Play Time: 30 minutes
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Hivernation is a 2 player, tile laying, strategy game where Domination of the Hive is Queen!

Play as either the industrious Worker Bees or slovenly Drone Bees and battle your opponent for domination of the Hive! Will the hive survive the winter by booting out the Drone Bees or will the irresponsible party continue?

Each player receives 20, double sided Bee tiles and makes sure their chosen faction is face up. This set up is already organized in this mod.

Players take turns strategically building a hive around Queen Zizi, the matriarch and anchor of the game. When the Worker Bees and Drone Bees meet, players can start attacking each other and converting their opponents bees to their own. How? By sandwiching their opponents bees between a newly played tile and one of theirs that already exists in the hive. All of their opponents bees that lay in between these 2 tiles get flipped over and are now playing for the other side!

Or players can choose to modify game play by playing one of 3 Specialty Tiles that they receive at the beginning of the game. Play Bears, Flowers, Pesticide Tiles and Beekeepers to develop your strategy and come away with a win! And you can receive more Specialty Tiles by making a multidirectional play. It's all about the strategy!

Who wins a game of Hivernation? The player with more of their tiles face up by the end of the game of course :)

Great for couples and small gaming groups who like intimate, thinky games which set up in under a minute, have organic game play ensuring a ton of replayability and take about 30 minutes per game. You'll love the art as well :)

Come try Hivernation. You won't be disappointed.