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Bad Taste
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 6, 2014 @ 12:54am
Sep 12, 2016 @ 12:41pm
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Spenny Plays Bad Taste On Vice
Hi can you please give me your opinion on these Spenny posters?
Release date: First Quarter 2015, Hopefully...
Hello everyone,

Bad Taste is a loving send up, and homage of trash cinema. The story revolves around police officer "Chet", as he tries to escape the city of Victoria BC before it's nuked to eradicate a zombie epidemic caused by genetically modified fast food. The game obviously taking it's title and some inspiration from the Peter Jackson film of the same name.

Game Features:
- 20 levels of insane zombie action.
- Levels with secrets, and multiple paths.
- 5 different intense bosses to fight against.
- 40+ monsters to battle.
- Several different weapons, and items to unlock.
- Fully animated cinematics.
- Beautifully grotesque 2D backgrounds, inspired by real locations in Victoria BC.
- Voice acting by Spenny, Kenny, and additional special guest Lloyd Kaufman.
- Soundtrack by the Finnish Band "Lodger"!

Gameplay is centered around "restricted combat", as each level will only allow the player to select 1 firearm, 1 melee, and 1 item to assist them through the stage from the pool of weapons/items the player has already unlocked. Certain firearms make noise, and will attract more zombies if shot, and some items are better suited to fighting some enemies than others, so the player will need to decide how to approach each level to maximize their score.

*In the future, the game will be expanded to include additional character campaigns, as well as random enemy encounters, more weapons, and surviors to rescue, plus Co-op.

Bad Taste is an independent production currently in Steam greenlight by a three man team. The game stars Spencer Rice (Kenny vs Spenny) as "Chet", and has cameo's by Kenneth Hotz (Kenny Vs Spenny), and Lloyd Kaufman (Toxic Avenger, Poultrygeist), as well as featuring a full soundtrack by Lodger (Califonication OST). The animation is done by the newgrounds "Tank award" nominee Jeremy Zaczek, and the game was produced by Celx Requin. The programmer for the project is Alexander Taylor, a seasoned programmer from Australia.

Vice News|
September 1'st, 2016

The Times Colonist|
June 4'th 2016

Alpha Beta Gamer|

Scream Magazine (Online Edition)|

Rue Morgue|
September 2015, Issue #159.
Available at fine bookstores, and through digital download here:

Rely on Horror|

Indie Game Magazine|

Peninsula News Review|

Niche Gamer|

Thanks, I am looking forward to answering any questions you fine folks may have :)
- Celx Requin (Developer)
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Apr 28, 2016 @ 7:39am
What features should they add?
Feb 17, 2015 @ 7:28am
Sgt. SsStutter
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Celx Requin  [author] Dec 3, 2017 @ 1:48pm 
@Dragon, Hi, yes the game is still in production, I sometimes discuss what's going on with my project when I'm a guest on Florian Himsl's youtube channel. The art for the game is done, and we have a new programmer but everyone is taking a break for December.

We should have something ready for steam early access at the end of next year!
Ankerion Nov 4, 2017 @ 3:04am 
Is it game alive?
Frankie-Mental Oct 28, 2016 @ 3:25am 
Me and my friend did a little playthough of your demo! :)
Gamboh Apr 25, 2016 @ 3:40pm 
Wow, this looks really cool!
Celx Requin  [author] Jul 29, 2015 @ 9:56pm 
@k3kaczy Thanks brah, means a lot, still working on it, hopefully it will be out by January 2016, if not at least, there will be a bunch of new stuff for you to look at!
k3kaczy Jul 29, 2015 @ 1:22am 
Killing zombies never get bored :)
k3kaczy Jul 29, 2015 @ 1:20am 
It looks good :)
micksey Feb 28, 2015 @ 7:14am 
⎝HaR_√DǻrkTērrǿr☚⎠ Feb 26, 2015 @ 11:32am 
I need to play this game !! <3
Cuckleberry Finn Feb 25, 2015 @ 6:51pm 
Can't wait to play it