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Multigrid Projector
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Mar 5 @ 6:46pm
Sep 25 @ 4:31pm
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Multigrid Projector

Client plugin to project and weld blueprints of multiple sub-grids
  • Build and repair PDCs, mechs and more
  • Works both in survival and creative
  • Works both in single player and multiplayer

How to install the client plugin
  1. Subscribe to this mod
  2. Install the Plugin Loader
  3. Start the game
  4. Open the Plugins menu (should be in the Main Menu)
  5. Enable the Multigrid Projector plugin
  6. Click on Save, then Restart (below the plugin list)

After enabling the plugin it will be active for all single player worlds you load and in case of multiplayer if the server or the other client you connect to also has the plugin loaded. Do not add the plugin as a mod to the worlds themselves, it is not required and will not load anyway.


Server plugins

If you play on a multiplayer (Dedicated or Torch) server, then both the server plugin (on server side) and the client plugin (on the player's machine) must be installed! Using only the client plugin will not work properly.

Want to know more?
Please vote on the bug ticket to get multigrid welding into the vanilla game, eventually:

Please support me if you would like to receive regular updates to this client plugin as new game versions are released.
Thank you and enjoy!

Patreon Supporters
Admiral level
- BetaMark
- Mordith - Guardians SE
- Robot10
- Casinost
- wafoxxx

Captain level
- Diggz
- lazul
- jiringgot
- Kam Solastor
- NeonDrip
- opesoorry
- jiringgot
- N CG
- mkaito
- Johan F.
- NeVaR
- Jimbo

- Robot10 - Test Lead
- Radar5k
- Mike Dude
- CMDR DarkSeraphim88
- ced
- Precorus
- opesoorry
- Spitfyre.pjs
- Random000
- gamemasterellison
- Babyboarder
- LordJ

- avaness - Plugin Loader, Racing Display
- SwiftyTech - Stargate Dimensions
- Mike Dude - Guardians SE
- Fred XVI - Racing maps
- Kamikaze - M&M mod
- Keleios

Thank you very much for all your support and hard work on testing!
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Mar 29 @ 2:09pm
Update: 28 Mar @ 12:12am
< >
Viktor  [author] Oct 13 @ 2:22pm 
@Jimbodiah: Please join the SE Mods Discord server (invite is in the description) and we'll try to help you. You can also try to switch the nanobots into "fly" mode, the "walk" mode will not work.
Jimbodiah Oct 6 @ 5:43pm 
Anyone else having issues with this plugin not allowing to weld the complete project? Every project I start I have to grind down again about 75% in as it will not allow nanobot to finish it and I can't get inside far enough with normal welders. Never had issues without the plugin.
Viktor  [author] Sep 25 @ 4:32pm 
Released MGP 0.4.8:

- Assigning mechanical base blocks built in "reverse" order (base on existing top part) to named groups.
Viktor  [author] Sep 25 @ 3:10pm 
@wulf: Reproduced the group assignment problem of piston/hinge/rotor bases while they are built in "reverse" direction (top first, then the base is added by MGP). Your fix works and I can confirm that it is the correct one. Releasing it soon as part of MGP 0.4.8. Thank you for your contribution!
Viktor  [author] Sep 25 @ 2:52pm 
@Crazyboom70: The dedicated server plugin is not the same as the client plugin.

You can find the dedicated server plugin and installation instructions here:

Please also make sure first whether your hosting provider supports using plugins at all with the server. Most of them don't.
Crazyboom70 Sep 25 @ 2:33pm 
hello I would like to use this plugin on a verygame dedicated server, but I can't find how to run the command (-plugin PluginLoader.dll) in the game launch options. I do not have access to a control panel.
Arkenervs Sep 19 @ 9:27am 
Ahh It's just which grid that I was looking at when I made the blueprint is the primary blueprint.
Arkenervs Sep 19 @ 8:59am 
Working just fine. Make sure if you're having issues to install the plugin loader, and in the launch settings of the game you have to enter the parameters specified on the plugin loader page. This is because plugins are more advanced mods that unlock more of the game, but also more risks, and require that extra work.

I do have a question though, is there a way to change which grid is the primary grid that the projector will put out?
Мусульманин_TV Sep 18 @ 10:59pm 
The most incomprehensible explanation for the installation is what you need to write in the game parameters to make the plugin work?

Viktor  [author] Sep 16 @ 6:38am 
In case you run into problems with installing/running/using the Multigrid Projector, then please join the SE Mods Discord (invite is in the description).

There is a #troubleshooting channel I've just created in the Help section with instructions to narrow down your issue or ask for help.

(Originally I wanted to post the Troubleshooting here, but it is way too long.)