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[DEPRECATED] Adaptive Networks (AN) V3.16 [DEPRECATED]
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Mar 4, 2021 @ 10:11am
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[DEPRECATED] Adaptive Networks (AN) V3.16 [DEPRECATED]


Adaptive Networks (formerly know as Adaptive roads) Is a requirement for AN Roads and helps such roads to react to TMPE rules. This mod does nothing if you have no AN-compatible road(see the list later in the description). This mod is mostly visual (check asset description) and you can be enable/disable it at any moment without breaking saved games.

The documentation (for both players and asset creators) is in the form of tooltips.

AN tool:
the tool is accessible via the UUI button. It is only useful on networks that need the tool. Please go the WS page of relevant network to see how to use the tool for that network. PLEASE READ THE TOOLTIP!
Optional NS integration:
Network skins beta will enable AN options in NS. Please unsub from original NS if you are using the beta. This will soon be released into original NS page.

Discord[] | GITHub[]

Please drop log files in the support links above.

Compatible mods: I have tested this mod and it is compatible in-game with prop switcher/NS2/BOB (we have fixed earlier issues).

Older versions[] | Source code[] | wiki (for asset creators)[] | AN Alpha

Asset creators are better off using AN Alpha or AN in github[]. Use ONLY ONE version of AN at a time. UNSUB from the other one!

Performance impact:
- 5~10% FPS drop only when you zoom in on AN networks.
- 1MB increase in memory usage.
- No increase in loading times.
- No impact on stuttering.

AN networks:
BIG Urban Roads 2 Lane
BIG Urban Roads 3 Lane Right Turn
BIG Quay Roads 4 Lane (Beta)
Railways 2 by REV0
Industrial Tram Road #01 - ANV
Reversible Tram Stop - Road #02
Tram - Promenade Road #01
Asymmetrical LRT Tram Road(s)
Pedestrian Pathways 6 + 7
LRT - Elevated Station(s) Tracks #01
Asymmetric LRT - Road #01 [AN-V]
AN - Fences / Walls - Pack #01
Australian/NZ - Road #01
Australian/NZ - Road #02
Australian/NZ - Road #03
JP Guardrail 2022 LHT only
JP Large City Road Pack 2022 LHT only
UTTBR - Tram, Trolley and Bike roads - basic pack