Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Unique Loot Drops
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Mar 4, 2021 @ 8:18am
Oct 1, 2022 @ 8:54pm
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Unique Loot Drops

Requires Norbytes Script Extender.


I made a discord for this mod


If you want to finish your save with the previous version it can be downloaded here


This mod adds 204 equipable Unique items, and 9 unique runes, to the game. Items can be found by killing certain types of enemies that are level 5 or higher.

The items are somewhat like Diablo/ARPG items in that you can find multiple copies of them and most items have an effect that is unique to it. Most Pay attention to items description at the bottom as it explains the influence of ability levels on the item's effects.

Many Effects have chance to activate based on a roll whose probabilities are determined by stats.

When you equip and item from this mod you will receive the mod book if no one is your party is carrying it, it is also given to the party when you arrive at Fort Joy beach. This book contains many settings to customize mod as well as descriptions of the crafting recipes in the mod. Drop rates can be set as desired.

The other major group of settings found in the mod is Enemy Effects

Enemy effects by default is disabled until act 2. The setting can be changed by increasing/decreasing the first setting in the enemy effects sub menu, max effects.

The mod has several patches including a vendor patch

Link to the vendor patch

There is one more add-on patch available, the Shadow Realm. Shadow Realm provides some basic endgame content to the DOS2 by adding a kind of infinite arena where you fight randomized enemies. The gameplay loop is somewhat like Diablo end game where you travel to rifts. Kill enemies to get stronger gear which allows you to fight stronger enemies to get stronger gear.


Recommend mods
The biggest issue with this mod is that it makes fights easier since the items are powerful. Here are a few mods that I use to bring the difficulty up.

Sim's more enemies

Monster Scaling DE

Along with the settings in the mod book I find it's enough to keep things challenging. You will also want to activate am exp reducing mod at level 5 or 6 since you will be getting more exp. I find 50% works well but sometimes I need to change it to 25% or 75% temporarily.

Should be compatible with most other mods, including other loot mods, out there as it changes almost nothing from the base game and it bypasses the usual drop tables. Overhaul mods like Epic encounters , Divinity Unleashed, and Divinity Conflux will probably work for the most part but balance will be even more of a mess and particular items will cause issues.

For anyone who wants to be able to use the Crafting Overhauls dyes with this mod, here is a patch to make it compatible.


Sorcerer's Sundries will work if you use Sorcerer's Sundries Fixed



-This is a massive update and I am sure there are things I forgot to add here
-The mod now uses a json stat system and lua to create custom tooltips for the items. These tool tip show you the scores that are used by the items effects, things like change or damage or range. It also gives you a breakdown of how much each ability is contributing, as well as how much an additional point in each ability will increase the total
-item effects now become less effective if your character level is more than 3 levels over the item level.
-changed lots of the numbers on items, most have gotten weaker, a few were buffed
-Set items will usenow the same ui element as the Larian armor sets
--added Gladiator boots, scribes ring, Northern Queen's Sceptor, Staff of Mycology and the Grave Walker boots
-Demolition Axe and Boom Stick now require target to be burning like spontaneous combustion
-Thunder now has a charge mechanic, successful roll charges the weapon and then the next hit activates it
-removed talents from items to prevent player from getting extra skill points
-fixed Eternity amulet not giving AP
-Blue Shield / Magic shield no longer activates for hits with negative damage
-Amadia's Wand and Wand of Destruction are now staffs
-adding 15 new effects to the enemy effects pool
-Enemy effect status icons will be combined to all show under 1 icon. Players will also have the new combined icon.
-Removed all visual effects from enemy effects that are found on armor to remove visual clutter. Added simpler visual effects that convey how many effects an enemy has
-Reworked impact boots. They now activate whenever the jumper lands in a curse fire surface regardless of AP
-Some jump skills will now activate off Flight and Vortex slam.
-Redid some of the set bonus animations and added some for sets that didn't have any
-Seraphim Plate now has a chance to apply bless to wearer whenever they use flight
-Demons can now drop items
-Boss tagged characters are no longer a garunteed drop
-Soul eater now works with necromancy spells and weapon attacks
-wierd touch gloves should now work when the attack brings armor to zero. Before it would only work if armor was zero before the attack
-increasing item level with source orbs will require 3 source orbs
-Seal of tier-cindilius and now has a chance to add a source point when using flesh sacrifice
-rewrote script that applies enemy effects to make it more consisttent
-Rift walker range now scales with memory
-IceBreaker will now create water surfaces rather than removing the ice surface. This was done so characters can still benefit from elemental affinity while using the set

Mod Source Files- Anyone who wants to make their own patches for this mod is welcome to do so and putting this folder into Divinity2/DefEd/Data will allow you to open the project in the editor, must have script extender in the Divinity Engine folder. Feel free to steal parts of the mod for your own project or publish your own version of the mod. I do not care if you credit me or not.


If you are somebody who has too much money and want to support my modding efforts.

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Feedback and Suggestions
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AlphaDelt Aug 19 @ 3:20am 
To use the orbs, just place them in your crafting menu, and add in the weapon you would like to upgrade it with. Once you craft, your weapon should appear in your inventory with the additional stats from the orbs that you have crafted it with.
havikryan Aug 7 @ 5:57am 
This mod breaks tornado, it causes it to travel in a straight line, leave a patch of fire and not clear any surfaces, so sadly that makes the mod unusable for me because not having tornado just hurts too much.
Sakura Jul 23 @ 10:35am 
After loading a save all mod settings get reverted back to default (even if I saved after changing them). Is there any way to fix this?
CaptainDong27 Jul 20 @ 7:45pm 
does the drop rate never change unless you put it up? cuz it always fails, cuz nothing ever goes lower than 10%
MajorTom Jul 12 @ 2:52pm 
Does it work in Fort Joy? I tried it with 200% drop rate and didn't get any weapons. Vendor works just fine though. Any ideas?
yearlingsphinx Jul 4 @ 10:27am 
Anyone have an issue where the item description box goes off screen?
PivozavR Jul 3 @ 6:33am 
how use orbs?
joebob Jun 1 @ 10:22am 
Couple bugs if you're still maintaining this mod:
Protective Clouds is not removed when you remove the gear. Persists through reloads.
The Venom gear set will apply the negative Toxicity to the character as well, pretty much making using it a bad idea even if you're 100% immune to poison.
BrokenToilet007 May 29 @ 6:53am 
I can't seem to get more items from the grave warden set? I've got the pants, but when I try to combine it with 2 other items from the mod, I keep getting an invalid combination error.
Tidgem May 16 @ 3:59am 
Crashes the transition from blessing your god of the 7 after the dallas fight, when malady puts the ship in hell. The transition from talking to the god to the spirit boat crashes with this enabled, but loads fine without.