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Columbia Timeline
A simple timeline of key events and characters in Columbia! UPDATE: Burial at Sea Episode Two info added!
As you can expect, this guide will contain spoilers. Enjoy!
In case you didn't read above, this guide contains spoilers for BioShock Infinite and it's DLCs. Events I consider non-cannon (eg. Clash in the Clouds) will not be charted in this timeline.

Enjoy! Don't say you haven't been warned!
1870s - Birth of Booker DeWitt
1874 - Booker DeWitt is born on April 19th

Early 1890s - Wounded Knee
1890 - Booker DeWitt fights as part of the Wonded Knee Massacre. Once word spreads that Booker may be of Native American descent amoungst the regiment, DeWitt brutally scalps entire villages of Natives, leaving their homes to burn.

1891 - DeWitt feels great guilt for his actions, and attends a baptism in hope to be washed from all of his sin.

In one timeline, Booker refuses the baptism, leading him to remain as Booker DeWitt.

In another timeline, Booker accepts the baptism, and becomes Zachary Hale Comstock.

1892 - Booker is recuited by The Pinkertons.

1892 - 93 Booker's wife gives birth to his daughter, Anna, but sadly dies in childbirth. Booker goes into a state of depression, leading to serious alcohol and gambling problems.

1893 - Comstock presents his idea of Columbia to the US Government. They allow construction of the city provide funding.

In October, it is the month of the Chicago World Fair. Comstock presents Columbia at the fair.
Also in this month Booker gives up Anna to pay off his debts. After realising this a bad move, he attempts to rescue her, but fails.

Anna is now renamed Elizabeth, and Comstock presents her at the fair. He claims that she is "The Lamb of Columbia" and grew in to womb of his wife for just a week.

Elizabeth, after beging taken from one reality to another, looses her pinky finger. Allowing her to manipulate time and space around her via Tears.
Late 1890s - Death of Lady Comstock
1895 - Daisy Fitzroy is blamed for the murder of Lady Comstock, when infact it was Comstock himself who had her killed after she threatened to say that Elizabeth was not their child.

Daisy retreats to Finkton, and the formation of the Vox Populi begins.

1859 - 97 - Columbia's construction continues. Elizabeth is imprisoned in her tower, to protect her from the possible revolution and from The False Shepherd. The Luteces also conduct secret scientific experiments out on her, to learn more about Tears and how she can manipulate them.
1900s - Seperation of Columbia
1900 - Fink Manufacting begin to produce weaponry to arm the police in the wake of the Vox uprising. The Vox remain true to their word, and remain non-violent, and simply sell any of the guns they had smuggled into Finkton.

1901 - Columbia is involved as part of the Boxer Rebellion. The city opens fire on Beijing, killing thousands.

1902 - Congress does not agree with Columbia's involvement in the Boxer Rebellion, and begin to recall the city. Comstock, angerd by the actions of the US, declares Columbia independant from the states, and the city rises up into the sky, never to be seen again.

1903 - Daisy Fitzroy comes out of hiding, and reveals that she is the leader of the Vox Popuil.

1904 - The Siphon installed in Elizabeth's tower begins to tap from her power, making her Tear opening abbilities limited.

1905 - Chen Lin Gunsmith's opened. Sky-Hooks now eneter production.

1909 - Daizy Fitzroy is apprehended by Columbian police, and sentanced to a public execution.

After being taken to Comstock house, Daisy was interviewed by Dr. Pinchot over a period of 7 days. The tests showed that Daisy had a very high IQ, and a lobotomy was scheduled to prevent Daizy from leading the Vox. After helping her escape, Daizy shot and killed Dr. Pinchot.

Also in 1909, both versions of Lutece are killed after one of their machines was sabotaged by Jeramiah Fink. Instead, this propelled them across time and space, allowing them to become trans-dimensional beings.

1910s - Booker Arrives in Columbia
1912 - Robert and Rosalind feel great remorse from taking Anna from Booker, and bring him to Comstock's timeline so he may have a chance to be re-united with Elizabeth. The events of BioShock Infinite occur. The version of Booker we play is the 123rd version of him that ventures into Columbia.

When Booker arrives in Columbia, it also marks the 10 year anniversary of Columbia's departure from the US.

Once Booker is killed, presumably every version of Columbia ceases to exist, rendering the entire timeline of how the city came to be pointless and non-existent.

1940s - 1950s - Comstock's Escape
After Booker was killed by Elizabeth, all versions of her present at the place of his death vanished. All but one. Meaning that Booker's baptism is not the only variable for Comstock's existence, and that some universes still had a version of Comstock alive somewhere.

Elizabeth took it upon herself to visit each of these universes and stop Comstock from taking Anna from Booker. She found herself in an alternate version of Columbia, and watched as Comstock fought against Booker in an attempt to bring Anna though a Tear. However, in this universe, Anna did not loose her pinky. Instead, the Tear closed around her neck, decapitating her.

Comstock renamed himself to Booker DeWitt, and asked the Luteces to find him a place he could forget about his past life. They took him to Rapture, where he stole his own identity so far that he could barely remember his life as Comstock.

Elizabeth follows "Booker" into this universe, reveling to his that he is actually Comstock, before having a Big Daddy kill him.

Elizabeth is then hired by Atlas, to help him and his foes reach Rapture once more. She raises their Department Store prison so it may join with the rest of the city, with the aid of the Lutece Particle which makes Columbia float. After completing all of Atlas' deeds, he kills her and leaves her to die in Rapture.

1960s - Booker in Rapture
At the end of BioShock Infinite, Elizabeth takes Booker to a version of Rapture that we see in the original BioShock. Whether or not it is the same universe Jack was in is unknown.
1980s - Columbia Resurfaces

Columbian artefacts were discovered in the Alps in the ealy 1980s. This opens up a serious of questions about the city, and what it's fate was when it departed from the US.
BioShock Lore Series
This is the second part in my series of BioShock lore guides, however there is also two more editions available right now!
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Dan Semen Nov 8, 2017 @ 3:08am 
Thanks for clearing some things up
saraswarti Jan 19, 2015 @ 8:30pm 
very well written. i still cant get past the part where you have to control the :bird:
PERRIEGRINE_  [author] Jun 5, 2014 @ 11:35am 
Yes. Elizabeth was never supposed to be in the universe that Sally was taken by Atlas. Hence why she found herself dead!
Biggus Dickus Jun 4, 2014 @ 9:42pm 
so the Elizabeth we play as comes from a different universe where Sally died, so inorder to save Sally Elizabeth had to travel to the one universe where she didn't, which just so happens to be the one where Elizabeth intern died.
PERRIEGRINE_  [author] Jun 4, 2014 @ 1:48pm 
Hey John! Thanks for your comment! To be honest with you, I wanted to include things that really influenced the world, rather than the plot. For example Elizabeth's journey in Rapture introduced alot of new plot points, but I though I would just include her influence on Jack and the Civil war [/i] I made a Rapture timeline too, so check that out too if you like!

As for your questions, Elizabeth wasn't ressurected as such, the Elizabeth we play as is simply just a different version from the one we saw in Burial at Sea Episode One, a version of her that left Rapture via a tear rather than stick around to be killed by that Big Daddy. As for Paris, Elizabeth created her own "dream" version of it. When speaking to Booker, he says he is "no more Booker than that was Paris" implying that it was just something she dreamed up. She always said she could manipulate her tears as a form of wish-fulfilment and this time I just think it was on a huge scale.
Shalashaska Jun 3, 2014 @ 12:53pm 
Great guide, but you did not explain how how the elizabeth that went into rapture was ressurected after being killed by a bid daddy. Also, was the Paris location a dream or did she actually go there?
PERRIEGRINE_  [author] May 28, 2014 @ 2:39pm 
I doubt it. I think they were just videos used to promote the game. If they were planned to be future games, they are most likely not going to be any more as Irrational Games has shut down and will no longer be making BioShock games.
Biggus Dickus May 28, 2014 @ 2:13pm 
I think that these columbia resurfaces videos might infact hint at future bioshock games that take place in a more recent time.
PERRIEGRINE_  [author] May 24, 2014 @ 11:39am 
Thanks, Olaf! I'll be sure to give you a warm hug later!
Advanced12 May 24, 2014 @ 11:32am 
Great job !