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Uninterrupted Wonder Construction [Revived]
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Uninterrupted Wonder Construction [Revived]

Tired of constantly losing Wonders to Civilizations who finish building them sooner than you? and losing all that Production and Time(Turns) spent on them?

Worry no more! Here is your Salvation!

In Civ VI, constructing a Wonder is a Race between other Major Players. Every Player can start building the same wonder as the others, and whoever finishes the construction of it first, will get the Wonder. But all the others will not be able to finish that wonder, instead, they will lose it and get the Production spent on the wonder as an overflow for the next Production Object only. And with Wonders having a huge amount of Production Cost, losing a Wonder, that you have spent a lot of production into, to another Player, means losing a lot of Production that you won't get back.

With this Mod, a Civilization cannot start building a Wonder if it is already being built by another Civ. So you will never fear losing Turns and Production to failed Wonders anymore!

- If a Civ starts to build a Wonder (just placing it on the Map counts as that), all other Civs cannot build that Wonder.
- If this Civ switchs to something else, other Civs can start to build that wonder and the Civ that started construction of that wonder won't be able to continue the construction ( only if another Civ picked to build that same Wonder).

This Mod is just an update of Uninterrupted Wonder Construction Mod by Mk Z, that isn't currently working/supported. I only updated it, so Credits should go to the original Author. If the Original Author wants me to remove this Mod from the Steam Workshop then I will do it.

I made this upon a Request of a Fan from the the CivFanatics Forum (you should check that Place, it's really nice there!).

This Mod is compatible with the New Frontier Pass and should be compatible with all Modded Wonders.

Check Out My Other Mods:
- Resource Cultivation: Cultivate any Resource in your Territory that you have worked.
- Real Allies: Stops all Alliance Players from attacking each others' suzerained City-States.

If you want to support my Work you can buy me a Coffee (Resource). Your Support will really encourage me to constantly make great content for Civ VI. Thanks!
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axatoramus May 9 @ 9:32am 
Hmmm how interesting.
Zegangani  [author] May 6 @ 7:55am 
It's active Construction. I haven't checked if occupying the Wonder Hex will cause that Issue, but I will definitely do that (if you have encountered that Issue, please let me know so I can be sure).

As it might give some Players some interesting Gameplay while not completely taking away the Wonder Race from the Game, I will add some Options in the Set-up menu for Players who want to grab a Wonder for the whole Game (even if they switch to building something else).

Thank you for the Infos!
Amyglyosaurus May 6 @ 7:38am 
Hmm. If you start a Wonder and a Barbarian moves onto the hex, that'll give an opponent who's checking the chance to grab the Wonder construction out from under you.

Players will have to make absolutely sure that they've got strong protection on and around the Wonder(s) that they're constructing.

Also, is that only *active* construction, or can I start a Wonder then switch to building something else for a while? If it's only active construction then the above problem will exist.

Interesting tactic. Someone's building a Wonder you want, you declare war, sit on the Wonder hex, start your own copy, they can't restart unless they can find where you're building yours. Or, of course, if they're forced to build something defensive and have to stop Wonder construction.
Zegangani  [author] May 3 @ 7:27am 
Yes, it's overstretched, but I don't know why that would bother People, because it's just the introduction Phrase of the Description. And everything is described clearly underneath it (and most of people who played the Game know how it's working In-Game).

Anyway, Thanks for the Note. You might be right about the misleading phrasing, I will change it so that it's clear what the Issue is.
Vyctorianbyron May 2 @ 11:06pm 
Also you do say for "Nothing" by your own admission is incorrect
Vyctorianbyron May 2 @ 11:05pm 
It still feels like your phrasing above is misrepresenting the mechanic, which is more why I mention it. You're entirely entitled to feel the way you do about the loss and I commend you making a mod to address your grievances with the game, I just think it could be worded in a better way (so comments like my original can be avoided)
Zegangani  [author] May 2 @ 8:10am 
@Vyctorianbyron I'm not. The Production overflow mechanic counts only for the next construction object.
If you spent 500 Production for a Wonder and then losed this latter, and the next production object that you choose has a production cost of 200 Production, then you will have to wait 1 more turn to get that object constructed, but there won't be any production left from the previous overflow, which in this example is 300, a HUGE amount of production that gets lost. That's especially disadvantageous because Wonders always have a very high amount of production Cost.
Vyctorianbyron May 1 @ 6:30pm 
You're incorrect about losing production. Civ 6 has a production overflow mechanic, so if you lose out on a wonder the production will be saved so as soon as you have something queued up behind it. Be it a unit, building, settler or another wonder, you can basically get that for free as a consultation prize
Zegangani  [author] Apr 30 @ 6:57am 
@Akkadon That's the exact Goal of this Mod, Players can't steal each other Wonders that are under Construction. So if you want a Wonder, then don't hesitate, start building it and keep at it till it's finished (without the fear that another Player might finish it before you).
Akkadon Apr 29 @ 9:34pm 
So that also means that I can't steal wonders from the AI with my insanely productive cities? Don't know how I feel about that...