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Nere's Better Barbarian Clans mode
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Mar 2 @ 12:07pm
Mar 25 @ 12:52pm
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Nere's Better Barbarian Clans mode

Improves the barbarian mode, by making City State conversion more dependent on AI/player actions, and decreasing chance of camps in the snow and other misc changes that I feel fit nicely with the mode.

Overall, it makes it so remote camps take a long time to convert, but camps which you or the AI actively wants to convert can be done about the same time. And Raid is more effective if you want to prevent a camp to turn into a CS.

I highly recommend combining this mod with my bug fix of the vanilla Barbarian Clans mode bug, where camps spawns as empty, un-interactable camps, instead of the correct Clan camps. See the button of the page.

  1. It takes 2.5x time for a camp to passively convert to a CS (140-180 ish on standard).
  2. Actions that boost conversion to CS is 3 - 3.5 times more effective.
  3. Raid decreases conversion to CS at 2.5 times the normal rate.
  4. Decreased chance of camps spawning in snow.
  5. Increased number of camps slightly.
  6. Made camps that are very unlikely to spawn more likely (the odds of jungle+ivory is very low and on some maps even impossible).
  7. You can now get 2 promotions from barbarians before the xp "soft cap".
  8. Incite is half price. The effect is not very strong, and it is hard to justify the cost against other uses early in the game where it matters most.
  9. "Treat with Tribe"-popup can now be closed with ESC (Yay! Quality of life!) Firaxis implemented it themselves.
  10. "Barbarian Outpost banner" now shows the real progress values instead of wildly inaccurate "estimates" (Thank you Zyxpsilon for the idea)
  11. TODO Incorporate the minor cosmetic changes from the April patch. Note that this mod still fully works after the april patch, Firaxis just made some minor cosmetic changes which is not yet part of this mod.

Feedback and future developments
if you enjoy the mod then give it a like, so other people can discover it :-)

Feedback and suggestions is welcome, so please post it below.

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Zyxpsilon Aug 5 @ 4:05am 
@Lucifer.. Have you tried my edited/zipped Config file and its values linked below on May/10?
Lucifer Aug 3 @ 7:41pm 
Are the barbarian conversion rates still default for anyone else? I had been trying to extend how long it takes for a camp to become a city-state and nothing worked (even modding the core Civ 6 XML in the BarbClan game mode file). Your mod also doesn't seem to delay them. They always convert in about 60-100 turns.
MooseVector Jul 23 @ 10:45am 
I appreciate these fixes to clan mode i cant find them anywhere else. Specifically when it comes to curbing all those polar city states that pop up.
jeonter Jul 16 @ 7:54pm 
Can't recruit unique units from barbarian camps, never seen one except barbarian type units...
Is this mod causing it?
GAFM Jun 16 @ 11:05pm 
@Atola, I'm not sure why you don't like the idea of recruiting just a unit or 2 from a Barb clan and using it against the clan, there is so much historical precedent for this it's not funny! Factions within a clan being bought for gold and used against others in the clan is, well, pretty normal. In fact, I think it's more realistic than being able to convert the whole clan to do your bidding.
Maatissi Jun 1 @ 2:52pm 
Aye, can't load my Barb clan savegames atm because graphics resources allocation fails.

Other saves work fine, even when they are considerably more advanced in turns and stuff...

Will Firaxis ever fix their faulty product? IMO they owe a $hit load of refunds to people... :steamfacepalm:
Zyxpsilon May 10 @ 1:09pm 

Check this personal solution which simply edit the config file with some wacky values!
(( ))

Adjust anything to your needs... following written up instructions into the file itself. :)
Atola May 10 @ 12:36pm 
Thanks for this MOD! I was OK with the vanilla feature until i got to the point in the game were i was finding a dozen city states on snow, most on the very edge of the map. Ridiculous! It would be nice to be able to tweak the numbers to fit our play style. Either to get a few more conversions to CS or to basically make conversion turn off entirely. Even without the conversion to CS this feature is much better than standard barb camps IMHO.

That said the recruit feature seems a bit overpowered. Today I recruited a Galley (the recruit fees are quite cheep), and turned around and killed one of the same tribe's ships with it, all in the same turn! Something seems a little wrong with that. Has anybody seen a mod that addresses this? Even simply not having any movement points on the turn of recruitment would be better...
Nerevatar  [author] Apr 23 @ 11:33pm 
@Adiaman: Thanks for letting me know! I checked it out, as well as the changes to BarbarianClansMode_GameplayData, but none of those changes affect this mod and are mostly cosmetic stuff. I will incorporate the cosmetic stuff, but currently I am unavailable for modding.
Adriaman Apr 22 @ 12:49pm 
Hi, the following files have been updated, you might want to take a look: