Arma 3
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co15_PRG Friend Or Foe
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Multiplayer, Coop
Scenario Type: Infantry
Scenario Map: Malden 2035
DLC: Malden
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Mar 1, 2021 @ 1:58pm
Mar 6, 2021 @ 8:58am
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co15_PRG Friend Or Foe

NATO squad moves with FIA support to find intel in a CSAT held town with enemy FIA support. The friendly guerilla forces look just like the enemy guerilla forces! Determine each contact as Friend Or Foe!

* Scripts detect friendly fire kills and trigger mission failure
* Friendly guerilla forces move in from all directions making it difficult to determine who is friendly
* Zeus enabled for host (or your logged in admins) to add a little zing where needed
* CSAT garrison the buildings - always check and clear windows!
* 3 possible locations for the intel. Search them all to find the randomly generated actual intel location.
* Limited resupply at insertion vehicle - custom loadouts on units but no arsenal to load presets from!
* Leaders have smoke GL on purpose to help signal friendly positions to teams
* Weapons team includes 7.62 Marksman and static HMG team
* 1 possible additional respawn location if you protect a player to carry a backpack tent
* Mission is Vanilla - fully compatible as no mods are required!

Check the custom scripts at:

Feel free to use my scripts for your works. Give credit for anything you use and check with other script makers for their requirements before using their work. Please, do not copy and redistribute this mission for other mods. Make your own and have fun!

Mission made for: - Casual Tactics In Action By Mature Players
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Mallekip Mar 8, 2021 @ 2:20pm 
Will try this. Thanks.
|PRG| Unkl  [author] Mar 8, 2021 @ 2:17pm 
Hey there. The new syntax from the last update for the scripting command "units" works great. If you use "civs = units civilian;" that should do the trick. Much easier than using the forEach and pushBack method I did in these scripts.
Mallekip Mar 8, 2021 @ 4:22am 
Interesting script set up for the friendly fire kills!
I myself have created a script that blurs the screen with every civilian kill. But I could never get it to distinguish AI killing civs from players with only the "MPKilled" eventhandler. So the punishment would also trigger if a Zeus bomb blew up a civ.
I like that you store the information on a separate variable.

Your first loop lists the friendly units using allUnits . However my mission has scripts generating civilians. Do you know of a script that lists only civilians faster?