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Rapture Timeline (Relating to BioShock 1, 2 and Infinite)
A simple timeline of key events relating to Rapture in BioShock 1, 2 and Infinite! Enjoy! (UPDATED WITH BURIAL AT SEA EPISODE TWO INFO)
Hi there! This guide is designed to give you a bit of backstory of the beautiful Rapture, how it came to be, and how far it fell.

This timeline does not strictly cover everything in the Rapture timeline, only key events relating to key characters and plot points. This guide will contain
for the following;

  • BioShock
  • There's Something in the Sea
  • BioShock 2
  • Minerva's Den
  • BioShock Infinite
  • Burial at Sea Episode One and Two
  • BioShock: Rapture (The prequel novel)

I hope you enjoy this little thing I threw together. Don't forget to rate up so others can see! Feedback appreciated.

NOTE: This timeline has now been updated with Burial at Sea Episode Two info!
1910s - Russian Civil War

19XX - Andrei Rianofski was born in Russia.

1917 - Andrei witnesses Russia on the eve of war, and eventually watches it break into the Russain Revolution

1919 - Andrei leaves Russia for American, beliving it to be the land for a new beginning. He anglicized his name, now becoming known as Andrew Ryan.

1930s - 1945 - World War II

1939 - C.M Porter and his wife, Pearl, head to London to take up a job opportunity.

1939 - World War II begins.

1940 - The London Blitz begins. C.M Porter's wife is killed in the early bombings.

1945 - The Atomic Bomb is dropped on Hiroshima. Sofia Lamb survives the bombing, but at the loss of her friends. Three days later, another Atomic Bomb is dropped on another Japanese city, Nagasaki.

The following month marks the end of World War II.

Late 1940s - North Atlantic Project
1946 - Work on Rapture offcially begins, but a string of dissaperances follow from it. The dissaperances are commonly reffered to as "The Vanishing", and consisted of a large number of adults mysteriously dissapearing. However, unknown to the public, they had all been transported to work on the construction of Rapture. Amoungst these people, was Brigid Tenenbaum and Yi Suchong.

Andrew Ryan remained close with few people, and used them to help him gather materials and staff for his project, pariculalry Orrin Oscar Lutwidge, whom helped Ryan by creating various businesses to secretly get raw materials to him. He was a key part in Ryan's opeation.

In November, Rapture is now suitable for living. The first slice of the populus settle in, however construction is far from complete.

1947- More dissaperances follow into February, including Kyburz and Dr. Steinman.

1948 - Frank Fontaine arrives in Rapture. He began to bring contraband into Rapture, and started up a band of smugglers. After seeing the possibilites of ADAM, Fontaine Futuristics is founded. He, Tenenbaum, and Suchong set up The Little Sister's Orphange to find girls who could be turned into ADAM factories. Fontaine's Home for the poor is also created, in hope it would boost Fontaine's image.

Many Fontaine products follow, including Plasmids.

Julie Langford is also noted as missing in this year.

19XX - Booker DeWitt is thought to have arrive in Rapture somewhere around this time as Zachary Hale Comstock.

19XX - Fink and Suchong begin to share ideas via Tears, or rather steal ideas from eachother. Fink's Vigors are revealed to actually be Plasmids infused with an oxidising agent that allowed people to drink them.

Suchong aslo stole some Vigors for his personal use, but after Fontaine expressed his distaste for dinkable Plasmids, they were never used for commercial release.

Early 1950s - Communication Shutoff

1951 - Rapture is now a fully habital city. Ryan cuts off all communication from the surface, meaning Lutwidge would no longer be in contact with Ryan and his city. He was not invited to Rapture, nor is he taken in part of "The Vanishing".

1952 - Eleanor Lamb is born.

Lutwidge begins to file his concers about his position in the North Atlantic Project. A statement of holdings is produced soon later.

1953 - Various ships being to dissapear.

1954 - Lutwidge writes a personal letter to Andrew Ryan, stressing that he is upset about not being invited to stay in Rapture.

Mid 1950s - Civil Unrest
1955 - "The Phantom Lighthouse" reports being to unfold, after the discovery of umerous capsized ships in the North Atlanctic.

1956 - Jack is "born" - rather grown - in a lab with the use of the embryo from Jasmine Jolene, of which Andrew Ryan is the father.

The International Order of the Pawns (I.O.O.P) was founded by Lutwidge, in hope to attract more people to help him track down Rapture, and uncover the mystery of the Vanishing.

1957 - Rapture enters civil unrest, soon after Fontaine begins to defend the poorer side of Rapture, hoping it will help him inch closer to control of the city.

1958 - New Year's Eve Riots
1958 - Big Daddies begin to surface after being comissioned by Ryan.

In September, Frank Fontaine fakes his own death durning a shoot out. Three months later, Fontaine's Department Store is sunk onto the bottom of the ocean, to act as a prision for Fontaine's thugs. All products, and businesses under the Fontaine name are seized by Ryan.

New Year's Eve 1958 - During the Masquerade Ball in the Kashmir Restaurant, the budling is attacked and the New Year's Eve riots begin. This marks the start of the Rapture Civil War.

Subject Delta is confronted by Sofia Lamb at this time, and is forced to shoot himself in the head.

Burial at Sea Episode One begins hours before the bombing.

Zachary Hale Comstock is killed by Elizabeth after he finds out he has not been living his life as "Booker" in Rapture. The events of Burial at Sea Episode Two begin here.

Elizabeth is responsible for the New Year's eve riots, as using technology from Columbia, she lift's Atlas' prison from the ocean floor so it is once more part of Rapture, in exchange for the safe return of Sally, the Little Sister that Comstock had taken under his wing in his time in Rapture.

Atlas does not stay true to her deal, and after she collects vital information for him regarding "The Ace in the Hole" - who is actually Jack - he kills her with a blow to the head, leaving her to die in Rapture.

1959 - Rapture Civil War
1959 - After tiresome searching, Lutwidge finally discovers Rapture. He spends very little time here, after he realises how bad the state of the city was in after the Civil War. He somehow leaves Rapture, taking with him various artefacts that would prove vital in future investigations into the city.

In just the space of a year, Rapture becomes a living hell. After the mysterious martyr, Atals, surfaces it is a battle between him and Ryan for power. Splicing has made most of the population loose their sanity, and brutally murder eachother in horrific conflicts. Ryan terminates all power to the Bathyspheres, preventing anyone from travelling in to Rapture, out of Rapture, or any where else in the city, trapping most of the populus.
1960 - Jack's Arrival in Rapture
1960 - Fontaine's back-up plan, Jack, who was designed as an assassin, arrives in Rapture after hijacking a flight. The events of BioShock begin here.

Elizabeth views this event from a Tear, and sees that Jack is the saviour of all the little sisters, including Sally. She is present during the Apollo Air Flight DF-0301 (Jack's flight) to make sure that the events of BioShock will actually happen. She watches as Jack makes his way to hijack the plane, without stopping him, knowing that he is her only way of saving sally.

Andrew Ryan dies, along with Fontaine who was revealed to be the Martyr Atlas, and who wasn't actually killed in the shootout.

After Burial at Sea Episode Two, the bad ending in BioShock 1 is no longer cannon. Jack saved the Little Sisters across all versions of his reality, as far as we know.

1960 - Booker and Elizabeth travel to Rapture around this time period via a Tear. Wheter or not it is the same version of Rapture is unknown.
Late 1960s - 1970s - BioShock 2
1961 - 1962 - Rapture still remains a mystery in the years following it's fall, and to most, a myth. Up until the late 1970s, Rapture kept up it's legendary status via shady reports and the odd artefact being washed up on a beach.

All three phases of There's Something in the Sea are thought to have occured during this period of time, and consists of various documentatitons and findings involving Rapture.

1968 - Event's of BioShock 2 and Minerva's Den occur.
1980s - Mysterious Artefacts Wash Up
Many had now began to admit that Rapture was now the stuff of legend, like Atlantis, until a suitcase washed up on the coast of New England containig various strange artifacts, including a painting of Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth dancing. It is thought to be by Sander Cohen.

198X - A television show "Fact from Myth" delves deeper into the mystery of the suitcase. They come find a person living in Upstate New York who may have a connection with Rapture.

BioShock Lore Series
This is the first part in my series of BioShock lore guides, however there is also two more editions available right now!


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anonymousdratini Feb 7, 2016 @ 10:48pm 
Amazing, where do you think the development and bonding of Subject Delta was within all of this? Since apparently Suchong was still having issues with getting Big Daddies and Little sisters to bond according to Burial at Sea... Or do you suppose the issue was getting the big daddies that were not Alpha series to bond with the sisters? This has always bugged me.
will01mom Apr 2, 2015 @ 1:12pm 
what was the address for teh woman imma find rapture
PERRIEGRINE_  [author] Jun 4, 2014 @ 1:52pm 
I agree with you on that one! Since we can expect that the "bad" ending never really happened in the universe of Infinite it makes it all the more possible!
Brash Candicoot Apr 21, 2014 @ 4:25pm 
By the way the woman in "Fact from myth" is most likely Sally at Jack's house after the good ending in Bioshock 1! :D
Brash Candicoot Apr 21, 2014 @ 3:50pm