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Functional Room
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Feb 25, 2021 @ 3:04am
May 14 @ 5:20am
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Functional Room

Functional Room 1.3(WIP)

One day you came to me with your sweetheart and you complained to me.
"I want to sleep with my lover!"

I turned the single bed into a double bed for you.

The next day you came to me and you complained to me again.
"The room has become too small!"

I re-educated you while you were asleep.

About this mod
This mod prevents the room Space rating from being lowered by furniture occupancy.
The room Space rating is calculated purely by the area of the room only.
No longer will the colonists have to abhor the furniture that they have been coveting.

Install and Uninstall
When installing, please be aware that this mod depends on the Harmony mod.
Also, this mod can be safely uninstalled.

Update logs:
2021-07-11 Updated.(The latest version is now 1.3)
  • RimWorld version 1.3 is now supported.

Special Thanks
- Contribution to translation.
English translation : Google, DeepL.

Notice from the mod developer
Due to personal reasons, it has become difficult for me to continue updating this site at the same frequency as before.
Therefore, we will stop accepting spontaneous updates and suggestions with this version.
Future updates will be made to the extent possible only if there is a major update to RimWorld, such as a major update to RimWorld itself, that makes it difficult to run this mod in a vanilla environment.
If this is not possible, I will announce the end of development when it becomes clear, but for now, this mod is a WIP.
I would like to continue our activities as before, depending on changes in the situation, but it is unlikely that we will be able to do so in the foreseeable future.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your use of this mod to date.
I am sorry that I have to report this.

If you would like to continue to use this mod while it is still working without any problems, I would appreciate it.
(At 5 June, 2021)
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May 14 @ 5:36am
game breaking issue
< >
lelkr Jul 4 @ 4:06pm 
Interesting how this mod appeared to me while I was thinking of moving my bedroom around to give my gaming pc more room. +1 cool mod.
Renegade May 25 @ 6:49pm 
Not related but how is the performance in your games with such a large modlist @Scorpio? Here I thought my 400 mods was a lot
ryouta  [author] May 14 @ 5:22am 
I have attempted to fix the reported bug.
However, there are too many mods to reproduce or test the bug here.
It is a conflict that can only occur under special circumstances.
I have put in a fix based on your report, but I have not been able to confirm whether it was successful or not.
I look forward to your additional reports.
ryouta  [author] May 14 @ 4:38am 
Thanks for the bug report.
I will see if it can be fixed.
Scorpio May 11 @ 11:16am 
found a bug that needs checking posted in discussions since the workshop is meh on giving notifications from it
ryouta  [author] Dec 28, 2021 @ 10:33pm 
@Sexual Mongolian Yurt
Thanks for the bug report.

Vanilla Factions Expanded - Ancients
Functional Room
and their prerequisite mods

I started a NewGame in above environment with an Ancients-only scenario, but I could not get the error message.
Could you please tell me the procedure to receive the error message?
I am short on time and am having difficulty locating it myself.

Also, if you could provide a link to the HugsLib log when you get the error message, that would be a big help.
Sexual Mongolian Yurt Dec 20, 2021 @ 3:21pm 
Just a heads up, after some testing it seems that this mod isn't compatable with any of the Vanilla Faction Expanded starts that have a structure at the start (ancients, viking, insectoids). It messes with the map gen and causes an error.
Kenpachi Jul 24, 2021 @ 2:05pm 
Thanks !
HawnHan Jul 11, 2021 @ 5:30pm 
Thank you for updating
Gopher Jun 30, 2021 @ 5:37pm 
So, I just found an amusing issue with this mod: It makes ascetics almost too easy to please! It might be some other stuff, but I put my ascetic dude into a fully furnished room with all nice furniture, and he loved it! The only thing I could think of to explain it is the fact that room reads as pretty spacious! Could be wrong, but it was amusing nontheless, and I felt I should mention it. Love the mod, sad to hear there's issues!