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Welcome to the Zone Stalker.

New update aims to fix navmesh error

Server owners If you're having issues with area of decay buildings please use this mod:

Until we can port our own Stalker models!

Map has currently reached a state of optimum playability and although it is still a work in progress it can be thoroughly enjoyed in this state. Continue to expect monthly updates.

This map is a 1:1 scale recreation of the real life Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with creative liberties taken; fully exploreable with areas such as Duga Radar and the town of Chernobyl being accessible. So far, this is the most complete Chernobyl map to date! And it was all made from scratch.

Terrain Size: 419.4304 square kilometres; over 3.6 million objects placed so far!

Pripyat is a creative take on the real world data gathered from Ukraine featuring many iconic areas and landmarks from the real life location as well as many more re-imagined, STALKER inspired areas. This custom map is a nice blend between vanilla DayZ assets and custom STALKER assets and will run smoothly even on a basic vanilla server. The mission files have been included with this addon and the map is free for anyone to use with their server. The server mission files can be found in "ce.pbo" as well as in "".

|Credit to The General for his amazing contributions!|
|Credit to Harkness for his assistance and contributions!|
|Credit to Fenris for his awesome modular tunnel systems!|
|Credit to KampfTeddy for his gorgeous village contribution, he can be found on our discord as well|
|Credit to Dr. Evil (Perkins) for his hard work porting our own STALKER models!|
|Credit to NATION for helping out with the server files!|
|Credit to all the members of our amazing community! We can be found by joining our discord!|

Join our discord server by clicking on the Ferris Wheel image below. Server owners please ask to be given a Map Hoster role so that you can be given access to server related resources. If you enjoy this map and the work I do please consider supporting this project on Patreon or contributing through PayPal. Thank you!

[] []

Repackaging this map is strictly prohibited!


*The map addon Pripyat is made from source files owned by me, and made by me from the ground up. My friends, Boba, Jocko, and I have built this map from scratch and it is not a re-upload of any other map available on any other workshop. This map is not a port of any other map made for any other game. We were given permission by MetalurG and the authors of the addon S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Area of Decay Buildings to modify, repack, and fix the buildings present in that mod, and I have screenshots to prove this. Sadly the authors did a 180 on us, and revoked the permission they gave us in the first place. So now we can only use them as a dependency or risk getting DMCA'd.*

This map uses custom building assets from:
-ArmanIII's original unfinished Chernobyl Zone map for Arma 3 (I was given permission to modify and repack specifically his custom buildings, nothing else)
-GSC GameWorld's free to use assets from the Stalker game series' currently being utilized via a "free to include as dependency" addon called Area of Decay Buildings
-Chernobyl Zone Building by Dim Rutagan |
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Oct 24, 2021 @ 4:48pm
Servers with this map!
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Demonlord09 Aug 7 @ 12:35pm 
Has anyone been getting a navmesh error after the last 2 updates? It seems to be preventing people from joining the servers running this map.
PLATINI Aug 4 @ 11:48am 
bro you can show my tier this map ?
קℜ🅸【M】 Aug 4 @ 10:27am 
Хочу поставить вашу карту на оффлайн сервере и не получается ошибок вроде не выдает а загрузка бесконечная что не так я могу делать?
Hachiman  [author] Aug 3 @ 8:40pm 
Thank you PLATINI that means the world to me!
PLATINI Jul 31 @ 12:31pm 
amazing map :steamthumbsup:
gabrielswifey13 Jul 27 @ 4:56pm 
We finally got it all figured out we are playing on the strij PVE server the only issue we are running into now is translation lol in pripyat all the items are in Russian so we can't read what certain things are some are obvious but is there a way to translate stuff or is that just how it is
Hachiman  [author] Jul 26 @ 11:30pm 
you can download the launcher by searching it on the internet:

CuriousQwack33, you have full permission. We will be updating the vanilla server files with the next update coming soon at the end of this month
CuriousQwack33 Jul 26 @ 6:09pm 
Hello, I am starting a server with a few friends and just wanted to see if we need special permission to use your amazing map? Please let me know! thank you for all your guys work!
gabrielswifey13 Jul 26 @ 1:41pm 
How do I download the DayZ SA launcher from steam?
Hachiman  [author] Jul 26 @ 1:03pm 
Hello, I would recommend downloading the DayZ SA launcher (separate from the vanilla launcher) and joining either Exiled Exclusion Zone PVE server, Strij PVE server or Black Zone of Pripyat server. All are really good and quite popular, Black Zone is PVP. Hopefully more servers will start popping up soon. Map is going to be updated within a few days now and the server files have been updated as well. Hopefully some more vanilla servers start popping up. Make sure that area of decay buildings is installed