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AB 1943
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Feb 21, 2021 @ 9:22pm
Nov 20, 2022 @ 6:25am
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AB 1943

Update 22/10/22: Mod isn't dead, just been slow going. New faction/s underway. This update includes ZiS-3 light field howitzers for the Soviets.

Hotfix 21/11/22: Fixed missing sprite causing crash when playing with Spitfire. New sprite for Mk XIV added. Thanks Karl Adler

To play the mod, select 'change settings' from the Armored Brigade launcher menu, then click AB 1943 in the dropdown box.
As always please let me know of any bugs or feedback.

From the recapture of Stalingrad in February 1943 until Germany's surrender in May 1945, the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, Red Army, Red Army Guards, Britain, the US, the USMC and Japan are the current playable factions. Future updates will aim to expand everything. In the long term I might expand the timeframe to begin earlier, depending on the popularity of the mod. Immediate goals include refining balance and sprites based on your constructive feedback. As every unit, weapon, formation etc must be researched and a sprite/s created, progress is slower than in my previous mod. That said, the mod currently contains a majority of units an factions and is definitely playable.

General changes/features:
- More of a focus on infantry combat than the base game. Most infantry can move slightly faster
- Detailed/varied infantry and vehicle sprites
- Infantry weapons are more specific. E.g, instead of bolt-action rifle, there is the Kar98k and Mosin, etc
- Most heavy weapons, including crewed anti-tank guns, can now move (slowly!).
- Overall, weapon ranges have been shortened, usually due to the timeframe of the mod
- SMGs and MGs are generally more lethal
- Formations are larger and often contain forced purchases for historical/balance reasons. This is an experimental change that I'm looking for feedback for,
especially regarding how well the AI uses them. E.g, Soviet rifle companies contain AT-rifle units and Fallschirmjaeger have light mortars in company formations
- Tanks have worse vision, with HQ tank units having comparatively better vision.
- Radios are less common, especially for Soviet and Japanese units.
- Motorised units are almost always mounted in trucks
- And more..

Post in the comments section below, visit the Matrix AB forums or message me if there is anything well out of whack, the mod crashes or if you have any comments regarding balance or gameplay. I'm openly looking for constructive feedback, so there's your chance to influence the development of the mod.

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Bugs, crashes etc
Nov 19, 2022 @ 6:13am
Entrenched Units are impossible to hit
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Jack Hood Feb 5 @ 12:13am 
Is there a way to move AA units like the 2cm flak or the 3.8cm flak? Or are they just static?
luisj.gonzalez72 Feb 3 @ 1:09pm 
How do I download the file I subscribed and cannot see the battles or campaigns
Imhotep Feb 2 @ 10:22am 
boomboomf22: "I don't know if this mod is still going, but Quora is an almost hopelessly bad source for actually getting accurate answers for questions."

If you actually look at the linked Quora articles you will see that they include source citations.

Here's another one:

"For tank v tank AP fire, the Germans recorded kills with the Pak 43 at ranges up to 3000 m on the Steppes.[1] In NW Europe, you can rarely see that far and mean ranges in NW Europe were more like 800 m with the longest ranges recorded in Normandy was 3000 yards [2].

"The US Army [3] recorded an engagement at 2200 yards between 15 M4 Sherman and 10 PzKpfW IVs. After six hours of intermittent shooting, 1 of 10 PzKpfW IV was knocked out.

"Without range finding and allowing for the dispersion of tank guns, hits were not very likely beyond 2000 m."
Ghost993514 Feb 2 @ 9:54am 
Just out of curiosity, if you ever deem this mod 'finished,' have you considered a 2020~2010 style mod?

I love your original factions mod, it adds a lot to the main game, and this one does too- though personally I have a modern bias.

Anyway, hope you're well!
boomboomf22 Jan 30 @ 8:09pm 
I don't know if this mod is still going, but Quora is an almost hopelessly bad source for actually getting accurate answers for questions. Due to the state of optics and fire control at the time (respectively not great by modern standards, and non-existent beyond some gyrostabalizers on late war american tanks) engagement ranges were overwhelmingly within 500m for tank combat. Sure there was combat that took place at longer ranges, especially on the eastern front, but it was by no means the norm.

Additionally, german combat claims must always be judged with a grain of salt, even with their tanks that could shoot at very long theoretical ranges. Based on cross-indexing soviet sources RE loses to German sources of claimed kills, then adjusting for soviet bias, most german claims are wildly optimistic and would have seen the red army completely run out of tanks by 42.
Mask Barios Jan 13 @ 7:07pm 
Thank you so much for creating this mod!!
Karl Adler Nov 19, 2022 @ 10:20pm 
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SQUIDPU55I  [author] Nov 3, 2022 @ 11:12am 
@Demy1942: Try going to custom scenario/campaign if you haven't found it yet. The mod is a database, without any campaigns included. You can make your own battles easily though, and there are campaigns on the workshop.

@Imhotep: Heya, good question. A few reasons: Historically, when tanks knocked each other out, they were overwhelmingly within ~800m, with engagements at ~400m being common. While many tanks could theoretically hit another tank at 3000m, it would be extremely difficult and would be unlikely to penetrate, plus a waste of limited ammo. In game it would also translate to the AI taking a lot of hopeless potshots. Some tanks that were designed to be used at longer ranges (e.g Tigers, Panthers, etc) have the most accurate combat ranges I could find, around 1200m.
Imhotep Nov 2, 2022 @ 4:04pm 
I loaded the mod and see that tanks' main guns have a range of 800m. In the vanilla Cold War game, tanks' main guns have a range of 3500m. Tanks in WWII had a range of up to around 3000m.

So why do they only have a range of 800m in the mod?