Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King

Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King

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Collectable Guide
By T3h Phish
A list of all:
Memorial Shards,
Segments of The Crucible,
Catalyst Charges,
Promethean Components,
Eibon Fragments,
Essence Extractors.
Basically anything decently missable and/or useful.
If you find something that I haven't put in here then please give a screencap and short description as to where it is and I'll credit you for finding it!
Memorial Shard 30/30
Segment of the Crucible 6/5
Catalyst Charge 9/9
Promethean Component 4/4
Eibon Fragment 22/22
Memorem 21/21
Essence Extractor 4/4

If you wish to navigate to only specific items then ctrl+f and search for "Memorial Shard #" for example

Things left to do:

Retake images for the first update as lots of areas got gorgeous new meshes. Maybe locations changed too. Double checking that.

Have currently ragequit because a Limbo Well broke my save, twice. I don't feel like getting back to where I was a third time thanks. I might come back to this game after Monster Hunter Rise, but it'll be a long while. =/
Memorial Shard #1

The very first items you can gather are right here. A mask and your first shard.

Eibon Fragment #1

Backtracking from the heart to the start of the game you'll find a crossroads. To the left is the first unlockable Memorem and to the right is a small gatehouse. Above this gatehouse is the Eibon Fragment.

Memorem #1
Memorem of a Logician Priest.

Aforementioned crossroads with the Memorem to the left.

Catalyst Charge #1

Directly to the left of the levelup totem.
Imbolt Marches
AKA the very first area after teleporting away from Limbo.

Eibon Fragment #2

Facing the first fast travel gate you come out of head to the left along the edge. In the corner is a diamond with the fragment.

Hecaton Generator

Hard to miss. Next to Valnir. This opens the forge in the Heart of Limbo

Eibon Fragment #3

Along the linear progression trail, hard to miss.

Catalyst Charge #2

On the steps leading up to the first shortcut warper.

Memorem #2
Scyle's Memorem - Extract 3

After the first shortcut warper you'll drop down into a room with some enemies. The Memorem will be visible from here.

Memorial Shard #2

After the previously mentioned room there's a checkpoint and some stairs leading down. There's some vines, buildings, walls and enemies in a short area. Near the shielded enemy that drops the egis Artefact there's a gate you can open with an attack. After this gate is a small lore tablet and the shard.

Eibon Fragment #4

Unlocking a door with the Trinary Key you'll be put into a forced camera section. Taking a left past a crushing obstacle you'll find the fragment. Continuing down from this leads to a shortcut back to an earlier checkpoint.
Vision of Ackbar & Niphur Aqueduct
Broken up due to word limit for sections.

Catalyst Charge #3

Right next to the first checkpoint for the town.

Memorem #3
Noth The Empty's Memorem

Start by getting on the roofs for the first section of Vision of Ackbar.

Here there will be some green moss. Angle your camera back and down to see a ledge you can jump to below you.

Once inside you'll see a hole in the ground to the left.

Falling through it leads to easily the most hidden Memorem in the game. Credit to Arudarg for the location!

Eibon Fragment #5

This one requires a few tricky jumps to get on the very top of the church. Starting here jump across and onto the roof.

From the roof make this jump to the bit sticking out on the right.

Then up to the top part of this roof where you can see the platforms on the side of the tower.

In the very top there's the fragment.

Eibon Fragment #6

Before the first floating platforms past the church checkpoint is a little alleyway to the right. Follow it for a little bit while inspecting the left walls. You'll find one of the walls is breakable revealing a room with the fragment and a one way door.

For more positional reference, behind me in the above screenshot is the church checkpoint. The door that leads to this fragment is one way.

Memorial Shard #3

Right before the first Stranger fight and a switch for the upcoming gate.

Catalyst Charge #4

Visible from the area you fight the stranger. You can access it by jumping off top of the building with Canhelm on tip.

Memorial Shard #4

Our first easily missable Memorial shard. It's not actually visible in the above screenshot, this is just the first point that leads you to question what's actually over there.

The journey to it starts from right before the Aqueducts. Make the jump to the sharp ledge that's framed in the above screenshot.
You're going the right way when you see an item (Hadronite) in the center of this part. Continue upwards past it.

From the above screenshot it should be somewhat easy to spot where it is. Continue jumping to it taking care to not fall to your death on the crumbling bridge.

Eibon Fragment #7

Inside the gatehouse for the east (forward) Aqueducts. Right next to the lever for the elevator to get out.

Memorial Shard #5

At the bottom of the second pillar for the north (back) aqueduct.

Barely visible in the above screenshot. Drop down from here for access to it and it's oneway gate.

Segment of the Crucible #1

Hard to miss. At the end of the north (back) aqueduct. Right next to the key to the central Aqueducts.
The Ancient Lands/Myosis 1
Memorial Shard #6

Immediately before the door to Niphur, hard to miss.

Eibon Fragment #8

A little bit north of Radamanthe's Temple on the map. Inside a pedestal. You can also find it by traversing the purple crystal cave which you can see the exit of to the left.

Map location.

Memorial Shard #7

To the east of the centermost warp tower.

There's a bunch of trees and a dip in the ground.

Hiding here is a cave.

At the end of the cave is a temple with the shard and a bunch of small Memorems.

Memorem #4
Scyle's Memorem - Extract 4

Next to an encounter with Steh on the east side of the map you'll be able to take either a bridge towards the town or a path to the right. Follow the path to the right.

At what looks like an end of this path is an item and a small shrub. Jump past the shrub up a short while hugging the cliff path until you reach a grassy part to jump onto.

Up here is the Memorem.

Map location.

Essence Extractor #1

Tucked away a little bit south of the eastern town is series of pyramid structures. Inside the largest one is a single ominous ghost entity floating next to the Essence Extractor. The ghost disappears if you get too close! Creepy!

Map location.

Eibon Fragment #9

Above and south of the previous item is a Limbo Well and a bridge. Following the bridge south leads to a fight with The Stranger. He'll drop the fragment.

Map location.
Contains Niphur, Ras'Samrah's Castle and Imbolt.

Memorial Shard #8

From the entrance to Niphur turn on your light and look for a wooden ramp going up. Follow this and you'll come to the fast travel gate for the area. However the wood ramps do continue from this level if you look carefully so continue to follow them all the way up for a shard at the very top.

Catalyst Charge #5

On the ground floor of Niphur and to the left is a glowing spot surrounded by arches. The charge will be in front of this.

Promethean Component #1

Midway through the left side of Niphur. It'll be on the bottom floor of a building with hay in the corners and a shattered lamp in the center of the room. One floor above this is a Limbo Well.

Memorem #5/6/7 and Eibon Fragment #10

To the far left of Niphur in a snowy temple. You'll also encounter Raven for the first time right before this who sells an Eibon Fragment for 5k essence.

Essence Extractor #2

Near the end of the left side exploration you'll find two oneway gates. There's a building entrance right before these. The Essence Extractor is inside a chest in this room.

Eibon Fragment #11

In the same room as previously mentioned is a sidescrolling section with axes on chains that slam into the back wall. An Eibon Fragment is the reward for traversing an upper part of this section

Eibon Fragment #12

Near an elevator in the upper part of the right side of Niphur. Guarded by a single Homunculus.(explode on death guy)

Catalyst Charge #6

On a balcony attached to the tallest building in the right side of Niphur.

Eibon Fragment #13

Technically a part of Pre-Ancient Lands but the only way to get to it is from Niphur so it goes here. In the back far right of Niphur is a bridge leading into a zoning door. This brings you to the oneway door you see in very early game.

Memorial Shard #9

Inside Ras'Samrah's Castle. Directly below the entrance is a door (?) with the memorial shard infront of it. WHAT'S BEHIND THE DOOR?!?!?!?!

Memorem #8
Ras'Samrah's Memorem

Along the bottom part of the castle is a Memorem.

Segment of The Crucible #2
No screenshot for this one. It's dropped by the boss of the area: Ras'Samrah, The Guilty One.

Memorial Shard #10

Early on in Imbolt along the left side. It's hidden in some dense purple grass.

Eibon Fragment #14

Near the first switch for the door. Guarded by a gunner and a greatsword wielding ghost.

Memorial Shard #11

Sneaky shard. It's visible from some parts of Imbolt with no clear way to get to. There's a couple unintended jumps to get to it but the intended way is here. Start by going up the first shortcut gate and heading to this spot.

Barely visible through this bush is an item. You can roll into this cave, grab the item and head further up the cave to reach the shard.

Memorem #9
Memorem About The Raven

A little bit down from the previous shard. Steh is also here.

Memorial Shard #12 and Eibon Fragment #15

Another incredibly sneaky shard. After fighting a few enemies past the second Limbo Well there will be a way to jump up on the right and walk along the walls. Here on the left is a little doorway.
The doorway leads to a diamond with the fragment and the shard right next to it.

Promethean Component #2

Also along the walls is a component.

Catalyst Charge #7

On a stone step leading up to a little house. This house contains a teleporter that goes back to the first Limbo Well.
The Ancient Lands/Myosis 2
Our first return to The Ancient Lands because now we can open a couple gates.

Segment of The Crucible #3

Currently bugged. It's supposed to be right after the fight with the stranger in the forest. You'd exit that fight, grab the segment and then open the one way gate to the rest of The Ancient Lands. However currently after the fight it puts you on the closed side of the gate. You can use some rocks to the right of the gate to jump over it however making this accessible much earlier than normally. I'll edit this if it gets fixed.

Eibon Fragment #16

After opening the left side gate in the Ancient Lands there will be a building to the right.

Inside the building is a diamond with the fragment.

Map location.

Memorial Shard #13

On the way to Khotar is a foggy battlefield right before a bridge and red pillars.

Map location.

Memorial Shard #14 and Eibon Fragment #17

To the left of the stairs leading up to Sitra's Temple on the map there's a ravine you can enter. Follow it a short distance and you'll see some trees on your right.
Hiding behind the trees is a little area along the cliffs with buildings and enemies. Scaling this you'll reach the bridge that I'm standing on in the screenshots.

Past all that is a diamond with a fragment and a shard.

Map location.

Memorial Shard #15 and Eibon Fragment #18

It's time for something everybody loves, mazes! Now I could map it all out, or maybe even fork that responsibility onto you the reader, but honestly it's not that bad of a maze. Keeping two major tips in mind you should be able to navigate to the end on your own without mapping or too much frustration. 1: Your goal is to reach the South end (it's directly opposite of the entrance) and 2: The maze is short and separated into three sections that always go up. If you go down a ramp at all you're accidentally backtracking. Always take a ramp up as that's the correct way. (Or explore whatever way isn't a ramp for the occasional non-important item.) Try to keep your bearings and you should be able to brute-force it in no time.

Here you can kind of see what the sections look like. You'll see a bit of open sky in a + shaped break in the otherwise solid ceiling.

Exploring the offshoots can be fun and slightly rewarding. Here's what just might be a Dark Souls ref. A few characters hanging out around a makeshit bonfire?

Glorious rewards! Lots of upgrade materials in the chests to the sides of the Eibon fragment. Thankfully there's also a warp tower so you don't have to go back through the maze manually.

Map location for the entrance to the maze.

Memorial Shard #16 and Eibon Fragment #19

From the platforming section where you meet Nai for the second time travel in the direction I'm facing.

You'll find a diamond with the fragment and the shard infront of it.

Map Location
Memorem #10
Devar's Memorem

Left side of Khotar. Really hard to miss.

Promethean Component #3

Near a warp gate and a oneway back into the storeroom is a whole mess of items guarded by enemies. The centermost one is it.

Memorial Shard #17

From the previous image head to the right and you'll see these stairs. Don't take them but instead the path to the left of them.

You'll then come to this crossroads where you take a right.

Shortly down this hallway will be a breakable wall with a chest behind it (I already broke it)

The shard is tucked away in a corner behind that chest.

Memorial Shard #18 and Memorem #11

Credit to Lord Genom for pointing out the only part in the game with a breakable floor and this location. From the previously mentioned teleporter and to the right there will be a section of floor that is breakable.

Down here is a spell, a shard and a Memorem.

Essence Extractor #3

First you need to find Suur in Khotar. He's along one of the backmost edges of the area near a chest and a Momorem tablet. Should be easy enough to find. He'll give you a pendant.

Bring it to Sorhen who is near a statue. He's southwest of the east city. He'll thank you and give you an Essence Extractor.

Map location.

Catalyst Charge #8

Directly in front of this odd Memorem sphere in the back of the area. Near a teleporter.

Eibon Fragment #20

Incredibly sneaky fragment. It's barely visible in the above image

You have to jump along and up this patch of rocks. A couple of the jumps are tricky.

The fragment at the top.

Segment of the Crucible #4
Dropped by Andras.
The Ancient Lands/Myosis 3
Our last return to The Ancient Lands. You can actually grab all of these before going into Khotar, I've just separated them due to text limits on each section. We're also naturally going close to all of these on the way to Myosis North.

Memorial Shard #19

At the top of the stairs you climb to get to the eastern city the shard will be visible to the right briefly before it gets so foggy that you can't see ♥♥♥♥.

Memorial Shard #20

In the northern part of the map, on the way to the Northern Myosis area.

There will be a fork in the road, take the left.

Shard will be located in a small cubby here.

Map location.

Memorial Shard #21 and Memorem #12
Memorem about Quin Doloss

From the gate for Devesh head east until you come to an enemy camp on the left. To the right of that is a small crevasse.

At the end of the crevasse is the shard and Memorem.

Map location. (Off the map?)

Memorial Shard #22

West of the gate for Devesh and past the glowing forest is a path along the cliff edge.

Following it you'll eventually reach this tree with the shard near it.

Map location.
Myosis North
Memorial Shard #23

Visible from the Limbo Well closest to the boss. It's off to the lefthand side.

Segment of The Crucible #5
Located directly after Kether, Apocryphal Watcher. It's odd that there's 5 of these things but you can only upgrade the Crucible 4 times.

Memorem #13/14/15
Memorem of an Apocryphal Geodesist
Noah The Apocryphal's Memorem
Prohibited Apocryphal Memorem.

At the very end of Myosis North, behind the multi switch gate. Surr will also here if you gave Sorhen his pendant. (Might show up before that though because he asks if you found Sorhen.)
Memorial Shard #24 and Memorem #16
Steh's Memorem.

I'm putting these in this section because you only get access to them after you would enter Devesh. At the end of Steh's questline. I'm unsure of how many times and if you need to talk to her before that. I counted 6 total sightings. 1st is in ancient lands early, 2nd is in Imbolt. 3rd before the path to the east town. 4th next to a statue southwest of the east town, near Sorhen. 5th after beating Andras, near the entrance to Khotar. 6th behind the door leading to Devesh. At the final encounter she'll give you a key that opens a door in the upper right side of Niphur. On the other side of the door you can go up for a Memorial Shard.
Or down for a pretty heavy sight and Memorem.

Memorial Shard #25

From the fast travel gate you should see a downed ship and a red patch of snow. The shard is over there next to a small red Memorem.

Catalyst Charge #9

Progressing through Devesh you'll come across this large statue guarded by a Pretorian (shield guy). Turning around from that take the right ramp for the charge.

Memorial Shard #26

In the sewer section of Devesh, near the key to the high court is a breakable wall.

At the end of this part, past a couple of enemies is the shard.

Eibon Fragment #21

Turning around from the above shard take a right.

There's a fragment in the small corner here.

Memorial Shard #27

Right next to the gate to the high court. Guarded by two tall axe-wielders. Hard to miss.

Promethean Component #4

While climbing the tower there is a room with a few different small Memorems and the component.

Memorem #17
Malkhel's Memorem

When climbing the tower it'll be on the left side, near one of the switches.

Memorial Shard #28

From this switch jump to the area seen to the left.

The shard is quite hard to spot due to the lighting.

Here I'm standing directly on top of it.

Eibon Fragment #22

From the same switch as the previous location we're heading right.

Dropping down to the white ledge seen here.

And turning into the tower is the fragment on a diamond. Credit to Sevenfold for helping me figure out which fragment I was missing!

Memorial Shard #29

From the statues in the flower courtyard on the right side of the tower turn around.

Take the path on the right.

And another right will lead to the shard.

Essence Extractor #4

Ooph. Explaining where this thing is. It's in a chest, near a weird looking wall. This place hurts my head that's all your going to get out of me for now.

Memorial Shard #30

Inside the Tesseract in the Frontier.

You'll fight the stranger for the last time and obtain the Limbo Key.

Opening the locked door in Limbo and taking a left will be our last shard and reward for collecting all 30!

Memorem #18
Hidden Memorem of a Sentientist

Beyond the door unlocked with the Limbo key and to the right.

Memorem #19/20/21
Jurgen Arh Astyr's Memorem
Network Recording - Identification Impossible
Eibon Arh Astyr's Quote

Behind the gate past the previous Memorem. You only get the key to this if you collected all 4 Cardinal Cores and give them to Chronozon who turns them into the Promethean Key.
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Jonathan Coltrane Jul 17 @ 10:50am 
Is it still relevant with the latest patch, which changed Limbo?
Arlyeon [Crit Hit] Jun 17 @ 6:33pm 
Is one of Steh's appearances tied to killing the Demiurge in Ramsar'ah's castle?
GrimoireDMD03 May 26 @ 11:16pm 
There are two other breakable floors :D
One is by Temple of Sitra by a bridge.
The second is in an armory near the Temple of Radamanthe.
ƒalzar Apr 19 @ 11:30am 
perfect guide 10/10 ❤❤❤❤
Omega Ridley Mar 16 @ 9:52am 
Excellent guide, thank you T3h Phish !
I got the Sword of Remembrance, fully upgraded Catalyst and all of the Memorem, all thanks to you ! ❤

As of the latest update, a couple of visual changes have been made to the game, so some of the screenshots should be updated as well. In addition to that, one of the Apocryphal Memorem that used to be found in Myosis North is now located inside the Tesseract Maze.

Cheers and great work on the guide !
Adam Mar 15 @ 11:31am 
Is the Awakening ending supposed to be just you endlessly falling or was i bugged after boss
ParaOne Mar 2 @ 3:13am 
aaaahhh found her, thanks for a lot :)
Ace_Gungearson Feb 28 @ 9:08pm 
The "east town" I believe is referring to the city in the middle, far east part in the Ancient lands.
And Steh can be found right before a bridge along the path to the city/town. If you go from the Ancient lands portal and then head north-east in the direction of the town then you should find the path. I hope that helps tho I'm not the Author.
ParaOne Feb 28 @ 9:42am 
Memorial Shard #24 and Memorem #16
Can you help me?
i dont know what mean "east town" in imbolt or in ancient land or maybe in myosis north?
Can you take some pic where was steh, what we need too see if we didnt founded her before?
T3h Phish  [author] Feb 25 @ 4:04am 
Ending spoilers, obviously.

1. Transcendence : Don't destroy any core + kill the 3 Demiurges.
2. Awakening : Destroy at least 1 core.
3. Loneliness : Don't destroy any core + Don't kill at least one of the optional Demiurges.

However there will be more endings added soon in an upcoming patch, according to info on the discord.