Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Satchels, Grenades, and Soldiers
By The Asian Driver and 2 collaborators
This is a guide for Axis and Allied players tips to save you or/and your teammates. If you follow these tips and tricks, you may just live a little longer. If lucky, a bit of praise.
Things not to Do as a Soldier
What every soldier should do is to protect their teammates. If you don't, their is a likely chance that you may die. So, I made a list on what not to do list. Well, here it is:

Things not to do:

1. Shooting your teammates unpurposely
2. Don't forgive
3. Be a big sassage on the mic
4. Shoot everywhere except the enemy
5. Throwing grenades in windows
6. Throwing grenades out windows
7. Running around in circles
8. Be rambo (please don't. It's embarrassing)
9. Throwing smoke grenades on your point
10. Be a hero even if you are a hero
11. Requesting MG ammo even though your not an Machine Gunner
12. Go through an alleyway with dead people
13. Going through dark alleyways (Optional: With dead people)
14. Wandering in the middle of the road with a bunch of enemies
15. Bayonet a tank
16. Shoot a tank with a pistol
17. Run into tank
18 Spamming grenades
19. Banzai charge into a flamethrower
20. Banzai charging into a grenade
21. Banzaiing by yourself (It sometimes works when you want to surprise your enemy... with a happy birthday party ambush)

Things to Do as a Soldier
These are the things that can help your teammate out and help you live a little longer. By meaning of a little longer I mean several more seconds.

Things to Do

1. Resupply your Machine Gunner even if he/she doesn't need any ammo yet
2. Use cover
3. Peek from cover
4. Shooting enemies
5. Shooting accurately
6. Give positive feedback
7. Give negative feedback to the enemy (But don't jinx yourself)
8. Sticking together
9. Have leadership
10. Give a player your weapon you don't need
11. Say your sorry if you team kill someone
12. Having the balls to forgive someone by typing "np"
13. Use grenades when needed
14. Plant booby traps if your in Rising Storm
15. Try to shoot down recon planes
16. Play dead
17. Be dead
18. Pretend your dead but you have a grenade in your hand (you know what to do)
19. Banzai together as a group
20. Give cover fire when a person throws a satchel.
21. Give suppressing fire
22. Make friends with the enemy (Im serious)
23. Throw a grenade through the window correctly
24. Cook your grenade before you throw
25. Read a book
26. Write a book
27. Book a holiday for your book
Grenade tricks
Picture this: You are a Japanese soldier in a bunker with four of your best buds fighting with you. But then you see an american soldier toss a grenade into your bunker and he ran away. Now your first reaction is either "RUN" or you could be typing "Grenade!" but its too late. You and your best friends legs and arms just got blown up. Now you can kiss your pooper goodbye!

Now stop, lets rewind a bit. Why don't we go to the part where the american throws the grenade into the bunker? Now I want you to change your mindset to instead of running, go prone onto the grenade. That would make you say, " BUT ASIAN, WOULDN'T THAT KILL ME?" Yes and shut your faces.

You will face that consequence but you are a hero that way. If you do this, you will save a lot of lives in the battlefield and your buddies will thank you!

The main point is that if you see a timed grenade in this tight environment like this picture:

You need to sacrifice yourself in order to help your team.

For you americans playing out there! If you position yourself right, you can diffuse the Japanese booby traps! I doubt it if you have the time but if you are proned next to the grenade, you will save a life.
Satchel tricks (Red wire or Blue wire?)
The more you know! Yes, as we all know these buggers make twice the boom boom as a normal grenade. It destroys certain objectives and is a panicer.

But, what if you are protecting a destroyable point? That wouldn't be fun now would it? Some players do not know that can be a life saver is to go to the satchel and press the control (Ctrl) button. It usually works on american satchels but never on those Japanese mines. When you see a mine, either run as fast as you can or die miserbly.

Now, with the help of my friend named "=BSG9=SpixTalon" He has sacrificed his life in countless occasions to prove this to me. Satchels can NOT be diffused in Red Orchestra 2.
Reload Timing (No pictures)
I would think this would be important because timing is crucial in this type of gameplay and if you reload in the wrong time, you die! So, I will list how many seconds it takes for each weapon to reload.

Bolt Action Rifles
1 shot= 3 seconds
2 shots= 4 seconds
3 shots= 5 seconds
4 shots= 5 seconds
5 shots= 5 seconds

Sniper Rifles (Bolt Action)
1 shot= 3 seconds
2 shots= 4 seconds
3 shots= 5 seconds
4 shots= 6 seconds
5 shots= 7 seconds
4-5 shots w/ stripper clip= 5 seconds

Light Machine Guns (Magazine Fed)
Clip used= 4-5 seconds

Light Machine Guns (Belt Fed)
Belt used= 7 seconds

With cocking= 4 seconds
Without cocking= 3 seconds

Submachine Guns (Pacific Theater)
With cocking= 3-4 seconds
Without cocking= 2-3 seconds

Semi/auto rifles (Pacific Theater)
Auto Rifles= 3 seconds
Semi Auto Rifles= 3-4 seconds

Knee Mortar
Each reload= 4.5 seconds

Fuel capacity= 12 seconds

Japanese Heavy Machine Gun (Type 92)
Each reload= 3 seconds

American Heavy Machine Gun (Browning M1917)
Box Mag. reload= 10 seconds

Semi/auto rifles (European Conquest)
Semi Auto Rifles= 4&6 seconds
Auto Rifles= 6 seconds

Submachine guns (European Conquest)
One magazine= 3 seconds
Two magazine in one gun= 6 seconds
Drum magazine= 5 seconds

Assault Weapons
Each reload= 4 seconds

Anti-Tank Rifles
Each clip= 6.5 seconds

German Heavy Machine Gun (MG34)
Belt used= 6 seconds

Russian Heavy Machine Gun (Vickers/ Maxim M1910)
Belt used= 5 seconds
Close Quarter Combat
As you all know, all players have encountered a close combat situation like this before such as this video.

That was from "Saving Private Ryan" so please don't diss me on this. Going to the subject, usually when you encounter an enemy and you run out of ammo, you usually reload your primary weapon. DO NOT DO THAT! Instead, if you get into that situation of running out of ammo, I would reccomend to literally droping your weapon (Backspace button) and either 1. Switch to your second primary weapon. Or 2. Switch to your pistol.

If there is a chance that you ran out of pistol or your second primary ammunition, and your enemy is reloading, try charging at the enemy. Charging at the enemy gives him/her very frantic mindset, making it difficult to cooperate in a short time which is beneficial for you.
Last few tricks
These are the things that a soldier can do and help your score. What I found out is that the "Light Mortar" class gives great benefits to you. One, is that when your Commander calls out some "arty" you get an assist point every kill the commander gets. Try that sometime!

Now another thing, for every soldier of any rank should know... hiding.

Hiding is beneficial to your survival. Use foxholes, corners, dark alleyways, smoke, etc. You may call it camping but this is realism, you need to camp. Living is camping and camping is living.

One last tip, one thing never, NEVER DO! Is to use a stationary machine gun when there is a lot of dead people next to it. Most likely there is a guy sniping that spot like this picture under me.

I swear to god people can be stupid if they wander around clueless from their surroundings. Just please, don't be "that guy."

Also, to be a pro player, if the enemy 70-200 meters away, take your time. A lot of people reccomend having manual firing for faster fire rate but I disagree. Make your shots count. Not saying fast is bad but be efficient. OPTIONAL: Make your weapon burst fire or semi auto if you have a BAR or a sub machine guns! (Press the 6 key)
Last thoughts and Thank you!
If you read my guide, I would like to say thank you and the friends that helped me out. If you want to meet them, I have them as contributors so smash that friend request button! If there is anything you want to put in the guide, insert your thoughts in the comment section.

Like if you want, I don't care. All I care about is that you learned something! Like if you hate rambo COD players!

Favorite if you like fishys!!!

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Wow, people comment on my garbage!
250RoundMags Dec 29, 2016 @ 4:32pm 
Hate all you want, we'll be there, with our MG34/42s, waiting to hipfire you in the face :)
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jk i used to love cod...
Doubledigit12 Mar 24, 2015 @ 11:04am 
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[Volk]TheDust  [author] Apr 19, 2014 @ 5:44am 
hey dude :) nice guide! i really didnt know about the "drop yourself ontop of a grenade" trick...after 400h+ in ro2^^ thank you
The Asian Driver  [author] Apr 16, 2014 @ 4:21pm 
Well, maybe some servers have and some servers don't. I've been lucky enough to get assists by not doing anything.
Jolly Jew Apr 16, 2014 @ 7:59am 
very wierd never happened to me, only SLs get assist points when commander calls for artillery
The Asian Driver  [author] Apr 16, 2014 @ 6:24am 
You simply get points by a knee mortar when the commander summons arty.
Jolly Jew Apr 16, 2014 @ 1:18am 
hey, can you please give better explanation to the mortar trick? i didn't quite get it, you get assists if you shoot at your commander's arty mark? or you simply get points a knee mortar guy when commande summons arty? because the latter never happened to me