Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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A remake of the Modern Warfare 2019 gunfight map Stack

A desert training range has been overrun by the undead. A war rages on around you but you are unfortunately without much backup. You hope to survive as long as possible till someone comes to save you, or you are able to find your own way out. The heat of the desert and the weight of your gear hurts, but someone will come, someone has to, right?

- MWR / and MW2 Weapons
- Easter Egg
- Buyable Ending
- Easy to learn layout
- Dog Rounds
- 6 Buyable Perks
- A few special secrets

Alphabetical Order:
Anto Gaming - Playtesting
Dr. Liquid - Playtesting
Elfenlied - Renetti starting pistol
Ice Grenade - Scripts
Kinglayer Kyle - WW2 Zombies
Logical - HUD / Trailer / Easter Egg / Scripting / Lighting / Lots of general and extra help
MikeyRay - Muzzle Flashes & FX / MW Textures / Lighting & Colouration / SSI & Lens Flare / Eye FX / Scripting / Lots of general help and design
PresAviss - Description Images / Playtesting / General Help
RllyyTwitchyy - Playtesting / Early stage help and ideas
Scobalula - Character Models / Programs
Skye - MWR & MW2 Weapons
ThomasCat - Weapon Port Conversion Rig
Vertasea - Ambient Audio / Probing / Lots of general help
WeeWoo - Loadscreen, Preview, and Thumbnail Images / Audio help / Round Sounds / Lots of general help

If there is anyone who should be on this list that I missed please let me know and I will add you.
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Mar 5 @ 7:43pm
Perkaholic Easter Egg
< >
ChipySmith May 14 @ 5:25pm 
pog map
PHOENIX SK999 May 14 @ 2:05pm 
It's really good. I wouldn't recommend it for coo-op and it was also too easy. But other than that it was really fun to play, and I liked how it felt like a zombie map and not just a multiplayer map that has zombies in it.
DaddyZaddyJake May 8 @ 6:55am 
you should make another one this map was great
Hanna_Montana77 Apr 26 @ 12:53am 
Great map. No annoyingly complicated puzzle to just turn the power on or pap, no psycho aliens, just good old zombies. Really wish they made maps more like this instead of going the other direction.
X2CHARLIE Apr 24 @ 1:09pm 
anyone know how to open the door to the raygun mk2 and minigun or is that just a tease cus it looks like a door as its a gate and if you dont know where it is ist to the right of the stairs that go to the second layer of power building
pop Apr 22 @ 9:54pm 
best map when my mom close the network :steamthumbsup:
Ahvay Apr 14 @ 2:51am 
Hey Tessa, have to give you some credit for this map. I don't think I've played a mod that incorporates the WW2 zombies, and I'm glad you didn't make this map dark because those zombies and the sounds they make are.....SCARY AS HELL!. The perk icons are perfect and the HUD is sexy as hell.

The lighting is something I'm second guessing it's such a unusual contrast, it's bright and makes the color of some objects saturated with light. Other than that there isn't really anything I can point out that is really bad, detailing is good and there isn't any bugs that I could see from playing through, 10/10 map :)

Playthrough of map:
lukemiked Apr 2 @ 7:13pm 
Bad ass trailer is what made me install
zdarkz1123 Mar 28 @ 2:13pm 
maybe put bo2 1 and 3 wepons in there?
TTV.Tik.PHub.YT.MXR|LFT Mar 26 @ 9:14pm 
is there a way to turn off the eye tracers, my cpu being on the lower end of hardware, is being absolutely pinned at 100%