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TLK: Make the right choice (Outdated)
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Feb 17, 2021 @ 1:33pm
Jul 11, 2021 @ 11:14am
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TLK: Make the right choice (Outdated)

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This mod is based on The Last Kingdom TV show. Development of the mod is currently on hold and will not continue.
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⚔️ Added three main bookmarks: "TLK:Make the right choice", "The dream of a united England" and "Viking invasion".
⚔️ Added nine bookmarks that let you play as Uhtred, Alfred, Aethelred, Aethelfaed, Eadward, Sigtryggr, Guthred, Ragnar and Aethelstan.
⚔️ Character traits have been added and updated
⚔️ Added almost all characters from season 1-2,3
⚔️ Added other five bookmarks that let you play as Kjartan, Odda, Alfred, Ivar, Halfdan

🔥The Last Kingdom (Original Television Soundtrack) Doesn't replace vanilla soundtrack

01. The Last Kingdom (main theme)
02. Livstraebrir
03. Lighting The Beacons
04. Helig
05. Destiny Is All
06. Icicle
07. The Hall Of The Fallen
08. Aeternum
09. Blood Moon
10. My England

⚔️ Northern Lords Flavor Pack (DLC)
⚔️ Community Flavor Pack
⚔️ Fullscreen Barbershop
⚔️ Ethnicities & Portraits Expanded
⚔️ EPE + CFP Compatibility Patch

1.Community Flavor Pack
2.Ethnicities & Portraits Expanded
3.EPE + CFP Compatibility Patch
4.Fullscreen Barbershop
5.TLK: Make the right choice

📯 Remember to disable Bald Characters in Game Rules, as otherwise the dynamic hairstyles won't work right.

Bookmark "TLK:Make the right choice":
🔥 Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, Osferth, Hild and Gisela - County Berkshire
🔥 Alfred, Aelswith, Steapa, Father Pyrlig, Father Beocca, Thyra, Mildrith, Aethelwold and Eadward - Wessex
🔥 Aethelred, Aldhelm and Aethelflaed - Mercia
🔥 Ragnar, Cnut the Longsword and Brida - County Durham
🔥 Guthred - Duchy of York
🔥 Aethelstan - Kingdom of the Danelaw
🔥 Haesten - County Essex
🔥 Aelfric - County Bernicia
🔥 Sigurd Bloodhair, Skade(court) - County Vorbasse (Denmark)
🔥 Harald Finehair - Kingdom of Norway

Bookmark "The dream of a united England":
🔥 Young Uhtred and Stiorra - County Berkshire
🔥 Eadward - Wessex
🔥 Aethelflaed - Mercia
🔥 Sigtryggr - Kingdom of Dublin

Bookmark "Viking invasion":
🔥 Odda and Odda the Younger - County Devon
🔥 Halfdan and Ubbe(court) - Duchy of York
🔥 Ivar - Duchy of Isles
🔥 Kjartan and Sven - County Durham

JON影 for eyeliner decal and help with this

👑 Mod is ironman compatible
👑 Mod is not achievement compatible
👑 Mod only adds new characters, there shouldn't be any compatibility issues with other mods

📜 English
📜 French
📜 Russian

🔥 Add events and decisions
🔥 Add Sigefrid and Erik, Halig for bookmark "Viking invasion"

Any bugs or suggestions please comment below
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dione Dec 3 @ 5:36pm 
going to consider updating this or making a new mod related to the show
jjukza Nov 29 @ 11:48am 
Anyone been brave enough to take it and update it?
GregzerTV_ Oct 28 @ 3:19am 
Maratul May 31 @ 9:15am 
I would pay for a working version of this mod...
Scyobi_Empire May 26 @ 2:21pm 
Anyone making a fork?
kkauak May 15 @ 2:38pm 
chebonaparte May 10 @ 1:21pm 
This was a great mod, if anybody wants to update it? :)
Sgt. SlowBurn Apr 20 @ 8:01am 
any news for updates??
This mod aint never making it out of development
Plzcheese Mar 20 @ 6:16pm 
update or someone take the mod like Gujian mentioned