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Race Track with Racing Ships
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Mar 18, 2014 @ 1:30pm
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Race Track with Racing Ships

I had the thought that it'd be really fun to try and race in this game. The asteroids can provide some very interesting terrain, and the flight model is both easy to pick up, but difficult to master, meaning that racing can prove very interesting.

This map is just an example, with 7 ring-shaped checkpoints, including the starting checkpoint. There are a number of long stretches, but also a number of sharp turns, so watch out! or you might find yourself busted up against a rock or a checkpoint.

I would greatly encourage anyone to use the ships or checkpoints as a sort of 'kit' to do their own race track. Make your own ships, or copy the Checkpoint over to a new map to make your own race. Do whatever you like! It's all yours.

I would, however, appreciate a shout out if you decide to publish such a map, and if anyone would like to, I'd love to see a video uploaded using my map! :D
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StingerTheRaven Mar 28, 2014 @ 12:58pm 
For once, racing done right.

This course, from my few laps on it, is a masterpiece in space rally. Unlike that old map which was clearly made for cars, this was obviously made with spacecraft in mind. Very interesting, indeed. Plus, turn on survival mode, add very few Uranium to the Reactors, and you have an endurance race! Hah.

The course itself is relatively simple in single-play, so time-trials are largely effortless. Of course, that's not what these kinds of maps are for: get some friends around, and you will most likely find aggression between everyone, from shunting off the course, or into the asteroid, to deliberately blinding the leader, or incinerating him.

So, I'd say 84/100.Good job, vp21ct.