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Dropzone Commander TTS
Type: Game
Complexity: High Complexity
Number of Players: 2
Language: English
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Feb 14 @ 4:35pm
Mar 5 @ 11:42pm
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Dropzone Commander TTS

Dropzone Commander is a tabletop miniatures game of sci-fi urban combat set in the 27th Century. Five factions wage war across the far reaching galaxy. From the United Colonial Marines trying desperately to retake Earth and their home system of planets, to the Scourge, an invasive and parasitic organism that has spread and dominated each theatre of war in which it wages. The Post-Human Republic and their mysterious White Sphere pursue a different but aligned agenda as their former UCM brothers while the Resistance, trapped on the Scourge-occupied worlds, cobble any and all weapons imaginable to throw off their oppressive yoke. Overseeing all, the Shaltari watch and wait for an outcome only they know of and have prepared for.

This module is a work in progress and modeled after elements seen in Infinity the Game, Corvus Belli module by Whyrocknodie as well as pulling layout elements inspired by the Dropfleet Commader TTS 2.0 module by TemporalDistortion.

Current Features:
3D models for Starter Armies (Resistance, Scourge, and Shaltari)
Pre-made maps for 4 missions
Organized table layout
and more to come

Painted models by:
SpaceM0nkeyMafia (Resistance)
Resident Ninja (Scourge, Shaltari)
Pootzwacke (UCM)

All Trademarks including Dropzone Commander, faction, and unit names are property of Troll Trader Ltd. used for non-profit purposes. Please see for product, rules, and additional information on this exciting game.
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T0XICTAC0 Mar 1 @ 5:35pm 
Thank you!
SpaceM0nkeyMafia  [author] Mar 1 @ 5:11pm 
@TOXICTACO - Glad you like it! I'm cooking up the UCM starter now and hope to have it loaded by the end of this week (Mar 5). PHR is a little slower but another user is finishing the starter up and once I get them, I can add them in.
T0XICTAC0 Mar 1 @ 1:08pm 
Really awesome mod.

Any ETA on UCM or PHR models?