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Valheim Console Commands, Creative Mode, Item Prefab List
By S
- The original Valheim console commands and prefab list guide -

An in-depth guide of all available console commands, creative mode, prefab names, events, etc perfect for all your building, server admin, debugging, modding, and save-scumming needs! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK AND DO NOT GRIEF
Welcome Back
TLDR; the guide was banned (for detailing in-game commands and prefabs) and there was a lot of controversy but now it's back.
TLDR; Use common sense and caution.

Using the Console
The console is a developer / debugging tool and should only be used if you know what you're doing or accept the risks of using it (i.e. ruining your saved world or character)

Warning for Experienced Players Too
Even if you're an intermediate to advanced gamer (lol) and have used consoles / debugging tools in other games, you do need to take extra care in this one because it's early access and the features are limited.

  • Backup your worlds / characters / Valheim folder
  • Create a new test character and test world to try things first
  • Don't spawn things inside your house/base
  • This guide is meant to be a reference and will not hold your hand
  • Whenever you use a command or press a hotkey related to the console, messages will sometimes pop up in the top left corner notifying you of any errors or if the command worked. Pay attention to these.
  • Before asking for help, check if the guide already answers your question (CTRL + F to search). If you can't find the answer, then copy/paste the command you are running as you've typed it and any messages from the console. Share this info with me when you ask your question in the comments.
  • Don't blatantly cheat and grief public games... this is for singleplayer, with friends, server admins, debugging, and modding only. Abuse of this system can lead to bans.

Backup your Valheim/Worlds/Characters folders
  1. Folders are located at: C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim
  2. Press Windows key + R and type appdata (and press enter)
  3. Navigate to the path above
  4. Copy your entire Valheim folder and rename it as Valheim_Backup
How to Enable the Console/Cheats
The Steps required here have been updated:
* Ingame console disabled by default (add launch argument "-console" to enable)
* The console command for enabling developer/debug commands has been changed to “devcommands” from “imacheater”

1. In your Steam Library, right-click Valheim and choose "Properties..."

2. Under the "General" tab, add "-console" to the launch options input. (see image below)

3. To enable cheats (not all commands need cheats), press F5 while in-game to open the console, and type:

4. Type "help" without quotes to list most available commands.

Note: You need to be the server host to use cheats or possibly an admin with permissions set in a config file but there are reports that only server hosts can use them.

5. Favorite this guide to easily find it in-game later!
Non-Cheat Commands
  • help (outputs commands into console, more commands are available with cheatmode on)
  • kick [name / ip / userID]
  • ban [name / ip / userID]
  • unban [name / ip / userID]
  • banned (outputs a list of banned players in console)
  • ping (outputs your ping)
  • fov [number]
  • lodbias
Cheat Commands
How to Read this List:
  • Anything between parentheses ( ) is a comment describing the command. (don't type these)
  • Anything in brackets [] are arguments that the command takes. (don't add the brackets when using the commands)
  • Not every command has arguments and sometimes not all arguments are required

wind [angle] [intensity 0-1]
To use this in game you would replace [angle] and [intensity] with numbers.
wind 45 0.5
goto [x] [z] (teleport to coordinates) goto 0 0 goto 25 60
spawn [prefabName] [amount] [level] spawn Troll (spawns 1 troll) spawn Troll 1 2 (spawns a single level 2 troll) spawn Troll 5 (spawns 5 trolls)

beard [BeardName] (Use Beard1, Beard2, etc) debugmode (creative mode see below for info) dpsdebug (toggle damage per second debug) event [eventName] (start an event) exploremap (remove fog of war) ffsmooth (smooth freefly) freefly (toggles flying) genloc ("generates locations" or in other words, probably break your dungeons; don't use) ghost god (enables godmode) goto [x] [z] (teleport to coordinates) hair [HairName] (Use Hair1, Hair2, etc) heal hidebetatext imacheater (toggle cheat mode) killall (kills nearby enemies/creatures) location (set spawn location) model [0 or 1] players [number] (scales the difficulty see more info below) pos (prints your coordinates) puke raiseskill [skillName] [amount] (adds amount of levels to skill) randomevent (starts random event) removedrops (removes all items on ground) resetcharacter (resets skills and inventory) resetmap (cover map in fog) resetskill [skillName] (reset skill to zero) resetwind save skiptime [seconds] sleep (fast forwards time by one day. watch as the sun and moon zoom by) spawn [prefabName] [amount] [level] stopevent tame (tames nearby creatures) wind [angle] [intensity 0-1]
Difficulty Scaling
(Writing this off memory so there may be mistakes or changes with updates)

By default, for every player within a 200 (meter?) radius, the damage of enemies will increase by 4% for each player and health will increase by 40% for each player. You can override this with the players command.

players 2
Would increase the health and damage as if there were (only) 2 players on the server.
Set it to 25 for example, and enemies would do double damage and have 10x more health (if my math is correct).
Triggering Events
Event Commands
event [eventName] (start an event) randomevent stopevent

Event Names
Armies / Raids
army_eikthyr army_goblin army_theelder wolves skeletons army_bonemass army_moder blobs foresttrolls surtlings
Neat Weather and Particle Effects(?)
Warning: Some of these can kill you and are not just effects
boss_eikthyr boss_bonemass boss_moder boss_gdking boss_goblinking
Changing Your Skills
raiseskill [skillName] [amount] (adds amount of levels to skill) resetskill [skillName] (reset skill to zero) resetcharacter (resets skills and inventory)

Raise skill *adds* the [amount] to that skill. It does not set it to that amount.

Let's say your swim skill is currently at level 10.
raiseskill swim 5
Now your swim skill is 15. ( 10 + 5 = 15)

Negative values work too.
raiseskill swim -10
Now it's level 5. ( 15 + -10 = 5)

It will not go over 100.
raiseskill swim 9000
Swim skill becomes 100.

Skill List
Normal Skills
  • axes
  • blocking
  • bows
  • clubs
  • jump
  • knives
  • pickaxes
  • polearms
  • run
  • sneak
  • spears
  • swim
  • swords
  • unarmed
  • woodcutting
Exist in the game but don't do anything / are used for other things
  • all
  • firemagic
  • frostmagic
  • none
Changing Your Appearance Without Mods
beard [BeardName] (Use Beard1, Beard2, etc) hair [HairName] (Use Hair1, Hair2, etc) model [IndexNumber] (change gender; use 0 or 1; maybe it will have more in the future)

beard Beard1 hair Hair1 model 1
beard Beard2 hair Hair3 model 0
If you don't specify a beard/hair, it will default to bald.
beard hair
"Creative" Mode
How to Enable Creative/Debug Mode
  1. Follow the steps above to enable cheatmode
  2. Type "debugmode" into the console without quotes
  3. For the full creative mode experience, enable god mode too, just by typing "god".

Controls and Features
  • Z - Toggles Flying
  • B - No Placement Cost
  • K - Kills all monsters
  • Using "No Placement Cost" mode (B) you can repair all equipment from your inventory, place buildings for free with a hammer, and craft items for free from your inventory.

To disable:
  1. Turn off any enabled features (Z for flying, B for freebuild)
  2. Type debugmode again
  3. Type imacheater again
  4. You'll see messages saying "debug mode false" "cheats false", everything should be disabled if you did it correctly.
How to Spawn Items, Enemies, and Other Things
This command is for advanced users only, if you're just trying to spawn tools or buildings then refer to the creative mode section above.

Another Warning:
I really can't stress enough how using the spawn command will break your game if you don't know what you're doing. Without mods, you cannot remove spawned entities.

Using the spawn command:
spawn [ItemPrefabName] [Amount] [level]

spawn FineWood 100 (spawns 100 fine wood on the floor) spawn Wood (spawns 1) spawn Troll 1 10 (spawns a level 10 troll; note that stars only show for the first few levels and a level 10 would drop a ludicrous amount of loot)

Note: When you spawn something it spawns above ground around head-level, so play with this in a test world first. You can dig a hole, stand in the hole, spawn the object on the higher ground, and refill the hole. This leaves you with an entity placed on the ground if done right.

See below for an entire list of all named items and entities sorted A-Z. (CAPITALIZATION DOES MATTER) Press CTRL + F to search the list.

! W A R N I N G !
Warning: Be careful what you spawn (try it in a test world first or make backups) as there's no remove command. If you think spawning 100 dragons in the middle of a base that you don't want to lose would be a bad idea, then you're probably right and should reconsider your life choices. Some of these things can outright break your save which is why I warn that it's for advanced users only.
Prefab Quick Search
A shorter list of common prefabs not in any particular order. ( Comment below which things you spawn often or would be most useful here )

  • AxeBlackMetal
  • AxeBronze
  • AxeFlint
  • AxeIron
  • AxeStone
  • PickaxeAntler
  • PickaxeBronze
  • PickaxeIron
  • PickaxeStone

  • Bow
  • BowFineWood
  • BowHuntsman
  • BowDraugrFang

Melee Weapons
  • SwordBlackmetal
  • SwordBronze
  • SwordCheat (god slaying lightsaber)
  • SwordIron
  • SwordIronFire (flaming sword)
  • SwordSilver
  • SpearBronze
  • SpearChitin
  • SpearElderbark
  • SpearFlint
  • SpearWolfFang

  • MeadFrostResist
  • MeadHealthMedium
  • MeadHealthMinor
  • MeadPoisonResist
  • MeadStaminaMedium
  • MeadStaminaMinor
  • MeadTasty
  • Sausages
  • SerpentMeatCooked
  • SerpentStew
  • RoundLog (this is the Core Wood Log name! lots of people have been asking for this)
  • ElderBark (this is Ancient Bark)

  • Haldor (this is the merchant, and he does work if you spawn him but the long term effects were not tested)

  • Bonemass
  • Dragon
  • Eikthyr
  • gd_king (The Elder)
  • GoblinKing (Yagluth)
BossStones (if you wanted to move the power stone things to your base)
  • BossStone_Bonemass
  • BossStone_DragonQueen
  • BossStone_Eikthyr
  • BossStone_TheElder
  • BossStone_Yagluth

  • Troll
Spawners for custom arenas: ( not thoroughly tested; only the GreydwarfNest, DraugrPile, and BonePileSpawner can be destroyed/removed )
  • BonePileSpawner
  • Spawner_Blob
  • Spawner_BlobElite
  • Spawner_Boar
  • Spawner_Draugr
  • Spawner_Draugr_Elite
  • Spawner_Draugr_Noise
  • Spawner_Draugr_Ranged
  • Spawner_Draugr_Ranged_Noise
  • Spawner_Draugr_respawn_30
  • Spawner_DraugrPile
  • Spawner_Fenring
  • Spawner_Fish4
  • Spawner_Ghost
  • Spawner_Goblin
  • Spawner_GoblinArcher
  • Spawner_GoblinBrute
  • Spawner_GoblinShaman
  • Spawner_Greydwarf
  • Spawner_Greydwarf_Elite
  • Spawner_Greydwarf_Shaman
  • Spawner_GreydwarfNest
  • Spawner_Hatchling
  • Spawner_imp
  • Spawner_imp_respawn
  • Spawner_Leech_cave
  • Spawner_Location_Elite
  • Spawner_Location_Greydwarf
  • Spawner_Location_Shaman
  • Spawner_Skeleton
  • Spawner_Skeleton_night_noarcher
  • Spawner_Skeleton_poison
  • Spawner_Skeleton_respawn_30
  • Spawner_StoneGolem
  • Spawner_Troll
  • Spawner_Wraith
Prefab Names A - P
Amber AmberPearl ancientbarkspear_projectile AncientSeed aoe_nova ArmorBronzeChest ArmorBronzeLegs ArmorIronChest ArmorIronLegs ArmorLeatherChest ArmorLeatherLegs ArmorPaddedCuirass ArmorPaddedGreaves ArmorRagsChest ArmorRagsLegs ArmorTrollLeatherChest ArmorTrollLeatherLegs ArmorWolfChest ArmorWolfLegs ArrowBronze ArrowFire ArrowFlint ArrowFrost ArrowIron ArrowNeedle ArrowObsidian ArrowPoison ArrowSilver ArrowWood AtgeirBlackmetal AtgeirBronze AtgeirIron AxeBlackMetal AxeBronze AxeFlint AxeIron AxeStone Barley BarleyFlour BarleyWine BarleyWineBase barrell Battleaxe bed bee_aoe beech_log beech_log_half Beech_Sapling Beech_small1 Beech_small2 Beech_Stub Beech1 BeechSeeds Beehive BeltStrength Birch_log Birch_log_half Birch1 Birch1_aut Birch2 Birch2_aut BirchStub BlackMetal BlackMetalScrap blastfurnace Blob blob_aoe BlobElite Bloodbag BloodPudding Blueberries BlueberryBush Boar Boar_piggy boar_ragdoll BombOoze BoneFragments Bonemass bonemass_aoe bonemass_throw_projectile BonePileSpawner bonfire BossStone_Bonemass BossStone_DragonQueen BossStone_Eikthyr BossStone_TheElder BossStone_Yagluth Bow bow_projectile bow_projectile_fire bow_projectile_frost bow_projectile_needle bow_projectile_poison BowDraugrFang BowFineWood BowHuntsman Bread Bronze BronzeNails bronzespear_projectile bucket Bush01 Bush01_heath Bush02_en CapeDeerHide CapeLinen CapeLox CapeOdin CapeTest CapeTrollHide CapeWolf CargoCrate Carrot CarrotSeeds CarrotSoup Cart CastleKit_braided_box01 CastleKit_groundtorch CastleKit_groundtorch_green CastleKit_groundtorch_unlit CastleKit_pot03 Chain charcoal_kiln Chest Chitin Cloudberry CloudberryBush Club Coal Coins CookedLoxMeat CookedMeat Copper CopperOre Crow CryptKey Crystal cultivate Cultivator Dandelion dead_deer Deathsquito Deathsquito_sting Deer deer_ragdoll DeerGodExplosion DeerHide DG_Cave DG_ForestCrypt DG_GoblinCamp DG_MeadowsFarm DG_MeadowsVillage DG_SunkenCrypt digg digg_v2 Dragon dragon_ice_projectile DragonEgg dragoneggcup DragonTear Draugr draugr_arrow draugr_axe draugr_bow draugr_bow_projectile Draugr_Elite Draugr_elite_ragdoll Draugr_ragdoll Draugr_Ranged Draugr_ranged_ragdoll draugr_sword dungeon_forestcrypt_door dungeon_sunkencrypt_irongate Eikthyr eikthyr_ragdoll ElderBark Entrails eventzone_bonemass eventzone_eikthyr eventzone_gdking eventzone_goblinking eventzone_moder EvilHeart_Forest EvilHeart_Swamp Feathers Fenring Fenring_ragdoll fermenter FineWood FirCone fire_pit FireFlies FirTree FirTree_log FirTree_log_half FirTree_oldLog FirTree_Sapling FirTree_small FirTree_small_dead FirTree_Stub Fish1 Fish2 Fish3 Fish4_cave FishCooked FishingBait FishingRod FishingRodFloat FishingRodFloatProjectile FishRaw FishWraps Flametal FlametalOre Flax Flies Flint flintspear_projectile ForestTroll_ragdoll forge forge_ext1 forge_ext2 forge_ext3 forge_ext4 forge_ext5 forge_ext6 FreezeGland fx_backstab fx_boar_pet fx_creature_tamed fx_crit fx_deathsquito_hit fx_deatsquito_death fx_dragon_land fx_drown fx_eikthyr_forwardshockwave fx_eikthyr_stomp fx_float_hitwater fx_float_nibble fx_gdking_rootspawn fx_goblinbrute_groundslam fx_goblinking_beam_hit fx_goblinking_meteor_hit fx_goblinking_nova fx_GP_Activation fx_GP_Player fx_GP_Stone fx_guardstone_activate fx_guardstone_deactivate fx_guardstone_permitted_add fx_guardstone_permitted_removed fx_leviathan_leave fx_leviathan_reaction fx_Lightning fx_lox_death fx_lox_hit fx_Potion_frostresist fx_shaman_fireball_expl fx_shaman_protect fx_sw_addflax fx_sw_produce fx_tentaroot_death fx_tombstone_destroyed fx_totem_destroyed fx_vines_hit fx_WaterImpact_Big fx_wolf_pet gd_king gdking_Ragdoll gdking_root_projectile Ghost Goblin goblin_banner goblin_bed Goblin_Dragdoll goblin_fence goblin_pole goblin_pole_small goblin_roof_45d goblin_roof_45d_corner goblin_roof_cap goblin_stairs goblin_stepladder goblin_totempole goblin_woodwall_1m goblin_woodwall_2m goblin_woodwall_2m_ribs GoblinArcher GoblinArmband GoblinBrute GoblinBrute_ArmGuard GoblinBrute_Attack GoblinBrute_Backbones GoblinBrute_ExecutionerCap GoblinBrute_HipCloth GoblinBrute_LegBones GoblinBrute_ragdoll GoblinBrute_RageAttack GoblinBrute_ShoulderGuard GoblinBrute_Taunt GoblinClub GoblinHelmet GoblinKing GoblinKing_ragdoll goblinking_totemholder GoblinLegband GoblinLoin GoblinShaman GoblinShaman_attack_poke GoblinShaman_Headdress_antlers GoblinShaman_Headdress_feathers GoblinShaman_projectile_fireball GoblinShaman_protect_aoe GoblinShaman_ragdoll GoblinShaman_Staff_Bones GoblinShaman_Staff_Feathers GoblinShoulders GoblinSpear GoblinSpear_projectile GoblinSword GoblinTorch GoblinTotem Greydwarf Greydwarf_Elite Greydwarf_elite_ragdoll Greydwarf_ragdoll Greydwarf_Root Greydwarf_Shaman Greydwarf_Shaman_ragdoll Greydwarf_throw_projectile GreydwarfEye Greyling Greyling_ragdoll guard_stone guard_stone_test Guck GuckSack GuckSack_small Haldor (this is the merchant, yes he works if you spawn him) Hammer HardAntler Hatchling hatchling_cold_projectile Hatchling_ragdoll HealthUpgrade_Bonemass HealthUpgrade_GDKing hearth HeathRockPillar HeathRockPillar_frac HelmetBronze HelmetDrake HelmetDverger HelmetIron HelmetLeather HelmetOdin HelmetPadded HelmetTrollLeather HelmetYule highstone highstone_frac Hoe Honey horizontal_web HugeRoot1 ice_rock1 ice_rock1_frac ice1 IceBlocker Imp_fireball_projectile Iron iron_grate IronNails IronOre IronScrap itemstand itemstandh Karve KnifeBlackMetal KnifeChitin KnifeCopper KnifeFlint LeatherScraps Leech Leech_cave Leviathan LinenThread LocationProxy loot_chest_stone loot_chest_wood LootSpawner_pineforest Lox lox_ragdoll lox_stomp_aoe_OLD LoxMeat LoxPelt LoxPie MaceBronze MaceIron MaceNeedle MaceSilver marker01 marker02 MeadBaseFrostResist MeadBaseHealthMedium MeadBaseHealthMinor MeadBasePoisonResist MeadBaseStaminaMedium MeadBaseStaminaMinor MeadBaseTasty MeadFrostResist MeadHealthMedium MeadHealthMinor MeadPoisonResist MeadStaminaMedium MeadStaminaMinor MeadTasty MineRock_Copper MineRock_Iron MineRock_Meteorite MineRock_Obsidian MineRock_Stone MineRock_Tin MountainGraveStone01 mud_road mudpile mudpile_beacon mudpile_frac mudpile_old mudpile2 mudpile2_frac Mushroom MushroomBlue MushroomYellow Neck Neck_Ragdoll NeckTail NeckTailGrilled Needle Oak_log Oak_log_half Oak1 OakStub Obsidian odin OLD_wood_roof OLD_wood_roof_icorner OLD_wood_roof_ocorner OLD_wood_roof_top OLD_wood_wall_roof Ooze oozebomb_explosion oozebomb_projectile path paved_road Pickable_Barley Pickable_Barley_Wild Pickable_BogIronOre Pickable_Branch Pickable_Carrot Pickable_Dandelion Pickable_DolmenTreasure Pickable_DragonEgg Pickable_Flax Pickable_Flax_Wild Pickable_Flint Pickable_ForestCryptRandom Pickable_ForestCryptRemains01 Pickable_ForestCryptRemains02 Pickable_ForestCryptRemains03 Pickable_ForestCryptRemains04 Pickable_Item Pickable_Meteorite Pickable_MountainRemains01_buried Pickable_Mushroom Pickable_Mushroom_blue Pickable_Mushroom_yellow Pickable_Obsidian Pickable_RandomFood Pickable_SeedCarrot Pickable_SeedTurnip Pickable_Stone Pickable_SunkenCryptRandom Pickable_SurtlingCoreStand Pickable_Thistle Pickable_Tin Pickable_Turnip PickaxeAntler PickaxeBronze PickaxeIron PickaxeStone piece_artisanstation piece_banner01 piece_banner02 piece_banner03 piece_banner04 piece_banner05 piece_bed02 piece_beehive piece_bench01 piece_brazierceiling01 piece_cauldron piece_chair piece_chair02 piece_chest piece_chest_private piece_chest_wood piece_cookingstation piece_gift1 piece_gift2 piece_gift3 piece_groundtorch piece_groundtorch_green piece_groundtorch_wood piece_jackoturnip piece_maypole piece_sharpstakes piece_spinningwheel piece_stonecutter piece_table piece_throne01 piece_walltorch piece_workbench piece_workbench_ext1 piece_workbench_ext2 piece_workbench_ext3 piece_workbench_ext4 piece_xmastree PineCone PineTree Pinetree_01 Pinetree_01_Stub PineTree_log PineTree_log_half PineTree_log_halfOLD PineTree_logOLD PineTree_Sapling Player Player_ragdoll Player_ragdoll_old Player_tombstone PlayerUnarmed portal portal_wood
Prefab Names P - V
projectile_beam projectile_chitinharpoon projectile_meteor projectile_wolffang QueenBee QueensJam Raft raise Raspberry RaspberryBush RawMeat replant Resin Rock_3 Rock_3_frac Rock_4 Rock_4_plains Rock_7 Rock_destructible Rock_destructible_test rock1_mountain rock1_mountain_frac rock2_heath rock2_heath_frac rock2_mountain rock2_mountain_frac rock3_mountain rock3_mountain_frac rock3_silver rock3_silver_frac rock4_coast rock4_coast_frac rock4_copper rock4_copper_frac rock4_forest rock4_forest_frac rock4_heath rock4_heath_frac RockFinger RockFinger_frac RockFingerBroken RockFingerBroken_frac rockformation1 RockThumb RockThumb_frac root07 root08 root11 root12 RoundLog Ruby rug_deer rug_fur rug_wolf sapling_barley sapling_carrot sapling_flax sapling_seedcarrot sapling_seedturnip sapling_turnip Sausages Seagal Serpent SerpentMeat SerpentMeatCooked SerpentScale SerpentStew shaman_attack_aoe shaman_heal_aoe SharpeningStone ShieldBanded ShieldBlackmetal ShieldBlackmetalTower ShieldBronzeBuckler ShieldIronSquare ShieldIronTower ShieldKnight ShieldSerpentscale ShieldSilver ShieldWood ShieldWoodTower ship_construction shipwreck_karve_bottomboards shipwreck_karve_bow shipwreck_karve_chest shipwreck_karve_dragonhead shipwreck_karve_stern shipwreck_karve_sternpost shrub_2 shrub_2_heath sign sign_notext Silver SilverNecklace SilverOre silvervein silvervein_frac Skeleton skeleton_bow skeleton_mace Skeleton_NoArcher Skeleton_Poison skeleton_sword Skull1 Skull2 sledge_aoe SledgeIron SledgeStagbreaker smelter Spawner_Blob Spawner_BlobElite Spawner_Boar Spawner_Draugr Spawner_Draugr_Elite Spawner_Draugr_Noise Spawner_Draugr_Ranged Spawner_Draugr_Ranged_Noise Spawner_Draugr_respawn_30 Spawner_DraugrPile Spawner_Fenring Spawner_Fish4 Spawner_Ghost Spawner_Goblin Spawner_GoblinArcher Spawner_GoblinBrute Spawner_GoblinShaman Spawner_Greydwarf Spawner_Greydwarf_Elite Spawner_Greydwarf_Shaman Spawner_GreydwarfNest Spawner_Hatchling Spawner_imp Spawner_imp_respawn Spawner_Leech_cave Spawner_Location_Elite Spawner_Location_Greydwarf Spawner_Location_Shaman Spawner_Skeleton Spawner_Skeleton_night_noarcher Spawner_Skeleton_poison Spawner_Skeleton_respawn_30 Spawner_StoneGolem Spawner_Troll Spawner_Wraith SpearBronze SpearChitin SpearElderbark SpearFlint SpearWolfFang stake_wall StaminaUpgrade_Greydwarf StaminaUpgrade_Troll StaminaUpgrade_Wraith StatueCorgi StatueDeer StatueEvil StatueHare StatueSeed Stone stone_arch stone_floor stone_floor_2x2 stone_pile stone_pillar stone_stair stone_wall_1x1 stone_wall_2x1 stone_wall_4x2 stoneblock_fracture stonechest StoneGolem stonegolem_attack1_spike StoneGolem_clubs StoneGolem_hat Stonegolem_ragdoll StoneGolem_spikes stubbe stubbe_spawner sunken_crypt_gate Surtling SurtlingCore SwampTree1 SwampTree1_log SwampTree1_Stub SwampTree2 SwampTree2_darkland SwampTree2_log SwordBlackmetal SwordBronze SwordCheat SwordIron SwordIronFire SwordSilver Tankard TankardOdin TentaRoot tentaroot_attack Thistle Tin TinOre tolroko_flyer Torch Trailership TrainingDummy TreasureChest_blackforest TreasureChest_fCrypt TreasureChest_forestcrypt TreasureChest_heath TreasureChest_meadows TreasureChest_meadows_buried TreasureChest_mountains TreasureChest_plains_stone TreasureChest_sunkencrypt TreasureChest_swamp TreasureChest_trollcave Troll troll_groundslam_aoe troll_log_swing_h troll_log_swing_v Troll_ragdoll troll_throw_projectile TrollHide TrophyBlob TrophyBoar TrophyBonemass TrophyDeathsquito TrophyDeer TrophyDragonQueen TrophyDraugr TrophyDraugrElite TrophyDraugrFem TrophyEikthyr TrophyFenring TrophyForestTroll TrophyFrostTroll TrophyGoblin TrophyGoblinBrute TrophyGoblinKing TrophyGoblinShaman TrophyGreydwarf TrophyGreydwarfBrute TrophyGreydwarfShaman TrophyHatchling TrophyLeech TrophyLox TrophyNeck TrophySerpent TrophySGolem TrophySkeleton TrophySkeletonPoison TrophySurtling TrophyTheElder TrophyWolf TrophyWraith tunnel_web turf_roof turf_roof_top turf_roof_wall Turnip TurnipSeeds TurnipStew Valkyrie VegvisirShard_Bonemass vertical_web vfx_arrowhit vfx_auto_pickup vfx_barley_destroyed vfx_barnacle_destroyed vfx_barnacle_hit vfx_barrle_destroyed vfx_beech_cut vfx_beech_small1_destroy vfx_beech_small2_destroy vfx_beechlog_destroyed vfx_beechlog_half_destroyed vfx_beehive_destroyed vfx_beehive_hit vfx_birch1_aut_cut vfx_birch1_cut vfx_birch2_aut_cut vfx_birch2_cut vfx_blastfurance_addfuel vfx_blastfurnace_addore vfx_blastfurnace_produce vfx_blob_attack vfx_blob_death vfx_blob_hit vfx_blobelite_attack vfx_blocked vfx_BloodDeath vfx_BloodHit vfx_boar_birth vfx_boar_death vfx_boar_hit vfx_boar_love vfx_BonemassDeath vfx_BonemassHit vfx_bonepile_destroyed vfx_bones_pick vfx_bonfire_AddFuel vfx_bonfire_destroyed vfx_bow_fire vfx_bowl_AddItem vfx_Burning vfx_bush_destroyed vfx_bush_destroyed_heath vfx_bush_leaf_puff vfx_bush_leaf_puff_heath vfx_bush2_e_hit vfx_bush2_en_destroyed vfx_clubhit vfx_Cold vfx_ColdBall_Hit vfx_ColdBall_launch vfx_cooking_station_transform vfx_corpse_destruction_large vfx_corpse_destruction_medium vfx_corpse_destruction_small vfx_creature_soothed vfx_crow_death vfx_damaged_cart vfx_Damaged_Karve vfx_Damaged_Raft vfx_Damaged_VikingShip vfx_darkland_groundfog vfx_deer_death vfx_deer_hit vfx_Destroyed_Karve vfx_Destroyed_Raft vfx_Destroyed_VikingShip vfx_dragon_coldbreath vfx_dragon_death vfx_dragon_hurt vfx_dragon_ice_hit vfx_dragonegg_destroy vfx_draugr_death vfx_draugr_hit vfx_draugrpile_destroyed vfx_draugrpile_hit vfx_DraugrSpawn vfx_edge_clouds vfx_eikthyr_death vfx_fenring_death vfx_fenring_hurt vfx_fermenter_add vfx_fermenter_tap vfx_fir_oldlog vfx_FireAddFuel vfx_FireballHit vfx_firetree_regrow vfx_firetreecut vfx_firetreecut_dead vfx_firlogdestroyed vfx_firlogdestroyed_half vfx_foresttroll_hit vfx_ForgeAddFuel vfx_Freezing vfx_Frost vfx_frostarrow_hit vfx_frosttroll_hit vfx_gdking_stomp vfx_ghost_death vfx_ghost_hit vfx_goblin_death vfx_goblin_hit vfx_goblin_woodwall_destroyed vfx_goblinbrute_death vfx_goblinbrute_hit vfx_goblinking_beam_OLD vfx_GoblinShield vfx_GodExplosion vfx_greydwarf_death vfx_greydwarf_elite_death vfx_greydwarf_hit vfx_greydwarf_root_destroyed vfx_greydwarf_shaman_pray vfx_greydwarfnest_destroyed vfx_greydwarfnest_hit vfx_groundtorch_addFuel vfx_GuckSackDestroyed vfx_GuckSackHit vfx_GuckSackSmall_Destroyed vfx_Harpooned vfx_hatchling_death vfx_hatchling_hurt vfx_HealthUpgrade vfx_HearthAddFuel vfx_HitSparks vfx_ice_destroyed vfx_ice_destroyed_shelf vfx_ice_hit vfx_iceblocker_destroyed vfx_ImpDeath vfx_kiln_addore vfx_kiln_produce vfx_leech_death vfx_leech_hit vfx_lootspawn vfx_lox_groundslam vfx_MeadSplash vfx_mill_add vfx_mill_produce vfx_MudDestroyed vfx_MudHit vfx_neck_death vfx_neck_hit vfx_oak_cut vfx_oaklogdestroyed vfx_oaklogdestroyed_half vfx_ocean_clouds vfx_odin_despawn vfx_offering vfx_perfectblock vfx_pickable_pick vfx_pinelogdestroyed vfx_pinelogdestroyed_half vfx_pinetree_regrow vfx_pinetreecut vfx_Place_bed vfx_Place_beehive vfx_Place_brazierceiling01 vfx_Place_cart vfx_Place_cauldron vfx_Place_charcoalkiln vfx_Place_chest vfx_Place_digg vfx_Place_forge vfx_Place_Karve vfx_Place_mud_road vfx_Place_portal vfx_Place_Raft vfx_Place_raise vfx_Place_replant vfx_Place_smelter vfx_Place_spinningwheel vfx_Place_stone_floor vfx_Place_stone_floor_2x2 vfx_Place_stone_wall_2x1 vfx_Place_stone_wall_4x2 vfx_Place_VikingShip vfx_Place_windmill vfx_Place_wood_beam vfx_Place_wood_floor vfx_Place_wood_pole vfx_Place_wood_roof vfx_Place_wood_stair vfx_Place_wood_wall vfx_Place_wood_wall_half vfx_Place_wood_wall_roof vfx_Place_workbench vfx_player_death vfx_player_hit vfx_Poison vfx_poisonarrow_hit vfx_Potion_health_medium vfx_Potion_stamina_medium vfx_prespawn vfx_ProjectileHit vfx_RockDestroyed vfx_RockDestroyed_large vfx_RockDestroyed_Obsidian vfx_RockHit vfx_RockHit_Obsidian vfx_SawDust vfx_seagull_death vfx_serpent_attack_trigger vfx_serpent_death vfx_serpent_hurt vfx_shrub_2_destroyed vfx_shrub_2_heath_destroyed vfx_shrub_2_hit vfx_shrub_heath_hit vfx_silvermace_hit vfx_skeleton_big_death
Prefab Names V - Z
vfx_skeleton_death vfx_skeleton_hit vfx_skeleton_mace_hit vfx_sledge_hit vfx_sledge_iron_hit vfx_smelter_addfuel vfx_smelter_addore vfx_smelter_produce vfx_Smoked vfx_spawn vfx_spawn_large vfx_spawn_small vfx_StaminaUpgrade vfx_stone_floor_destroyed vfx_stone_stair_destroyed vfx_stone_wall_4x2_destroyed vfx_stonegolem_attack_hit vfx_stonegolem_death vfx_stonegolem_hurt vfx_stonegolem_wakeup vfx_stubbe vfx_swamp_mist vfx_swamptree_cut vfx_torch_hit vfx_tree_fall_hit vfx_troll_attack_hit vfx_troll_death vfx_troll_groundslam vfx_troll_log_hitground vfx_troll_rock_destroyed vfx_turnip_grow vfx_UndeadBurn vfx_vines_destroyed vfx_walltorch_addFuel vfx_WaterImpact_Karve vfx_WaterImpact_Raft vfx_WaterImpact_VikingShip vfx_Wet vfx_WishbonePing vfx_wolf_death vfx_wolf_hit vfx_wood_stack_destroyed vfx_wraith_death vfx_wraith_hit VikingShip vines widestone widestone_frac windmill Wishbone WitheredBone Wolf Wolf_cub Wolf_Ragdoll WolfFang WolfPelt Wood wood_beam wood_beam_1 wood_beam_26 wood_beam_45 wood_door wood_dragon1 wood_fence wood_floor wood_floor_1x1 wood_gate wood_ledge wood_pole wood_pole_log wood_pole_log_4 wood_pole2 wood_roof wood_roof_45 wood_roof_icorner wood_roof_icorner_45 wood_roof_ocorner wood_roof_ocorner_45 wood_roof_top wood_roof_top_45 wood_stack wood_stair wood_stepladder wood_wall_half wood_wall_log wood_wall_log_4x0.5 wood_wall_roof wood_wall_roof_45 wood_wall_roof_top wood_wall_roof_top_45 woodiron_beam woodiron_pole woodwall Wraith wraith_melee YagluthDrop YmirRemains
Stolen Content
Just as a heads up, parts of this guide and entire versions of it have been reposted on various sites (scam sites full of ads, "journalist" sites, Steam, Reddit, etc) without my permission. I'm not affiliated with any of them and this Steam guide is the original source. I'd advise staying away from any sketchy sites, and definitely don't download any "mods" from them.

If you want to copy the lists or any commands to your computer, own guide, blog, Reddit, or whatever, then go ahead but please give credit and don't put ads all over it. (my own source is directly from the game files)
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Thank you again for the overwhelming support everyone! (it's literally too much support... simps all of you smh)
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Eaklartin Mar 2 @ 9:48pm 
new monsters and materials and whatnot if you ever wish to update the prefab list, but i understand if thats a hassle
S  [author] Mar 2 @ 9:26pm 
Does it need an update? I haven't seen anything related to the console in updates...
Eaklartin Mar 2 @ 9:23pm 
i guess an update to this is in the works?
S  [author] Jan 5 @ 9:35pm 
Do you know if Steam launch options work for other games? Unless they changed the way to enable cheats again, it's probably an issue with Steam and you may have to do it manually. Try googling "Steam launch options win11" or smth
oneeyejeff Jan 5 @ 8:10pm 
Cheat mode in Valheim did not work in WIndows 11. And even I put -console and F5 did not work. HELP!
Faraón Love Shady Oct 22, 2021 @ 5:01pm 
raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cage al juego ya no puedo jugar puse como 1000 finales rip
BMG Sep 18, 2021 @ 2:07pm 
hmm. I am the server admin, and the FOV command isn't working... thoughts? The console accepts the response and prints out a message saying "setting FOV to 100", but nothing actually changes.
kiddinomyte Aug 8, 2021 @ 12:47pm 
I feel dumb
S  [author] Aug 8, 2021 @ 12:33pm 
"Is there any way to spawn Serpents? (the sea sneks)"

You literally said how to spawn one in your question lol

"spawn Serpent"
kiddinomyte Aug 8, 2021 @ 12:19pm 
Is there any way to spawn Serpents? (the sea sneks)