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Europa Universalis IV

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Modern EU4
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Modern EU4

Work with 1.32.**
v 5.1.4

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Description :
This mod is for all players, even if you play historically
You can build ancient empires in the modern era
You can even build new empires that did not exist historically
  • Persian Empire
  • Mongol Empire
  • Great Britain
  • South Empire
  • Arabian Empire
  • Mexican Empire
  • Hunic Empire
  • Ottoman Empire
  • and more ...!
Atomic attacks
Missile Attacks
Precise borders of provinces in the modern world
Excellent artificial intelligence
Unequal wars but sweet victories
Buy and sell oil
Buy and sell electronics
Uranium enrichment and production of atomic bomb and its use
A thousand Years of Game Play
New sanctions system Like USA
A system exactly like the real world dollar
You can boycott goods exclusively from the rest of the country
Build military bases
Increase or decrease the prices of goods through diplomacy and production change
AI with excellent performance, both your rival AI and the player
New characters of aircraft carriers, tanks and ...
Build US military bases
Arabic NATO
Construction of arms and shipbuilding companies
Military support for other countries in a new way
European Union
Assassination of rulers
Addition of drugs and its role in the world
Adding titanium to the game and extracting it as a valuable prize product
New espionage abilities with activated Espionage Idea

And maybe a thousand other valuable changes to play and learn
Because this is not a normal Europa Universalis 4
This is a new game


Credit :

Thanks to all the friends who allowed me to use their activities to create sweet moments for you.
These friends that you probably all know:

  1. qweytr : ET mod
  2. Flogi : Idea Variation
  3. Danger zone : Alternate Future Timeline for ET
  4. Ted52 : Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod

Protection :
  • Modern EU4 Patreon []

    Warning :
    1. you have to have all DLCs
    2. you have to play without any Graphical Mod , This mod Has Graphic
    3. We see your suggestions and criticisms in the comments and we act on them
      Please explain the strengths and weaknesses of the mod to us so that we can improve it

    Direct Download :
  • Direct Download []

    سخنی کوتاه با ایرانیان : عزیزان ما در سرور دیسکورد خود فارسی زبانان تمام دنیا را جمع کرده ایم تا با هم این بازی را به صورت شبکه ای قدرت مند از همزبانان خود ادامه دهیم و لذتی دوچندان ببریم
    اگر دوست دارید به ما بپیوندید به سرور دیسکورد معرفی شده در توضیحات بالا بپیوندید
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kaliforniamike Nov 30 @ 5:17pm 
@Coe Thanks for the reply. The problem for me was that oil - and most of the other new goods types didn't spawn at all on the map so nobody had any to trade and the option never came up in any of the diplo menus. Getting DLC content fixed this. I think it was the one that adds innovativeness levels to provinces or something.

I haven't played long enough yet to see any overpowered small nations but I am excited to kick their ass and bring some democracy to them and then take their oil.
Coe⁧⁧ [Quality Control] Nov 30 @ 4:05pm 

Either get a provience that is producing it or buy it off someone who has one. It's an absolutely horrible debuff that basically forces you to constantly manually trade with someone for it every 10 years..

On that note, the whole economy seems to be severely broken at large because i see even the smallest & poorest nation spam nuclear reactors + level 8-14 forts while having large armies and money to spare. Certain enlightenment ideas wouldn't spawn for me or any of the AI either.
kaliforniamike Nov 29 @ 12:55pm 
Anyone know how to get fuel? That 5% national unrest is rough.

I was able to see how to buy electronics, but I don't see fuel or oil or anything like it in any of the menus. I looked at most of the countries I would imagine have fuel.

Shoutout to the creators of the mod, I've only been playing it for a minute but it's great and it looks like a lot of work went into it.
Ghalandar  [author] Nov 22 @ 6:00am 

I will check this and fix it if there is a problem
Thanks for your report
ashwood Nov 21 @ 9:06pm 
Tried playing as Canada, but because this mod has some provinces as colonies every time the natives rise up there the game crashes, if you try and attack the natives there came crashes, impossible to play.
Ghalandar  [author] Nov 20 @ 11:44am 
Mod Updated
Ghalandar  [author] Nov 13 @ 12:54am 
@fisto the robo

We have eliminated the revolutionary system altogether, it does not fit into the system of the modern world
fisto the robo Nov 12 @ 8:25pm 
Maybe reintroduce the revolutionary system as communist and fascist extremist revolutionary systems?
Ghalandar  [author] Nov 12 @ 12:11pm 
You have to wait a bit
I have not been able to find the problem yet. The update will be done soon
tinglezer Nov 12 @ 11:38am 
disapointment, it was outdated