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Bloodborne The Board Game
Type: Game
Complexity: Medium Complexity
Number of Players: 4
Play Time: 120 minutes
File Size
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Feb 8 @ 9:01pm
May 4 @ 7:00pm
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Bloodborne The Board Game

This is the first upload of Bloodborne The Board Game. It includes the following:
  • Everything from the base game
  • All playable hunters from all expansions
  • Chalice Dungeon Expansion
  • Hunters Dream Expansion

Updated with the new rulebook and FAQ

Added the Hunters Dream Expansion
Added the Player Aid

Added the Chalice Dungeon Expansion

All campaigns from the base game have been added!

Pretty big update! Huge thanks to David C who provided snap points, a custom HP counter, enemy token images, and more!

To do:
Add the rest of the campaigns from the base game.
Get standees for monsters (and scale them appropriately).
Get 3D models for hunters and enemies.
Organize the game better.
Make the table bigger.
Custom counter for Blood Echos
Custom counter for enemy HP
Add all of the expansions

If you are going to send me a friend request, please post a comment to this mod first.
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WhiteFox❉ Oct 6 @ 10:32am 
Where are the missions of campain 2 and 3 of long hunt?
TheCopernicus  [author] Aug 8 @ 5:33pm 
@Rogan, all the other tokens, cards, etc can be found inside the game box in the top left corner.
Rogan Aug 5 @ 10:26am 

Thank you! One final question, having completed The Long Hunt campaign, I'm not sure how to start up any of the others, i.e. finding the enemy cards, tokens etc, is there any description in the mod explaining how to set it up?
TheCopernicus  [author] Aug 1 @ 4:28pm 
Yes, if you want to delete the extra hunter dashboards, hover over them and press the L key on your keyboard. Then you should be able to hover over them and hit the delete key.

All the campaign cards are numbered so if you right click the deck and select search, you can search for the numbered card you are looking for and drag it onto the table.
Rogan Aug 1 @ 2:38pm 
Loving the mod so far mate, two quick questions though, is there a way to move the hunter dashboards and/or delete the ones not being used? Also is there a quick way to pick out specific campaign cards from the pile without having to mill through the deck manually?
Rainox Gamer May 18 @ 4:26pm 
Looking somone to play with and lern "how to " :D
The Milkman May 12 @ 4:01pm 
God bless your soul
TheCopernicus  [author] May 4 @ 7:03pm 
@estilnia, they are all in the box in the upper left corner.
estilnia May 1 @ 7:17pm 
where can I find all the enemy tokens?
PaxsonD Apr 5 @ 6:24am 
Just finished a chapter, well done! It's incredible