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The Quest

Horde II
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The Quest Mithril Horde II is an expansion by Zarista Games for The Quest by Redshift.

This expansion is designed for level 75 characters. To travel to this expansion, visit Captain Hanty in the port of Mithria, then select Horde II as your travel destination.

You have successfully defeated the great dragon king Bethlusaa but his spirit lives on and is now lurking in a magical tome. From his sheltering spellbook, he plots to regain power and physical form by possessing the body of Lord Yuz's cousin Yasmine. It would be the perfect revenge.

So far, Bethlusaa's spirit has succeeded in placing Princess Yasmine under his thrall and awaits the correct convergence of the stars to break out of the book and take her over completely. Somehow, the news has reached Lord Yuz who now bids you travel to the City of Al-Khamsin in the distant country of Caspara where Yasmine lies in a stupor in the palace.

Your mission is to find the spellbook that shelters Bethlusaa's spirit and exorcise him to the realm of the dead for good while saving Princess Yasmine.

Meanwhile, a great mage is also interested in the book and its inhabitant. Mage Nur Ali has set deadly snares for you. You'll need all your wits and prowess to stay alive in this exotic land and finish your assignment!