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Obtaining Lavere's Partner Card
By TQuinTV
It takes 85 client orders to obtain Lavere's partner card, but using the steps outlined in my guide, you can complete these in around four days with only around 20 minutes of casual grinding per day.
Who Is Lavere?
Lavere is an NPC in the gate area who gives client orders for killing Falspawn.
You can find her on the right side of the map looking out the window.

Fun fact about Lavere, her family was murdered by Falspawn in front of her and she has committed the rest of her life to taking revenge. Slightly less known, you can actually obtain Lavere's partner card to take her with you on missions. In order to do this, you will have to complete 85 daily client orders for her to unlock the client order to obtain her partner card. While this seems like a lot of work, there's a trick you can employ to complete all 85 in a matter of only a few days.
How Does It Work?
All of Lavere's client orders are centered around killing Falspawn but there is no requirement to kill mobs of any specific level, you just have to kill the right ones. Fortunately, several of the story missions are ripe with a large variety of Falspawn and can be cleared very quickly on Casual difficulty. This does require that you have played the story missions through the end of Episode 5 to access the ones you need to complete this process.

Alternatively, you could just complete Lavere's orders by running mining base missions which will require buying the triggers and grouping with other players, but by using story missions you can finish Lavere's 85 orders and obtain her partner card solo easily within just a few days of minor grinding. I will outline below some specific client order groups and the corresponding story missions you can use to clear all of the orders in a single pass.
Client Orders and Missions
Simply accept all client orders of the specified type and then complete the indicated story mission one time to clear all of the client orders in a single pass.

Client orders: Falspawn Eradication I-VI
Story mission: Ep1:Ch7 Falspawn Full Assault

Client orders: Eraser Report I-V
Story mission: Ep2:Ch3 A Truth Long Hidden

Client orders: Aggressive Illusions I-V
Story mission: Ep4:Ch7 A Mother's Wish

Client orders: Demolition Ambition I-V
Story mission: Ep5:Ch5 Invasion from Ys Artia
The Final Client Order
By following the guidance above, you should be able to complete 21 client orders per day. On average, each should take you around five minutes to complete skipping cutscenes. After four days, if you've never completed a Lavere order before you should have a total of 84 completed leaving you with one last order to complete and then the final client order to obtain her partner card. Once you've completed all 85, she will have a new client order called Wanna Team Up?

To finish this last step you will just need to defeat a Gwanada (Desert Exploration boss), a Wolguarda (Wolguarda Eradication boss), and a Zeshraider (Ruins Exploration boss). Accept the final order and defeat those three bosses and you will finally have access to Lavere's partner card so you can weird flex on all your friends. Have fun! :D

I hope that this has been helpful and I'm glad to provide additional information if you have any questions. You can use the comments section below and I also stream PSO2 frequently on Twitch. You are welcome to engage with me their as well if you would like assistance in a real-time environment. I will provide the link for my channel below.
Best of luck and happy hunting, ARKS!
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Kasu Mar 19 @ 3:16am 
@Ice Well they just have benefits. Presents (buff food), free Excubes (for titles of each partner) and it is overall more fun runing missions with partners (or other player NPC) if there's no other player of your alliance around to accompany you.
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