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Scenario Type: Air, Infantry, Vehicles, Water
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Feb 6 @ 4:43am
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CONSP1RACIE5 - STARS AND STRIPES is settled in a fictional US-County. The unique map for this scenario is included in this download.


Shortly after the stuff happened in Canada (CONSP1RACIE5 - Red Maple) the USA lost their president. The country is now ruled by the military, outlaws, raider ect. As a former cop you will wake up in a hospital together with your max. 3 friends (If COOP). Try to find out what happened between the days of you serving and now in a completly new post-apocalyptic world in the USA. Speak to people, do missions for them, build up your own group of government/resistance and try to survive.


- SP or 4 players COOP
- new map
- new soundtrack by BPOF
- Experience-system
- interessting storyline
- different factions (Raiders, Military, Blue Gangs, Red Gangs, The Mads, Zombies, Demons, wildlife & different monsters) some friendly, some not...
- open world gameplay
- scary places with a lot of atmosphere
- hidden bunkers and secret places
- interact with NPCs
- several side-missions
- huge amount of main-missions
- different quests to encounter
- base building & team building
- changing weather, accelerated time (day, night cycle)

OTHER parts of CON15:

CON15 - Red Maple (SP):
CON15 - Red Maple (MP):
CON15 - Red Maple Episode "It was worth it":
CON15 - CORE Episode "Exit from Hell":
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MaturE-RS4  [author] Apr 16 @ 12:21pm 
You will find it by dearching the new bpof mao in MP mode, just start a new server there to gain access. =) Hope it helps =) Its designed as a MP-Coop mission so you will find it by clicking in the new map we created in multiplayer. It is a bit annyoing for new players, but we will fix it soon so you will have also access by scenrios on singleplayer in a few. So chosse a new mp-game, click on the BPOF-US-Conuty map and you will find the mission.I you have problems, join our discord-server. =)
CommoSgt Apr 15 @ 1:58pm 
how do you start, this is the 3rd set of mods that does not show up in sp or mp. idk if its me or what, but i have everything in the list green checkmarked. doesnt work for me
kevinhale443 Apr 8 @ 8:04am 
Too many Mods
MaturE-RS4  [author] Feb 12 @ 11:19am 
Hi Dust Muffin, you need to take a look at Multiplayer. You will find the mission when you select our terrain in MP. Its designed as a COOP mission. You will not fin it in Singleplayer. But you still can play it as SP in the MP mode if you wish.

vital.plotnickow2016 Feb 11 @ 12:19am 
why push so many mods?
Dust Muffin Feb 6 @ 11:34pm 
Hi I cant find the mission or get it to run