The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Work in the Riften Guard
Created by DreadnaughtVCN
=-=-=-=-=- Description -=-=-=-=-=

This mod allows the player. to work with the riften guard.
As a guard you now have a bed and personal armor set
in the riften guard barracks, But also you can clean the
"Filth" from the rift by Finding evidence on ...
Character Creation Overhaul - Races - Classes - Skills
Created by Syclonix

Character Creation Overhaul finally brings back birthsigns, classes, specializations, favored attributes, and...
Marked Incompatible ]  Fetish Pantyhose Outfits
Created by Turbosnowy
Many people requested some more nylon goodness in my collections and quite rightly so in my humble opinion, so this is the mod collection for pantyhose (and probably stockings) outfits. In future will play with dernier, gloss and colours and of course dif...
Summon All Creatures/Animals/MORE
Created by Captain Sisko
Just hit subscribe, and play your game (after hitting play in steam, let mods load, then hit play to go in game)

Animal/Creature Conjuration Spells Can be found on the apropriate Wizard or Phinis Gestor(conjure mage) of winterhold collage for the apropr...
Character Creation Overhaul - Diverse Races and Genders
Created by Syclonix
This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED optional module for Character Creation Overhaul located at:

You must have the Character Creation Overhaul for this mod to work.

Vanilla Skyrim allowed any st...
Ring of Change
Created by GoroUnreal
NOTE: This mod has now been ported to Skyrim Special Edition PC and XBOX ONE

Adds the Ring of Change to the game, allows you to change your character's appearance with most bugs removed.

By equipping the ring you will be teleported to the Cave of Ch...
Playable Dragon Priest Race
Created by
This mod lets you play as a dragon priest.
I got a request to make this and i did.
Your starting stats are 250 health, 200 stamina and 300 magicka.
You have +40 for destruction,+10 for illusion,restoration,conjuration and alteration.
This mod shouldn't...
Ensiferum Battle Music - Battle Song
Created by SilentRider
For all Metal Fans out there! \m/

This Modification adds the epic song "Battle Song" from Ensiferum to Skyrim.
You will hear it in all battles, dragons or even ...
'Dha Werda Verda' Combat Music
Created by Weasel Words
"Many men will volunteer to die, but few will be patient in the face of pain."

Mandalorians are cool. Dovahkiin is cool. But when the two come together...

Well, that's what this mod does. Like my other mods, it won't replace any files, only add Rage ...
Valkyrie Race
Created by Hexid
Version 0.0.4out_fx5
It's need the ValhallaBaseDef_v_0_0_1.esm
but it seems can't upload the .esm file
you can find .esp version of that file by this link:
you need and just rename it as t...
Marked Incompatible ]  Fetish Wardrobe
Created by Turbosnowy
A collection of standalone clothing items designed to be mixed and matched to allow ultimate customisation of outfits.

Designed to work with Gloves & Heels from the Fetish Armour Collection & Fetish Catsuit mods by Turbosnowy.

Remember if you like a...
\\\V/// F.S.F.A.R Female Skeleton for all Races
>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature

>:F.S.F.A.R Female Skeleton for all Races
Sword Art Online Music Replacer: Beater Edition
Created by Swood Dood
This mod changes all of the music and some sound effects in Skyrim. *Also Includes music from Sword Art Online II.

The Music includes


1. Crossing Field (op 1)
2. Innocence (op 2)
3. Ignite (op 3)
4. Courage (op 4)

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