Wargame: AirLand Battle

Wargame: AirLand Battle

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Battle plans: Attacking a city
By Coffee_Zombie and 2 collaborators
This guide for attacking an opfor's established city. This guide does not focus on the inital bite and hold but many of the lessons can be transferred over.
So you want to attack a city, but all those opfor guys inside are making it a rough day for you. This guide is for attacking an established city not the initial bite and hold thou many of these lessons can transfer over. Did you want a strategy that did not just rely on sapeurs and numbers? Well you have come the right guide then my friend.
Step One: Recon
Recon that city the best you can. The recon part allows you to estimate enemy strength and postion. I use a inf recon for spotting vehicles and other objects that can cause you to have a bad day on the battle front. I try to keep eyes on the reinforcement road when possible. The next step is to figure out who is shooting what and from where and this requires a little recon by force. My favourite method is to use some cheap 5 pt apcs spread out and attack move them forward. You are looking for the atgm buildings and any other long range attacks. Flare them so you dont forget as it will be very important shortly. Now that the recon portion of the attack stage is complete it is now time to setup your attacking force. This step is repeated after prepwork again.
Step Two: Prep work
You know the saying "only fools rush in" well take that to heart. The prep work has three basic sections, preparing for their counter, setting up your attacking forces, and support. The first step is to prepare for the enemies counter which is 9 times out of 10 bombers and artillery. Artillery you can not do much about except try to keep the opfor's recon off you, the bombers you can. Setup a strong ground based AA net well supplied and fairly forward and hidden in hedgerows and forests; don't leave them out as arty bait. If you want to use interceptors as well you can however be prepared to lose most of them as they will be engaging over enemy terrain. Do not just rely on interceptors. The plan is for the opfor to send the bombers in to counter your attack and then die at the hands of your AA and AAA. If at all possible get some atgm/tanks with range on the opfors reinforcement road; this is not always possible because of terrain/opfor but can be very helpful. The second step is to assemble your attacking force into three to four seperate easily selectable forces on a road not to far away but where the enemy doesnt have eyes on it. I break it up into the inital attack force usually consisting of 3 groups of 3 with a mix of basic infantry and flame infantry. The first group is to establish a foot hold with out gambling too many points and giving you a chance to back off if resistance is too steep for your force. The first group will take also take the initial brunt of the expected air attack which you are going to shoot down with that fully prepared AA net you have setup. You will lose troops but that is ok most infantry is cheaper then a jet and much more numerous. The second and third optional group are the same size as the first which you use to reinforce and expand your foot hold, we will get into the tactics in the next section. The final group is your specialty group consisting of ATGM/Manpad/recon infantry and supply trucks for your new city. The fourth group is also very helpful for cutting off reinforcement roads with atgms and manpads for helicopter problems. Finally we have the support of your attack prepwork this consists of having artillery or mortars on standby for smoke and suppression and low end tanks/vehicles for support. You will want about 5-10 low end ranged attack vehicles either already concealed in forests and hedgerows or somewhere not to far away as you will need coordination with your infantry.
Step Three: Recon again
Recon again and tag the units for smoking. This also allows you to see if anything changes.
Step Four: The Attack
Your prepwork is not all done or mostly done the best you can. The attack can be broken into four parts. The first part is pretty quick and that is using your recon tags from step three smoke the opfors long range units not to where you are attacking. Do not Smoke your footholds target buildings so your support vehicles can attack them at long range. Sometimes depending on terrain it is easier just block off half the city with smoke wall. Napalm tanks are also very handy for blocking large sections of line of sight with fire postion. Your goal here is to isolate your foothold from opfor's supporting fire this part is very important. As the shells are falling send in the initial strike force of 3 groups spread them out so they don't get smacked aside with a one bomber or art strike. Unload out of RPG range of the enemy and attack move both the apc's and infantry at the same time. You also want your support vehicles attack moving as well at this time. Here comes the bombers; you were expecting this so make it a one way trip for these bombers. Most of the bombers will get their payloads off but that is ok as they are now out of bombers and you have still have lots of infantry left in your attack groups. If napalm was dropped as it most likely will you have to work around it until it disapates. Sometimes the enemy drops so much napalm you can not work around it back up your strike force and reassemble and start at the first part of the attack phase again, if you did your job right in the prep phase those napalmers are not coming back. Now that the bombers are done your attack can press forward. Those support vehicles should be raining shells/autocannon fire/napalm onto the opfors buildings now stunning/panicing them as your initial strike force attack moves to their target. Now that you have establised a foot hold in the city you can start reinforcing and pushing out into the city. The inner city fighting is a slog fest and requires good micro to minimize losses. What you want is to keep your support vehicles out of RPG range but still have LOS to enemy buildings which can be trick very tricky try experimenting with fire on postion to look for LOS. Keep the units to 2-3 squads so it makes it harder to concentrate fire on you and minimize losses to art strikes. Attack move your APC's and support vehicles to the front lines so they can support your troops that is what they are there for. The apc's are great counter for opfors flamethrower units as they are hard to kill with flames(even the cheap ones). During the inner city fighting start trying to get your atgm inf to the outside of the city preferably where they range on the opfor's reinforcement road. Also start moving up some of your short range AA assets to the rear of the city behind the frontlines as they will start to send what is left of their bomber force at this stage on hopefully a one way trip. As the inner city fighting progesses start pushing up on the flanks with the rest of your army trying to cut off the city. The final stage of the city battle is firming up your city once it is conquered this basically bring the the atgm's to the front buidlings and securing up your aa net inside the city. This part is fairly simple and just means spreading stuff out hiding units in bushes and getting recon to forward postions.
Tips and Tricks
- Use cheap infantry for your inital strike force as they will take the most losses.

- If you can see it you can hit it; if you can hit it you can kill it. So stop opfor at step one.

- Expensive troops burn as well as cheap troops.

- Use Napalm like smoke when attacking cities. Do not Napalm your target buildings!

- To decrease artillery/bomber strikes effectiveness use groups of two or three squads and dont cluster with other groups.

- if possible coordinate with other teammates for simultaneous pushes so it divides the enemies attention and munitions.

- Communication is key. Use a Voip when possible.

- Dont artillery armoured units look for soft targets .

- Smoke hard targets. If it cant see it does not have any targets.

- Think ahead

- Infared AA in front

- If you can go around it try that.

- I love jeeps RR for city fighting.

- Expensive units majour advantage is range so get those cheap units up close and personal. KE is your friend.

- If all else fails burn it to the ground.
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tacoshy Jan 6, 2016 @ 6:00am 
if you doint it professional you take a vehicle with exeptional spotting device (e.g. BTRM) and some good tanks with the best front armor and all other units which could rpovide cover fire like BMP's/IFV, or tanks and move foward on that town (not attack order) so the enemy will commence fire on the strongest armor and reveal themself, the spotter will see it and allow your units to return fire. the strongest armor charging dircelty on front of the AT units to eat the dmg while they can survive it allowing to get the rest close enough to fire distance down to 600m. at that distance you see everything even hiden in buildings and can light it up. now you can easily move in your units.
tacoshy Jan 6, 2016 @ 5:56am 
also kinda out of date and you can do it like in this guide but there plenty way to get the job easier done and more effectivly. smoke is a good thing to get infantry close enough to enter town with flamers while 1-2 platoons are in generally enough to push the enemy back and get a clear way to town for following units.
other way instead of using the cheapest infantry use 15men squad size infantry units which can take more beating and allowing special forces or flamers to enter the city... apc or tank support sounds great but requires to be absolutly sure that their is no atgm infantry hiden which will be real though if the enemy is smart and turned atgm weapons off like i mostly do to save expensive ammo.
Coffee_Zombie  [author] Mar 23, 2014 @ 10:17pm 
1. Sounds like a good addition for recon if you are using planes.
2. (A) infared/spaag pay for themselves (stella 10/Chaps/avengers will shoot down planes with ease after winchester)
2. (B) if town is completely surrounded recon for those units then bomb into ground.
3. shoot more in planes then infantry was worth.
4. infared/spaag adjust a few meters before arty
5. reinforce town.
6. laugh like hyena
Appeltaart Mar 23, 2014 @ 4:04pm 
Attacking a city in short
1. send some anti radar plane's
2. are there anti radar Vehicles Yes find out where No bomb the city down with napalm
3. ????
4. Profit
Texascheesegun2 Mar 20, 2014 @ 12:53pm 
good guide
Coffee_Zombie  [author] Mar 17, 2014 @ 7:51pm 
613 thank you for the compliment. Recon units wont spot units in buildings but the truck they came will show you where the atgm buildings are.: ). Burning it to the ground is an option but they or you will run out of bombers eventually. A good attack will put you in the leads point wise if done right.
613codyrex Mar 17, 2014 @ 6:47pm 
it is alway a pain to attack cities and towns, recon rarely sees infantry inside the building. sometimes i revert to burnning it to the ground since i dont feel like diverting units and wasting points on a attack. Good Guide BTW wall of text but still packed with uselful info.