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The Complete Dead Cells Experience for Everyone
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Jan 29, 2021 @ 8:17am
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The Complete Dead Cells Experience for Everyone

*Updated for v27 - Jan 2022* *Requires all paid DLC*

The Complete Dead Cells Experience for Everyone

AKA "BC3 made easy", AKA 'if you are hardcore player who plays on BC4 this mod isn't for you'

I have made a few mods for Dead Cells before, tweaking the difficulty to make it easier, decreasing the grind, unlocking enemies for lower difficulties, etc. This time, I'm picking the BC3/Expert difficulty and I'm making it easier, as BC1/Hard mode.

But why? Why shouldn't I play BC1 if that's what I want??

Because there are a few advantages/features you obtain by picking BC3 in the difficulty selector. Like:

-Increased cell gain (otherwise I would have to add it as a feature in the mod too)
-Bigger enemy variety (very important for me)
-New paths between biomes (like going from Forgotten Sepulcher to the Giant boss)
-More forge tiers available to progress
-More cell doors to open in the levels, which also can have more fights or shops
-You need to play BC3 to obtain Acceptance mutation
-Scrolls fragments to pick
-More skins to unlock

All together, it makes the definitive Dead Cells experience. Obviously, this mod is done for people who aren't good enough to play BC3 normally, or want a more casual experience.

-Gear level, starting amulet and health fountain work like in BC1.
-Enemies health is a hair above BC1.
-You have the extra elite and the extra enemy density that correspond to BC3, bosses and elites have +14% hp (for reerence, in BC1 bosses have +10%hp and elite have +0%).
-An extra dual scroll on the starting level, and another one on the last non-boss biome(shipwreck, castle, distillery), to compensate the more dangerous enemies that appear on BC3 (see also the below point).
-Speaking of extra enemies... these last three biomes also feature the Astrolab unique enemies (which are hard), and some enemies that in the umodded version only appeared in a single biome, I made them appear on an extra biome. Some examples are Caster (Greenhouse), Golem (Clock Tower), Automaton (Cemetery), Royal Guard (Swamp) and more.

Additionally I have included a few QoL and extra re-balance tweaks like:

-Increased blueprint drop chance (the rarer bluprints had a ridiculous low chance), Now it is 15% common, 8% uncommon, 4% rare, 2.5% legendary drop rates.
-Unlocked a few skins that needed BC4 before.
-Vampirism and Face flask items slightly buffed (in theory? I've improved their scaling value but I'm not sure how that works in the game).
-Lowered curse when breaking a door (although it's still higher than a curse chest).
-Cheaper mutations reset cost.
-Reduced Hunter's Grenade price.
-A normal enemy can drop the Collector's Syringe too.