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Conan Exiles

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Savage Wilds 1.3.50
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Savage Wilds 1.3.50

Base information
Mod ID: 2377569193
Minimal download size: The Savage Wilds is roughly 1.5gb in size (uncompressed)
Maximum Compatibility: Compatible with all other non-map mods (loading order doesn't matter)
Size: The Savage Wilds houses roughly 30 square kilometer of playable space Vs. Exiled Lands (about 31)

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Map features
  • Recipe availability: All recipes from the Exiled Lands (except for the Map-room) are available on The Savage Wilds map. In addition, most of the Siptah recipes are as well!
  • New Fast-travel system: Shima the Caravaneer will grant you access to different key locations on the map, as long as you have the money to pay for it. Discover all her locations for a fast-travel-fiesta!
  • Purges: The purges on the Savage Wilds are guaranteed to have thrallable humans in them. No animal-only purges.
  • Event system: Be it imp-raids on NPC settlements, meteor storms, sunken wrecks or lost kittens, events in the Savage Wilds give an extra flavor to the map. These events are an opt-in system and has to be activated in order for them to run. In addition to this, seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas are available.
  • Delving: The Delving system from Siptah is active in the Exiled Lands as well. You may find Eldarium in rare chests in camps to use towards this purpose.
  • New NPC factions: Meet the Hyrkanian Outriders, the Hyperboreans and Clan Culann. One of these are friendly. And it's not the Hyperboreans.
  • RP-support locations: The Savage Wilds extends support to RP communities by having dedicated areas for admin-buildable spaces.
  • No Mans Land Dungeon Hub: The Savage Wilds features a Dungeon Hub accessible from Shima. This location is a large area where players can explore dungeon content.
  • Mercantile system: Vendors in The Savage Wilds accept all manners of coin for their wares and will automatically give you change back. No need to have the exact amount of change in your inventory.

New factions
  • Hyperboreans: The savage Hyperboreans have claimed large parts of the northern territories, and you enter their domain on pain of death. Louhi, the Witch-queen rules her warriors with an iron fist. The Hyperboreans are much too Savage to be thralled.
  • Hyrkanian: The Outriders of Hyrkania have claimed parts of the western part of the map where they search the surrounding area for foals for their warriors.
  • Clan Culann: The Cimmerians of Clan Culann have been forced out of their home. Where they have gone, only few know.

Adventure locations
The Savage Wilds houses four themed adventure locations. These are not dungeons and can be built in. Shima has also set up shop in or near these locations. Explore the Savage Wilds to find them all. The locations are:
  • The Volcano
  • The Last Refuge
  • The Ruins of Xun'Sha
  • The Lost Valley

Savage Wilds has a dungeon hub named "No Mans Land". No Mans Land is an open playable (but not buildable) space where you can explore, find secrets, fight powerful bosses and of course, get new recipes and loot. This dungeon hub grants access to a number of dungeons, as listed below:
  • The Sunken Forge
  • The Blackblood Crypt
  • The Lost Atheneum
  • The Engineers Prison
  • The House of Vala
  • The Halls of the Voidforge
You can access the No Mans Land area through Shima, who will escort you there in exchange for Bronze Coins. In addition, Savage Wilds has a number of caves and instances that you might call dungeons, such as the Tomb of the Atlantean King spread across the map.

RP Support
Savage Wilds has a number of areas dedicated to admin-only builds. Use Pippi or other mods to build and teleport to these locations.
  • Open-sky area 1: TeleportPlayer -240712 9233 -10088
  • Open-sky area 2: TeleportPlayer -306017 131434 -18331
  • Movie Stage 1 (suitable for dungeons): TeleportPlayer 314407 -127769 -19319
  • Movie Stage 2 (suitable for dungeons): TeleportPlayer 345088 -126976 -18432
  • Movie Stage 3 (suitable for dungeons): TeleportPlayer 345088 -155648 -18432
  • Movie Stage 4 (suitable for dungeons): TeleportPlayer 314368 -156672 -18432
  • Movie Stage 5 (suitable for dungeons): TeleportPlayer 344064 -183296 -18432
  • Movie Stage 6 (suitable for dungeons): TeleportPlayer 345088 -211968 -18432
  • Movie Stage 7 (suitable for dungeons): TeleportPlayer 314368 -183296 -18432
  • Movie Stage 8 (suitable for dungeons): TeleportPlayer 314368 -211968 -18432

Additional things worth knowing
  • Corrupted Stone is a separate recipe on Savage Wilds. You can learn it for free.

Savage Wilds modifies no base-game assets and should be compatible with every mod that is well-groomed. That said, certain mods might not be, (out of date or otherwise modifying data/core Funcom blueprints in naughty ways) and thus incompatible with the map (for whatever reason).

EULA Compliance
This mod contains assets (art, music, code, items, systems and/or designs) that are the intellectual property of Funcom Oslo AS or their licensors