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Named Dragon Skulls - A Drop Skulls Add-On
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Mar 12, 2014 @ 6:35am
Mar 21, 2014 @ 11:37am
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Named Dragon Skulls - A Drop Skulls Add-On

Add-On For Dragons, Giants, Mammoths and Trolls Drop Skulls (REQUIRED)

Now when you slay a named dragon, you can loot its unique skull! With this add-on mod, the skulls of named dragons each have a different color and bear the dragon's name. They may be displayed as trophies or sold for gold.

NEW IN THIS UPDATE: The Dragon Soul Forge, which you may use to transform unnamed skulls into the unique, named skulls! (See Frequently Asked Questions, below.)

REQUIREMENT: This is an add-on for Dragons, Giants, Mammoths and Trolls Drop Skulls. You need to be subscribed to both mods to get the named dragon skulls. You may subscribe to Drop Skulls here: Drop Skulls


1. Description
2. Named Dragon Skulls Added
3. Requirements
4. Installing
5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. Incompatibilities With Other Mods
7. Known Bugs
8. Uninstalling
9. Version History

1. Description

Named Dragon Skulls gives the unique dragons of the game skulls with the name of the dragon from which they came! You may loot these skulls from named dragons after you slay them. The unique skulls each have a different color to make them stand out from the unnamed dragon skulls and from the skulls of other named dragons.

As with the skulls of Drop Skulls, the named dragon skulls may be displayed as trophies or sold to shopkeepers. Selling the named skulls gives your character more gold than selling the unnamed skulls, of course!

WHAT'S NEW: If you killed named dragons before you subscribed to Named Skulls, you can now get their skulls, too! Simply transform unnamed dragon skulls into named dragon skulls at the Dragon Soul Forge (see Frequently Asked Questions, below). No DLC required. The mod Dragons, Giants, Mammoths and Trolls Drop Skulls is required (see Installing, below).

2. Named Dragon Skulls Added

Dragon's Skull | Texture | Weight | Value
* Alduin | ebony and gold | 40 | 3000
* Mirmulnir | moonstone | 33 | 2000
* Nahagliiv | silver | 33 | 2000
* Paarthurnax | gold | 36 | 2500
* Sahloknir | steel | 33 | 2000
* Viinturuth | ebony | 33 | 2000
* Vuljotnaak | quick silver | 2000
* Vulthuryol | crimson | 33 | 2000

3. Requirements

* Skyrim and Skyrim updates - required
* Drop Skulls mod - required (see Installing, below)
* Hearthfire - not required, but compatible
* Dawnguard - not required, but compatible
* Dragonborn - not required, but compatible
* Unofficial Skyrim Patch - not required and untested

4. Installing

1. Log into Steam.
2. If you have not already subscribed to Drop Skulls, you should do so, here: Drop Skulls
3. Select the Subscribe button on this webpage.
4. Start Skyrim and wait for the splash screen to indicate it finished updating mods.
5. After both mods finish updating, start the game.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to subscribe to the other mod?
A. Yes. Named Dragon Skulls requires Drop Skulls.

Q. I don't have Drop Skulls, yet. Where do I get it?
A. You may subscribe to it here: Drop Skulls

Q. Can I get the skulls for named dragons I've already killed?
A. Yes, at the new Dragon Soul Forge.

Q. Where is the Dragon Soul Forge?
A. It is in Dragon Perch Tower, near High Hrothgar, where the Grey Beards live.

Q. How do I find the forge?
A. Exit High Hrothgar to the courtyard. Walk past the bonfire. Turn left. Enter the door of Dragon Perch Tower. Turn left. The Dragon Soul Forge has three stone dragon heads and holds black coals burning with blue flames.

Q. How do I use the forge?
A. Have an unnamed dragon skull in your inventory. Point to the glowing, inner circle of the cylinder in front of the forge. Activate it. Select the named dragon skull to create.

Q. Can I create anything else?
A. Yes, you can make an unnamed skull from 2 dragon bones and 2 dragon horns. I may add other recipes to a future update.

Q. Will Named Dragon Skulls make any changes to Drop Skulls?
A. Skulls looted from named dragons will now have unique textures and the dragons' names.

Q. Can I sell the skulls?
A. Yes, you can sell them to shopkeepers who buy general goods and alchemy ingredients. But if you change your mind, it will cost more to buy them back!

Q. Can I make armor or weapons from named dragon skulls?
A. Not yet.

Q. Can I make alchemy ingredients from them?
A. Not yet.

Q. Will you add unique skulls for the named dragons of Dragonborn?
A. Yes, if enough people subscribe to this mod and request it. An add-on for the DLC would then be released.

Q. Why are the skulls worth so much?
A. It seemed a good idea to make them worth more than the unnamed skulls, since they are one of a kind.

Q. Can I request additional features?
A. Sure! If enough people request a feature, I'll do my best to add it.

Q. Were new meshes and textures added to the game?
A. Yes. Each named dragon skull uses a unique mesh and texture.

Q. Were any scripts added?
A. Yes. A script is added to each named dragon--except two--which removes the unnamed dragon skull added by the Drop Skulls mod and replaces it with the appropriate named dragon skull, when the dragon dies. The scripts do not make any other changes.


Q. Can I get Odahviing's skull?
A. No. He cannot be killed, as far as I know.

Q. Alduin disappears when he dies. How do I get his skull?
A. An update to this add-on will place Alduin's skull on the ground when he disappears, if enough people request this feature.


Q. What will happen if I uninstall Named Dragon Skulls?
A. Any named dragon skulls collected will be removed from the game. Unnamed dragon skulls will remain, if you are still subscribed to Drop Skulls.

6. Known Bugs

In-game testing revealed no bugs. Named dragons tested: Mirmulnir, Sahloknir, Nahagliiv, Viinturuth, Vuljotnaak, Vulthuryol.

7. Incompatibilities With Other Mods

No known incompatibilities with other mods. If Named Dragon Skulls does not appear to work, make sure you are also subscribed to Drop Skulls.

8. Uninstalling

Log into Steam and select the Unsubscribe button on this webpage. Launch Skyrim. Wait for the splash screen to finish updating before starting the game. There is no need to manually remove any files.

9. Version History

* Version 2.3 - in-game testing complete, update released

* 2.2 - added recipes to the forge

* 2.1 - added Dragon Soul Forge

* 2.0 - added recipes to make named skulls

* 1.7 - in-game testing completed; add-on mod released

* 1.6 - added scripts to add the other named dragon skulls on death

* 1.5 - successful test in game

* 1.4 - added script to replace Sahloknir's unnamed skull with his named skull on death

* 1.3 - added textures for other named dragons

* 1.2 - added meshes for other named dragons

* 1.1 - added texture for Sahloknir's skull

* 1.0 - added mesh for Sahloknir's skull
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Still planned to make a Nexus version ?
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Fire: This mod should work with that one.
Fire_Guardian™ Oct 27, 2016 @ 12:22pm 
Sorry, I worded that rather poorly, I was try to ask if I have the base Drop Skulls mod from the nexus, do I need to get the workshop version to get this one to work properly. Again, sorry about the poor wording the first time.
sp0ckrates  [author] Oct 27, 2016 @ 12:14pm 
Fire: I believe it's the same mod. Verify the version number I entered at Nexus is the same. The higher the number, the newer it is.
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If I have this mod but I installed it from the Nexus, do I need to re-install it from the workshop?