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RedRooGaming Expedition Logs: The Water World Mod List
The Offical Collection of all the mods we have and are using on our Water Worlds group survival series
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(ARMCO) Repulsor Engines
Created by Spacebar
Collection of the repulsor engines from the ARMCO packs. Will be updating in the future with different models. These are expensive to build, but high thrust output with no flame and no flame damage

Update 3/7/2020 Added 1x1 Small Grid Repulsor, shrunk d...
Armored Conveyors
Created by Spacebar
Armored convyers are now public! 4 variations right now, Straight, Corner, T-Section, 4 way cross. Will be working on a couple other variants and custom tool bar icons.

Update 11/19/19
Pushed out an update to hopefully fix this stupid new block variant...
Compact Antenna with Research Tree Integration
Created by Kookas
Now updated for research trees and all the other cool new stuff.

Oversized feet no more. This antenna is 1 block narrower than the stock antenna, which could make putting an antenna on your ship a lot easier. (I certainly needed it.)

The lates...
Deuterium Fusion Reactors
Created by nukeguard
Fusion Power is here! Here at Ntech we strive to provide you with the best products and a most elegant experience. These reactors provide an order of magnitude more power than our alternative thorium reactors, yes we did borrow some tech, to make deuterium...
Discharged Power Cells for Batteries
Created by Gwindalmir
Moving a battery shouldn't cause component loss.
Phoenix Manufacturing has restored sanity and discharged power cells will be returned when grinding down a battery.

Of course they must be 'recycled' before they can be used again.
This can be easily do...
Dynamic Laser Compression Modular Thrusters
Created by Spacebar
MODULAR THRUSTERS! Now with over 50 variations!

Huge thanks to Mike_Angel for making the ship in the screenshots to model my thrusters, and to the Immaterium guys for their feedback during the development of these thrusters. And viewers like you...
MA Fighter Gunner Cockpit
Created by AutoMcDonough
FGC for short. Cockpit for gunner, fits behind Fighter Cockpit and matches style.
Compatible with rearth's Advanced Combat Systems mod.

If ACS mod is active, this cockpit will co...
MA Spotlight pack
Created by AutoMcDonough
Angled spotlights! Includes 30 and 45 degree variants of vanilla spotlight,
A "Classic" style spotlight which surface mounts (similar to camera),
The same light but using mounting hardware,
Classic low beam (10 degrees downwards),
Classic 45 degrees wh...
MA Navball
Created by AutoMcDonough
We are proud to present the Navball.
It's similar in function to the one you all know and love from KSP, space simulators, perhaps even your time actually being an astronaut.

If you don't have such familiarity, don't fret. There are countless tutorial ...
MA Stackable Wind Turbine
Created by AutoMcDonough
Functionally identical to the vanilla wind turbine, but stackable! Includes a 15 meter long pole, and a light lantern.

The light lantern is to spread low-intensity light over a very large area.

Some info on how the turbines work:
They sca...
Defense Shields - v2.2(8)
Created by DarkStar
Version: DefenseShields - v2.2(8)

Major Update!
2.2 brings a major update to defense shields. You will notice a new shield HUD ui which represents some new functionality that is critical to getting the most out of your shields.

Spacebar Bridge Consoles
Created by Spacebar
Huge HUGE HUGE shout out to Eikester for making a (better) keyboard sitting pose for these consoles. Previous one was a pose used in the DLC and there were some questions if I was allowed to use them. They're different enough so huge thanks to him
"No on...
Rich HUD Master
Created by Dark Helmet
This is not a mod. This is the master module of the Rich HUD Framework: a set of shared tools made to help modders create custom GUI. It's not strictly necessary for you to subscribe to this. If you have a mod that uses this, then it should be loaded autom...
Paint Gun - realistic painting for survival + special creative features
Created by Digi
This mod adds a Paint Gun tool which uses 'ammo' to slowly paint blocks (like welders).

What this is really useful for is painting blocks that are behind/between other blocks, like blocks behind landing gears, cramped large ship interiors, etc. without ...
Airtight Gate
Created by Kertit
Hello Space Engineers !
Here is our large airtight gate model, which took waaaaay too much time and energy to create than it should have... But at least we think it's worth it, so we hope you'll appreciate it as well.

It's our first attempt in modding ...
Rotary Airlock
Created by nukeguard
The Rotary Airlock, designed with atmosphere in mind. No more will you depressurize your rooms by accidentally opening the wrong doors, the Rotary Airlock keeps that vacuum away from your precious air and keeps its seal 100% of the time.

Built like any ...
Created by DraygoKorvan
Allows modders to add text to the players screen. This mod must be loaded along side any other mod that uses it.

Graphics update note: Post-Processing causes all HUD API text to be dark and blurry unless it uses the PostPP blendtype.

Common Issue: ...
Build Vision 3.0
Created by Dark Helmet
This is a quick access context menu, based on the original Build Vision by Jimmacle, designed to supplement the game's terminal. Most of the time, the terminal works just fine for ...
Deep Space 4K - Clean Post-Processing | 1.190+
Created by PhoenixTheSage
High Resolution Realistic Skybox!

- Includes custom, subtle shader settings for the environment
- Removes lens dirt, reduces vignette, while maintaining appeal
- Changes base color highlight for actions from yello
Minimalist Hud
Created by Clockwork168
A condensed and de-cluttered HUD to keep your screen clear - no more intrusive UI elements covering up your game.

- Removes backgrounds from all sections of the HUD
- Reduces overall size of HUD elements
- Recategorizes HUD ...
Life'Tech_LCD Console
Created by Kuvat
This mod adds a new custom transparent LCD Screen.
They have BSs and LODs, is full recolorable and the objective to rotate the Image.

Both, Large and Small Grid blocks are available.

I hope you have fun and a lot of creative Ideas with this LCD.

Target Lead Indicator [Obsolete]
Created by Zelious
This mod adds target lead indicators to the HUD. They work with any weapon and any other HUD mod!

A Little Example:

Tell Me More...
In all cockpits you will now find 4 new setting. A sw...
Earthlike Water Edition
Created by Ryukki
This is a Earthlike replacer.

HOW TO INSTALL: Go to Earthlike surface type "/wcreate" then type "/wradius 1.024" and water should exist on the planet

Earthlike is a dated p...
HoverEngine (compatible with the WaterMod from Jakaria)
Created by Takeshi
Updated to Jakarias API v15, please report Problems. Thank you.

This is a separate version of my HoverEngine Mod.
HUD Compass
Created by Zelious
It’s a compass! On your HUD! Now featuring a clock!

It works on any planet, of any size, with any FoV setting, at any resolution and with any other HUD mod!

Why Do I Need A Compass?
Not long ago a compass was a not really all that useful, b...
Middle Gate
Created by Chipstix213

Need to build a missile bay or a hangar with the gates and find its too small and wish for an extended block?

Look no further now you can increase the w
Ultimate Spectator
Created by DraygoKorvan
Adds multiple camera modes to the spectator cam.

Mod is now implemented in Space Engineers
This mod will be left on the workshop AS-IS.

Press T while in spectator cam to lock onto an entity, press R to switch camera mode.

Page up and Page...
Water Mod
Created by Jakaria
The mod adds water that you can build boats with. There is audio, splashing, bubbles, waves, fish, and much better simulation performance compared to older water mods.

This mod has support for [url=
MA Pole Parts
Created by AutoMcDonough
The 15m pole from stackable turbines was popular, so here are more pole varieties!

  • 6 block (15m) pole
  • 3 block (7.5m) pole
  • Pole with mounting for Interior Pillar
  • Pole with beefy side-mount
  • Light lantern to spread indir
gas giant
Created by covergy
1000 km radius gas giant is there

About copyright:
This mod uses elements that I found on the Internet and I don't know if there are copyright prohibitions on the use of these elements....
Created by Major Jon
Luma is a gas giant with a mysterious green hue and a faint ring system.

v1.4: Clouds! The planet now looks fabulous up close, not just from orbit
v1.3: Lowered cloud res to (maybe?) fix some problems in multiplayer (apparently n...
Nebula Mod (3D)
Created by Jakaria
The Nebula Mod is a mod that adds exactly what it says, nebulae. It is a successor to the now obsolete, Volumetric Nebulae Mod. Now featuring improved performance, visuals, and ef...
Created by Major Jon
Satreus is a deserty planet, intended as an early game alternative to the earthlike planet.

v2.0: Complete Remake! Everything is new (Legacy version)
Created by Major Jon
Tohil is a small ice moon of the gas giant Luma.

v1.2: Updated Ore Map
v1.1: General Update to fix/improve a lot of small stuff
v1.0: Initial Release

-Recommended size: 19 km
-Gravity: 0.33 g
Gas Giant, R 1000 km
Created by covergy
Working with Wasteland !

This save game is empty space with gas giant 1000 km radius
To create a game around the gas giant.

Asteroids are disabled in this save.
To enable asteroids, you need to edit the Sandbox_config.sbc file of this world:
Plane Parts
Created by Takeshi
Are you interested in planes? Off course you are!
Every engineer starts on earth and had to learn how to fly. Here you got your wings, your wheels and the other stuff. Good luck.

All parts are available for Small and Large grids.

Small Ship Jump Drive
Created by Slimbo
DX11 Small Ship Jump Drive

Size: 3x3x2 Small Ship Grid

Survival Ready: Yes

Max Power Input: 3.2 MW

Max Stored Power: 0.85 MWh

Max Jump Distance: 100 Km

Max Jump Mass:: 12500 tons

Split Stairs & Ramps With Railings - SEDE
Created by Tommorow Tech
*Adds Split Railings to stairs and ramps.
Current Blocks
Currently, the Stair and Ramp blocks separated into (Base and Tip) with Railings on the Left, Right, or Both sides.

Current Features
Large Grid Only
Survival Ready
Spacebar Cockpit Emporium
Created by Spacebar
Welcome to Spacebar's Cockpit Emporium. We've got a bunch of cockpits that I had nothing better to do with, so I'm throwing them all in one mod and passing the savings on to you!

Exploration Rover Cockpit:
5x5x3 cockpit with excellent view, spacious in...
Planet Crait v0.9
Created by CaptainArthur
Crait is a salty mineral planet, covered with a layer of white salt over its red soil. This mod adds 2 new weather types: SaltStorm and Redstorm.
--- Planet Crait Settings ---
Recommended Size = 120000...
Interface Block
Created by AViegarien
Have you ever spent hours or days building your ideal interior space meticulously welding and painting only to find all your efforts overshadowed by the blinding yellow glow of an exposed conveyor port? You want to cover it up, but doing so could limit yo...
Skimt's Grid Power Chart
Created by Skimt
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Skimt
Date: Dec 16 2022

Shows grid power usage and storage in the form of line- and pie charts on screen.

It's aimed for regular LCD. Probably doesn't display properly in cockpits. ...
Skimt's SolarMap Mod
Created by Skimt
Version: 1.0
Author: Skimt
Date: May 30 2021

The solar map will project the world coordinates of planets and the grid unto a text panel in the form of a 2D map, along with detailed information regarding planets and moons.

Grated Catwalks Expansion
Created by Red Blood Cell
This mod aims to expand upon the grated catwalks included in the Decorative Pack #2 DLC, which you will need to have purchased. This mod includes lots of new blocks, but if you are looking for a few must-haves head over to [url=