Oniria Crimes

Oniria Crimes

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Oniria Crimes - Solutions and Achievements
By TheDeluxeTux
This is a guide to assist with puzzles, achievements, and optimal solutions for cases.
Hey guys,

This guide was WIP but is now complete. I wrote this guide because in my own searching, there was basically nothing out there yet to help people get through the game. I am publishing it early because I think even the bit I have so far will be very helpful for the first few cases. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please drop a comment.

I have not yet included the actual achievement names or descriptions, because bizarrely, they are all in Spanish at the moment. At last, my minor degree is paying off! I have read on the discussion forums that this might change, so I am holding off on that for now.

EDIT: Achievement names have been fixed as of 02/01/2021 following a developer patch, and three previously unobtainable achievements have also been fixed.

EDIT 2: A second patch on 3/9/2021 has fixed the final achievement that was still giving people problems.
Case 1
- Make sure to click every item in the room. Easy items to miss include all of the little things on the desk, all of the small hotspots on the shelf, a small bullet hole on the wall, and a small stress ball under the bobbing bed. There is a hard-to-see cartridge on the shelf. (Oneiric archaeologist)

- You also need to click the picture once it is off the wall, the carpet after it has been rolled up, and the box and safe after they have been opened.

- Make sure to read the NEWSPAPER on the bed [Newspaper 1/4].

- Hacking puzzle: There is an achievement for successfully hacking the computer. Use the arrow keys to rotate the cube. This is like a simplified minesweeper. Before you click a square, right click it to turn it red. If the square is a problem square, the count in the lower right will increase and you know you have correctly identified an issue. If the count does not increase, it is safe to deselect the square and click it normally. With this method, you cannot make a mistake. (Unlocks Oneiric Hacker)

- Safe puzzle: To open the safe, there is a coded paper under the floor. Hidden numbers are in the words, for instance "asinine" has NINE in it. The correct code is 382139. (Unlocks White Collar Detective)

Solution for 6/6:

The girl: innocent. Evidence: She was in love, and has not been seen for several days.
The man: innocent. Evidence: He is an old friend, and he was seen playing chess.
The creature: guilty. Evidence: It bit the man, and bites can be lethal.

(Unlocks Noob Rounder and Promising Noob)
Case 2
- In order to click everything in this scene, you will need to rotate the room using the button on the side to get every clue. Even still, I am not sure it is possible to get better than 59/60 on this case. You can still get credit for doing the case perfectly even with 59/60.

- Check the newspaper on the couch [Newspaper 2/4]

- Examine all pictures and paintings around the room (Art curator)

- Puzzle box: In one of the dressing table drawers, there is a puzzle box. Opening it can be difficult if you do not know the secret. There are no buttons on the top or bottom, so you can ignore those sides. On one of the small sides, one of the white boxes slides, revealing a button. On the other small side, within the pattern of very small dots and lines, there is a small hidden secret button, it is a small dot that is irregularly shaped. After activating this button and rotating the panel on the same side, the other buttons will become press-able. Fiddle with these, and the case will open. (Mechanism expert)

- Cypher puzzle:Another achievement is earned for solving the cypher. The key to the cypher is in one of the drawers. The answer to the cypher is: Today is the last day I shall see the dragons crying over Oniria. (Code cracker)

Solution for 6/6:

Victim: guilty. She had an injury, ritual suicide is japanese.
Woman. Innocent, poker is still waiting for it's opportunity, she fled the scene.
Man. Innocent, he stole the jewel, he watered the flower.

(Class C Rounder, Luxury Dreamer)
Case 3
- In this level, not all clues are in the open. You eventually unlock the ability to shift to a top-down view, which unlocks more things to see. There is also a combination ability which becomes unlocked as you search, requiring you to combine two related objects to produce new clues. easy-to-miss items include a fluorescent light on the upper floor and a small can of spray paint in the lower left corner from the top-down view.

- Patterns puzzle: Behind the loom, pick up the stray item on the ground. Next, examine the rack for a puzzle where you need to arrange the scarves by guild. The order of these is randomized, but the pairings are the same. (Guild expert)

I have provided a solution here:

Loom Puzzle: There is a puzzle on the loom here, where you need to rearrange the threads to make a complete scarf. The intended pattern is on the side, and also matches the SCARF pattern in the above image. Get the yellow pattern in place first. You will also notice there is a very subtle plum-colored diagonal running through the scarf; you may need to swap some pieces around to get that bit correct as well. This puzzle is fortunately not too difficult. (Spinner)

Synapse Links Available

The two blue wires
The two servers
The two spray cans visible from normal view
The thread on the floor and the empty boxes
The two cables hanging from the server on the upper floor

Solution for 6/6:

Saboteur: guilty, Evidence: he tried to hack the server, he burnt the cable.
Artist: Innocent, Evidence: He is involved in peaceful sit-ins, the cables were already severed when he got there.
Thief: Innocent, evidence: She stole thread, she manipulated the loom

(Class B Rounder, Lucid in the shadows)

Case 4
- Investigation: In this case, you have hundreds of books on shelves in a library. Some of these books are important to the investigation, but the majority are filled with lore, Easter eggs, and references to other material. You can use the new VR goggles option to zero in on which books are important. There is an achievement for reading more than 700 books during your investigation, out of the ~750 that are on the shelves. (One of our own)

- In your searches on the shelves, there is a newspaper [3/4]. Location HERE:

- Door Puzzle

In the back half of the library, there is a door with a grid of rotating points. Rotating these points reveals a QR code. (Spatial vision)

When you scan the QR code using a phone, you will be redirected to https://oniriacrimes.com/secrets/keyhole - which is a website with the following code:

This is a good puzzle that you can solve on your own. If you are looking for some hints:

Hint 1: The "circle seeker" clue is important
Hint 2: No math is required for this puzzle
Hint 3: Pay attention to the appearance of the numbers
Hint 4: The solution has to deal with the number of closed loops in each number. The number 058963 would be 5 (one for the zero, nine, and six, and two in the eight).
Solution: 245144

There is a very small keypad to the right of the door for you to input this solution. (The Circle enthusiast)

Solution for 6/6:

Father: Innocent, was at opera, is not interested in awakeland.
Butler: Innocent, he left library before power outage, he partakes in director's interest.
Son: guilty, he was in library, he wants to rescue father.

(Class A Rounder, Bookworm)
Case 5
- In the cabin to the right, simply click the book that is sitting out in the open. (Restricted knowledge).

- In the cabin to the left, someone is reading a newspaper [4/4]. If you have found the other three, get Newspaper Researcher.


Top Row: The Vessels - Collector's Guild- Magic Fist suburbs - Akihabara - Tea House District - Sorceror's Guild - Long Bridge

Second Row: Stairmaker's Guild - Opera Theater District - Triple Star Barracks - Palace of Desires - Mercenary Barracks - Financial District - Oriental District

Third Row: Electroneiric Station - Rounder's HQ - Sculpture Garden - Conciliation Ave - Church of the Circle - Searcher's Guild alleys - Palace of Desires Central Station

Forth Row: Blomi Grand Park - Fifth Dimension Cemetery - Science City - Scarlet Park - Lake of Desires - Grand Oniria Stadium - Kabu Zoo

Solve the map puzzle for Oneiric cartographer.

Solution for 6/6:

The Bearded: Guilty. He closed the curtains, and did strange things behind the curtains.
The Conductor: Innocent. He restocked the minibar, and the suspicious liquid is mineral water.
The Anarchist: Innocent: Closed a curtain to read, and did not leave the compartment.

(Star Rounder, The hound of the Oniria Express)
Case 6
In case six, we start our investigation in the daytime and it will gradually get darker. Eventually, you will have to walk around and shine your flashlight onto clues in order to be able to see or click them.

Constellations Puzzle

This one is really tricky. I have provided a picture of a solution below.

Solution for 6/6:

Altar Path: Go this way. The stars show it is north, and there is a broken branch.
Castle: Not this way. There is a steep path, and someone came from the path.
Coast path: Not this way either. There is a broken branch, the two people arrived from coast.

Completing the case perfectly will earn you Scarlet Rounder and Night Rounder.

EDIT: The night rounder achievement used to be nearly impossible to earn, but as of a patch in March 2021 it is confirmed working. Thanks, devs!

By intentionally getting the case wrong and picking each of the wrong paths, you will see a bad ending to the game and will earn lobster hunter and vampire hunter.
Final Puzzle
The final puzzle is by far the easiest one in the whole game. We have a maze, and we can look at the maze from lots of angles, and we can flip switches and press buttons. However, the whole puzzle can be beaten with two button presses only.

When the puzzle starts up, simply press the rectangular button in the lower-left corner, and wait. Eventually, all of the moving lines will end up circling around the box.

When you have all of them roped up, press the button a second time, and wait. Congrats on solving the puzzle and beating the game!

For passing this section, you will earn Substitute Dreaming Ranger and Initiated in Areana Secrets. Brainiac will also unlock if you have solved the game's other puzzles.
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0nironauta  [developer] Oct 5 @ 12:43am 
Please be aware that 1.14 patch changes the case 4 puzzle and URL :steammocking:
Dohi64 Dec 9, 2021 @ 5:54am 
fyi, I got 60/60 in case 2. there's a tiny thing under the curtain that's easy to miss, for example. or the knife after the body disappears .

saving in the final area was buggy for me, so didn't get all the things when I continued next time. still got a perfect rating even with about half a dozen things missing, but only missed a single clue/testimony on the train and it mattered more than all these or a dozen books in the library.