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Brandon Must Die!
Genre: Action, RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 10, 2014 @ 7:04pm
'Brandon Must Die' is a top-down action roguelike inspired by The Binding of Isaac and takes place on an alien planet.

A peaceful science vessel is attacked by a punk teenager named Brandon driving his dad's luxury space cruiser. The scientist is forced to eject and crash land on an alien planet. Fight your way through a wide range of randomly generated levels on a quest for vengeance. Unlock and collect over 100 unique items such as armor, weapons, and powerups.

When I first set out to make a game, I asked myself "What would I like to play?". The answer was: I've played hundreds of hours of 'The Binding of Isaac' and I really just want more of that! But... I'd like a new take on it, in a new environment. I still want everything that made the gameplay so fun, such as...

100s of items
Enhance every aspect of your character. Buff up your armor so you can take a lot of damage. Run faster or just get a jetpack and fly. Get a magic staff and summon thunderclouds. Shoot slow, giant, bouncy, freeze bullets, that spawn live grenades on impact. Build 'C.L.A.M.P.S' the tiny robot that just wants to bite everyone. Use special items that slow time, light everything on fire, throw meat cleavers, emit a force field, drop landmines, or place a sentry gun. Most items will change the appearance of your character.

When you die, you lose all your items and start over. Although you can unlock items that can be found on other runs. A full playthrough of the game should take 1-2 hours.

High difficulty
There will be 'bullet hell' rooms that will make you go "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BEAT THAT!?".

Unlockable items and characters
When you first start playing there will only be a limited number of items to find. As you achieve feats like killing a certain boss without taking damage, or killing 100 slimes, you will unlock items that can be found in later runs. Beating the game under the right circumstances will also unlock new characters that start out with different stats and items.

Each of the 12 levels will have at least 2 different bosses to randomly encounter.

Randomized dungeons
Each playthrough will create a unique map layout with random rooms.

Secret rooms
Doing specific things like exploding a grenade on a certain swamp will open up a doorway to a secret area. Inside you may find ultra-rare items.

I started working on BMD! in February 2013 and I've put over 600 hours into it's design and development. I have enough content to fill 8 levels, but I plan to have 12 total. I'm hoping to release this project in June of 2014.

Initial platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Release date: June 2014
Engine: Construct 2
Controls: Keyboard or Gamepad
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bkdove Mar 18, 2014 @ 2:22am 
I really like the graphics and the enemy animations
DannyD Mar 15, 2014 @ 5:33am 
Looks cool! Would like to see it with achievements and cards!