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PHOA Guide Index
By Pimez
(last updated: 2021 July 19th)

This Guide Index links all the resources for Phoenotopia: Awakening, which are grouped by their purposes - Walkthroughs, Tips, Solutions, and more!
This Guide Index has been discontinued and replaced by the Reddit Wiki page "Guides". Please visit that page instead for future updates.
About the Guide Index
Originally, this page contained only a link to the PHOA Compendium. It has now been repurposed into a Guide Index which link all the gameplay-related resources I can find, grouped by their purposes.

Other Resource Indexes and Communities

All-Purpose Resources
The following helpful resources are helpful in various aspects. As such, they are linked here instead of linked for several times in different sections:
  • Phoenotopia Wikia[] and Compendium Wiki Page[]
    Generally useful resources created by everyone
  • The PHOA Compendium[] (Pimez)
    Whereabouts of all collectibles and achievements, and solutions to most puzzles
  • Briskly Collect All Badges (Playlist, Route[]) (Vouivre Critique)
    Commentated video walkthroughs on obtaining all badges and collectibles
    Note: It is commonly referred to as the PABCAB series
  • Phoenotopia: Awakening Walkthrough and Guide[] (vinheim)
    Besides basic walkthroughs, puzzles solutions and collectible whereabouts are also included
  • Walkthrough[] (Vouivre Critique)
    Besides basic walkthroughs, puzzles solutions and collectible whereabouts are also included
  • フェノトピア攻略メモ[] (Ocyoco)
    Japanese blogs that covers everything, informative with even rough translation

"I am lost, where should I go next?" (Walkthroughs)
Besides the aforementioned All-Purpose Resources, we also have:

There also exist fan-made maps:

"The game feels too difficult!" (General & Combat Tips)
The dev has been listening! There have been many Accessibility Options implemented since launch, mostly to give players an easier time in combat if needed. Feel free to turn these on/off anytime you want!

Here are the guides that you may find helpful:

The (Steam-exclusive) Liag mode provides totally balanced buffs to a technique and a few tools. Despite being an April Fools' joke build, it is still freely accessible today. Try it if you wanna steam-roll the game!

There is also a cheat mod[] (by Max Vollmer) that can provide players perks such as unlimited items and health. Try this if you are really struggling.
Note: Be aware that this will disable all achievements.

"Why is everything so expensive?" (Financial Advice)
No it's not.
The "money shortage" situation usually stems from a few problems:
  • Wanting to buy everything during the first visit to towns
    & Buying too much food that can be instead picked up for free
  • Not exploring enough to discover treasure chests and side quests
  • Ignoring valuable recycling opportunities
  • Unaware of a number of obscure bonus tricks

I have explained it in more details in this Money Guide, see also:

"How do I solve this puzzle?" (Puzzle Solutions)
Besides the aforementioned All-Purpose Resources, we also have:

"Where do I find this Collectible?" (Collectible & Achievement Guides)
Besides the aforementioned All-Purpose Resources, we also have:
  • Collectibles, Conveniences, and Loot[] (Vouivre Critique)
    Descriptions for all collectibles, achievements, treasure chests, and shops
  • All Badges Guide (Pimez)
    Descriptions for all badges, with external links and recommended grinding spots included

Other Gameplay-related Resources

Closing Remarks
Huge thanks to all the contributors in this small community! Your work is the guiding beacon that saves countless frustration players may have, so be proud of your achievements!

As for our lovely audience, if you have found any of these resources helpful, make sure to show the authors your appreciation with thumbs up and awards!
Internet points might not worth much, but they really do encourage us to do more!

Hope you enjoy the game!

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Louis Oct 2 @ 12:46am 
Pimez  [author] Oct 1 @ 6:13pm 
The "Puzzle Solutions" page of the PHOA Compendium has what you need, just search for "Lights Out Puzzle" there.
Louis Oct 1 @ 8:28am 
It's a lot and i can't find it but aren't there any guides for the GEO dungen puzzles? (especially the lights out one)
isaacq Jul 26 @ 1:23pm 
i feel like there should be more thanks here. what a resource! <3
Walta Jun 5, 2021 @ 3:52pm 
Thank you very much for this, helped me out a ton during my 100% playthrough!
Keep up the good work!