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We Come In Peace
Complexity: Low Complexity
Number of Players: 4
Play Time: 60 minutes
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Jan 17, 2021 @ 9:37am
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We Come In Peace

We come in Peace is a turn based action Sci-Fi game on Mars.​ Groups of humans have travelled to the red planet in an attempt to settle,​ not knowing that aliens have also settled there.​ The Aliens believe humans to be hostile and attacks!​ The humans want to show the Aliens that they mean no harm.​ Their mission is to try to find a way to peacefully communicate with the​ Aliens.​ To do this they recruit pacifists with the goal to educate them into​ communicators that can relay the message "We come in peace!"​


1. Start with placing the numbered cards on the board from 1-48​

2. Choose which gamepiece colour you want​

3. Each player need to have 1 Military defense base note & 1 School note​

4. Take 2 counters for each player to place under the Military defense base and School​

5. Take one Cancelcard for each player and put it infront of you near the buildings​

6. Shuffle the resources and put them in the BANK square​

7. Place the pouch with irons next to the bank and also the pacifists​

8. The dice should also be on the board when you play​

9. Place a mountain card underneath all the mountains which are Olympus Mons, ​Pavonis Mons, Ascraeus Mons and Arsia Mons​

10. Place the teleport cards underneath the 4 Teleport texts on the board​

11. SOLO Mode​. Skip number 4​, use 3 counters, 2 for the buildings and 1 for counting the rounds​


1. When going mining, you have to wait 1 turn. You also have to wait 1 turn until you can mine again.​

2. The number on the dice represent steps you can take. You can move horizontally, vertically or diagonally​

3. You are only allowed to suggest a trade on your turn. Either a resource for a resource or iron for a resource​

4. Cancel cards can only be used once per game and only if military defenses is above 17 stability.​

5. If a building goes below 15/20 in stability you will lose 1 resource.​

6. You have to lower your stability with –1 point each turn in the building of your choice​

7. When you land on a card you have to flip it so all players can see it and you have to do as the card tells you to.​

8. Once you've ended your turn you're not allowed to do any actions besides accepting an offer to trade.​

9. The cards that you flip on the board have to stay on the board visible for all the players.​

10. Drawn resource cards have to be visible for all players​


1. Starting phase ​
1.1) Start by giving one of your buildings –1 in stability ​
1.2) Take 3 Resources from the bank.​

2. Action phase ​
2.1) Roll the dice. Take steps equal to the number on the dice. ​
2.2) Flip the card you end up on, do what the card says. ​
2.3) Decide if you want to use your Cancel Card. ​
2.4) If you have Iron, you can trade them for stability points in ​School or Military Defense Base. ​
2.5) If you have one of each Resource Card, you can discard ​them to gain a Pacifist. ​
2.6) During your turn you’re allowed to offer a player to trade. ​Either resource for resource or iron for resource. ​
2.7) During your turn you’re allowed to trade two of the same ​resources for a random from the bank. ​

3. End of turn ​
3.1) Pass the dice and say “done”

(To win, a player need to have 5 pacifists and at least 15/20 stability points in School​)


During solo mode the following changes apply: ​

Win by beating the game before the set amount of rounds​

• have passed. ​

• We recommend starting with 12 rounds as a goal, ​

• when you’re comfortable with the game ​

• you can adapt it to challenge yourself. ​

• Use a counter to keep track of your rounds​

(Note: PVE, Alien Cards on the board will be preventing ​the players progress/speed run.​)



• There are 4 teleporters in the game. You can use them to quickly travel across the board. The teleport square counts as 1 step. ​

To go mining, go to one of the mountains with your pawn. ​
While mining, wait one turn at the mountain. ​

• After mining, you must wait 1 turn before you can ​
return to the same mountain. ​

• You get 3 Iron per excavation​

• Only one player at one mountain at a time ​

(1 iron = +1 in one building. )



Main Mechanics​

• Decrease either military or school building by 1 point.​

• Draw 3 Resource Cards from the bank. (randomly shuffled)​

• Invest 4 of each resource card for a Pacifist​

• Gather 5 Pacifist (Winning Mechanic)​

• Roll the Dice (D6).​

• Move the Pawn piece according to what face number the dice shows.​

• Flip the Deck Card the Pawn lands on and do as written on the card.​

• End turn.​

• (SOLO GAME) Round Counter​

Secondary Mechanics​

• (Optional) Trade Cards for Cards or iron for Cards and vice versa. ​

• (Optional) Discard 2 of the same card for a random card​

• (Optional) invest iron into Military or School Building.​

• (Optional) Use Cancel Card to counter unwanted Deck Card.​

• (Optional) Use portals to travel faster around the map.​

• (Optional) Use Mountains for earning iron.​

PS, this is a school project. We did not have enough time to polish the gameplay and rules to be more easily understood here on steam. This is simply made for the school to try out, though feel free to try it yourself if interested.

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